Ben Banogu

Position: Edge

College: TCU

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 250 lbs


Injury History: No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: Texas, West Virginia, Texas Tech, Iowa State

Scout: John Stocco

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.14

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 7.20


Banogu passes the eye test with his size, length, and frame. He can change his direction with ease on the line of scrimmage and balances quickness and agility dropping back in coverage.


Flexibility: 6.90


One of the biggest strengths to Banogu's game is his flexibility. He has fluid hips, and great foot quickness to where he can beat you on the outside or twist and pass you on the inside.


Explosiveness: 7.30


Traits of explosiveness, especially when he's crashing inside the line of scrimmage or in a three point stance. He appears slower when he's standing in a two point stance.

Playing Speed: 7.20


Banogu plays much faster when he's down in a three point stance. Comes out with more explosiveness and foot quickness.

Coordination: 7.10


Banogu can shoot the gap, rush the outside, and drop back in coverage where he can put a body on a tight end.

Pass Rush Ability: 6.86

Initial Quickness: 7.30


Banogu shows a good first step and usually depends on his initial quickness to beat offensive lineman.

Use of Hands: 6.80


Depends on his speed and strength most of the time and that leads to him not using enough of his hands to fight off blockers.

Leverage: 6.90


Has good awareness for the point of attack and with his quickness his arms are quick to extend and he pushes the tackles back to collapse the pocket.

Pass Rush Moves: 6.60


He is too predictable as a pass rusher which will hurt him at the next level. He passes the flexibility and quickness test, but hand usage is a work in progress.

Finish Ability: 6.70


Shows great awareness of the pocket and how to use his strengths to get in the pocket. With a little more technique he has the athleticism to get to the quarterback sooner.

Competitiveness: 6.93

Toughness: 6.80


His toughness is inconsistent. Banogu shows he's willing to put in the extra work to make the tackle and fight for leverage, but there are some times he gives up on plays.

Consistency/Motor: 6.70


He was doubled team a lot in the games I studied, but that still didn't hide the fact that he tried on some plays, and flat out gave up on others. He's a different player when he's coming out in a three point stance.

Production: 7.30


Banogu was selected first team all conference leading the Horned Frogs with 18 tackles for loss, and 8.5 sacks in 13 starts.

Against The Run: 6.85

Play with Leverage: 6.80


Above average pad level and he puts his hands in the right placement when he's engaging. Banogu shows that he loves crashing inside.

Stack and Shed: 6.60


Banogu is a slippery edge rusher. He doesn't show a ton of moves in his arsenal but he has the athleticism and a spin move to cause chaos. He's more comfortable and overall a better defender against the run.

Gap Shooting Ability: 7.10


Quick to shoot the gaps. Banogu is quick to exploit the point of attack and he goes untouched when he's stunting or twisting.

Run at Him: 7.10


Banogu is a good runner. He shows his pursuit and shows he can extend himself to make the tackle.

Run Away: 6.80


Banogu is a great athlete and he shows that he can get out and run after and catch the ball carrier or a scrambling quarterback.

Tackling/Hitting: 6.70


Banogu has a tendency to get sloppy when he's going in for the tackle. Needs more balance and needs to take better angles.

Intelligence: 6.80

Instincts: 6.80


He has great awareness of the pocket and the line of scrimmage. When used in stunts or twists he seems to go untouched while exploding into the backfield.

Learn/Retain: 6.50


Not great in learning and retaining, but he's passable. He needs to get better at learning different ways to beat offensive lineman.

Teamwork: 7.10


Willing to take on different assignments during the game to help his team make a stop. Whether you want him on the edge, on the interior, or in coverage he'll produce.



Good athlete with an exceptional bend. Shows a high IQ and initial quickness when he's stunts and twists coming off the line of scrimmage. He shows he's capable of dropping back in coverage and putting a body on a tight end to slow him down. His fluidity matched with his quickness can cross up offensive lineman.


Too predictable as a pass rusher with not enough creativity in his moves. Banogu doesn't have the strongest base so if he's not quick with his hand engagement he can lose the battle up front.


Ben Banogu is a great athlete who will find success with two key things. Being in the NFL as a defensive end in a 4-3 defense, and having patience. His bend off the edge and his quickness when he shoots the gaps makes him a prospect teams will be willing to pick in the later rounds of the draft. His skills can translate to the next level as a run stopper, but if he doesn't get a stronger base and if he doesn't get more creative as a pass rusher he won't see much success at the next level. Banogu being picked in the later rounds and play the role as backup can help him add more strength, and technique to his game.

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