Andre Dillard

Position: Offensive Tackle

College: Washington State

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 315 lbs


Injury History: No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: Oregon, Oregon St., Wyoming

Scout: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.30

Q.A.B.: 8.50


Physically gifted and light on his feet, Dillard is likely the most athletic tackle in the 2019 NFL Draft Class.

Flexibility: 8.50


Dillard is an excellent bender who's hip fluidity and knee bend is top notch and already on par the NFL's best.

C.O.D.: 8.50


Quick, smooth footwork allows him to redirect on a dime and stonewall inside moves.

Explosion: 5.50


Lacks any form of explosion or pop off of the offensive line.

Versatility: 5.50


Tremendous pass blocker but truely lacks the film to prove himself as a run blocker.

Run Blocking: 6.63

In-Line: 6.50


His strength as a run blocker is hard to gauge as Washington St. ran the ball less than 30% of the time.

Movement off L.O.S.: 6.25


Non aggressive blocking style limits his ability to drive players off of the line of scrimmage.


Reach Block: 6.00


His athleticism should translate into reach block ability but again the film to prove it is nonexistent.

Pull & Block Outside: 7.00


Certainly has all the tools necessary to pull across the line but tends to settle for disrupting a defenders path instead of delivering the blow.

Adjust In Space: 7.00


His agility allows him to change target angles last second but his wide lengthy frame can hinder his ability in space.

Use of Hands: 7.00


His punch is soft, his hand placement is often wide and inconsistent. He'll need to improve his ability to hand fight at the next level in order to compete with the upper escalon of defensive lineman.

Pass Blocking: 8.33

Quick Set: 8.25


Insanely quick 1st step and drops into his pass set with zero wasted motion. Couldn't find any evidence of him losing off of the snap. He consistently kick slides with ease, drops his hips, and beats his opponent with body positioning.

Protect Corner: 8.50


Nearly undefeated off the edge due to his smooth lower body, length, wide base, and a kickslide that can cover a tremendous amount of ground in a split second.

Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 9.00


Unquestionably the best lower body passing mechanics in his draft class. Dillard's footwork is that of a seasoned vet. His mirror ability shuts down any speed rush moves both inside and out.

Anchor / Reset Ability: 8.50


He may not be the strongest tackle on the board but Dillard's ability to drop his hips and pad level or "coil up" allows him to absorb defenders momentum and neutralize any oncoming bull rush.

Handle Games/Stunts: 8.00


Recognizes, picks up, and eliminates stunts and blitzes as good as anyone in his class but occasionally struggled to locate his responsibility on overloaded blitzes to his side.

Hands / Punch: 7.75


Good at using his length keep defenders at bay but was wildly inconsistent in terms of placement and lacks any type of power behind his hands. His reach and strong grip often overshadowed those discrepancies through and once Dillard got his mits on a defender, they weren't breaking free.

Competitiveness: 7.83

Toughness: 7.50


He may not necessarily play with a tough and aggressive style but Andre Dillard started 39 straight games in 3 years for Washington State.

Consistency / Motor: 8.00


With one of the best combine performances by an offensive tackle in year, Dillard proved he's a hell of an athlete, with a high motor, and the film study validates that notion.

Production: 8.00


In his final year as a Cougar, Dillard allowed just one sack on 677 pass attempts.

Intelligence: 7.50

Instincts: 7.25


More methodical in his preparation than instinctual on the field.

Learn/Retain: 8.25


High football IQ "Student of the game" type of player who knows his position inside and out, but his role as WSU was elementary compared to NFL blocking schemes.

Teamwork: 7.00


Occasionally struggled to properly communicate with his guard, tight end, or running back when locating the proper blocking assignment, resulting in missed blocks.


PASS PROTECTION. He should be considered the draft's best pass blocking tackle PERIOD. Between his ability to mirror his opponents footwork, quick set, kick slide to the edge, and anchor against the bull rush; he's a plug and play prospect when it comes to the passing game. Dillard's an exceptional athlete, who possesses sound technique, good flexibility, and very powerful grip.


As great as Andre's lower body mechanics are, his upper half is the complete opposite. He consistently struggles with hand placement, lacks functional power, and his punch is soft to say the least. He's about as fitness of an offensive linemen as it gets. He lacks any sense of tenacity, doesn't finish his opponents, and would prefer to be the body catcher type over delivering the blow. Dillards biggest question mark or red flag is his lack of run blocking and NFL level blocking concepts. The Mike Leach's "Air Raid" system will hinder his ability to quickly pick up schemes at the next level.


Simply put, Dillard will be drafted early due to his upside and overwhelming potential. He'll be a day one starter but may suffer because of his ultra high draft stock. Andre may have more room for improvement than any other tackle in this year's draft but will be drafted solely for the fact that his quarterback can trust him to protect his blindside. Pass protection is what the left tackle position is built upon, and team's who are desperate to keep their QB upright may see Dillard's current skill set and confidently believe they can mold the rest of his game. Overall, there's 3 to 4 tackle prospects who feature a far more well rounded in terms of their overall game; yet with LT being the second most important offensive position, the former Cougar's draft stock could range anywhere from the top ten to the early second round.


Projected Round: 1st-2nd
Team Fits: Cardinals, Vikings, Texans
NFL Comparison: Russell Okung

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