AJ Brown

Position: Receiver

College: Ole Miss

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 230 lbs


Injury History: 2017: Knee (Left Cal Early- No Missed Time), Summer 2018: Hamstring (Missed Practice Time), 2018: Undisclosed (Left Texas A&M early)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.22

Q.A.B.: 7.60


Great athletic ability with excellent body control and stop start ability consistently displaying the talent to stop on a dime and change direction in a flash keeping his balance along the boundary and weaving laterally through defenders. Possesses quick feet and solid burst. Isn't the fastest or most agile player.

Flexibility: 6.50


Solid flexibility displaying essential knee bend and good pad height while running and in contact. Can make acrobatic catches while manipulating his body to go high or low for poorly thrown balls.

C.O.D.: 8.30


Excellent change of direction ability combined with his body control and stop start ability make him a nightmare in the open field. He can weave through defenders and cut laterally with ease. Balance along the sideline is exceptional.

Explosion: 6.90


More fluid with good burst than straight explosion capable of firing through each level of the field. Has shown a smooth release with the ability to burst out of his breaks and up field.


Deep Speed: 6.80


Plays faster than his times will suggest. Isn't a burner by any means and won't consistently break the home-run play. Has enough speed to outrun the secondary and beat defenders for the deep ball. Will get caught from behind in a footrace. Speed on the outside is a concern.


Without Ball: 7.44

Quicks Off LOS: 7.20


With very little wasted motion off the line, he can gain initial leverage on the defender and beat them in his stem and into the route. Has the ability to manipulate the body of defenders and use their weight and momentum against them in order to gain additional space at the top of the stem. Has a small false step that aids his acceleration, but still takes a half-second for release.

Release VS Jam: 6.90


Strong at the point of attack with a good release allows him to beat press coverage. Uses quality hand usage help to disengage defenders and beat them into the route gaining a step or more at the start of the play. Has played the majority of snaps in the slot where he has gotten free release. Lacks the nuanced foot speed and overall quickness to frequently beat jams.

Route Running: 8.70


One of the best route runners at the collegiate level capable of varying route speeds and breaking down and lowering his hips at the breaking point, while commiting head fakes and additional body movement to move the defender off the spot creating hesitation. Has the capability and knowledge to run a full route tree at the next level.

Separation: 7.60


Utilizes his proficiency in route running combined with quick twitch movements, lateral agility and foot quickness to break away from defenders. Not the most vertically explosive athlete, but will vary stride length to gain separation at the top of the route. Will occasionally slow down after his break allowing defenders to close.

Blocking: 6.80


Physical athlete who loves contact and will do anything to help his team succeed. Strong upper body and lower leg drive give him the talent needed to engage defenders and get them out of the play. Will overextend losing leverage and allowing to slip by to make a play on the ball carrier. Not always giving his full effort if an opposing player isn't directly in reach.


With Ball In Hands: 7.23

Hands: 7.10


Displays big and soft hands that won't let many fast balls go. Can snatch the ball out of the air and tuck it away to move up field. Has shown a knack for hauling in balls in heavy traffic along the boundary and in the middle of the field. Knows how to use his frame to shield defenders from the ball. Can make acrobatic catches coming down in bounds. Possesses outstanding mental processing to know where he is on the field at all times typically getting two feet in. Struggles to reel in balls thrown outside his frame.

Yard After Contact: 7.30


Strong finisher who can lower his pads and power for extra yardage. Won't go down easily and will fall forward to pick up another yard.

Ability in Space: 7.30


Excellent in space often displaying the elusiveness to avoid the first defender and pick up additional yards. Tough to bring down in the open field as his change of direction, play strength and quickness make him a handful in space. Lack of speed allows defenders to close in quickly.

Ball Security: 7.20


Tucks the ball away immediately after securing the catch and rarely lets it hit the turf. Strong in contact covering the ball high and tight in traffic.

Competitiveness: 7.67

Toughness: 7.20


Extremely tough player capable of playing through dings and bruises. Excellent size and strength give him the ability to play physically and stay strong in contact. Hasn't battled major injuries and his size should limit durability issues.

Production: 8.50


Extremely productive wideout for Ole Miss. Has captured 2 straight years of 1250+ yards and has secured 17 TDs over the last two seasons. One of the best route runners in college and has been a key contributor for his offensive system.

Consistency/Motor: 7.30


Very consistent with great hands and a motor that pushes him through every whistle. Rarely takes plays off and will run through a brick wall for his team.

Intelligence: 7.50

Instincts: 7.40


Understands defensive schemes and will sit and wait in openings throughout zone coverage. Can manipulate defenders hips to gain leverage and will utilize it to his advantage. Possesses outstanding mental processing displaying the capability of seeing the entire field on each play and staying within the boundary on tough catches.

Learn/Retain: 7.50


Has the knowledge and capability to run a full route tree with efficiency and effectiveness. A stud in Ole Miss' system and will make the transition to the NFL easily. Pro Ready receiver.


Position Versatility: 7.60


Used almost exclusively as a slot at Ole Miss, he has the ability and talent for much more. Can be used all over the field as an outside threat or slot receiver at the next level. Talent coincides with short and intermediate routes in the middle of the field. Can run routes all over the field and isn't afraid of getting hit in between the hash marks.


Possesses great size and athletic ability capable of stop on a dime and accelerating up to full speed in a flash. With a great initial release and little wasted motion he can break into his route tree effectively manipulating the defender by utilizing a flurry of head fakes, stride/speed variation while breaking down and lowering his hips at the top of the route to work back to the ball. Can gain separation at the top of his route and will win with his proficiency in route running. Strong hands give him the ability to pluck fast balls out of the air and stay strong reeling in the ball within heavy traffic between the hash marks, while often keeping leverage and displaying the ability to shield defenders from the ball with his frame. Capable after the catch possessing the talent to avoid the first defender and power through weaker arm tackles often carrying defenders for extra yardage. Has the tendency to fall forward with the ball. Physical blocker with a high motor and excellent consistency. He will attempt to dominate a defender when he crosses his face driving him out of the play.



Doesn't possess great explosive characteristics or straight line speed. Lacks proficient footwork and won't burn a defender deep often struggling to beat defenders in a foot race getting tackled from behind. Doesn't show the necessary foot quickness or lateral agility needed to be a large threat with the ball in his hands. He has been almost exclusively worked out of the slot given free release for most of his career. Can struggle in press coverage. Won't gain separation from quickness alone needing to utilize his technique to gain a step. Struggles to catch balls thrown outside his frame. Will occasionally lose interest in a play and overextend in blocks allowing defenders to break toward the ball carrier.



His size, play strength, and technique allow him to be an elite weapon working out of the slot in the short to intermediate parts of the field often displaying excellent route running ability and great mental processing to diagnose the defense and identify where he is on the field. His Strong hands will help in traffic and in jump ball situations along the sideline. Lacks threatening speed and overall explosiveness often getting caught from behind in foot race. He lacks the necessary short area quickness to gain immediate separation and could struggle in press, but his size and football IQ give him the potential to be a versatile weapon on the outside and inside. He will be an excellent "big" slot receiver with the capability of moving outside in key matchups similar to the utilization of Juju Smith-Schuster.

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