Benny Snell

Position: Running Back

College: Kentucky

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 223 lbs


Injury History: 2017: Ribs (No Missed Time), 2018 Summer: Calf Strain (Missed Practice Time), 2018: Ankle (No Missed Time)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Florida, Central Michigan, Mississippi State

Scout: Ryan Lippert

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.24

Q.A.B.: 6.20


He isn't the quickest back you'll see but he does have a good amount of balance when carrying the ball. Due to his upper body strength, defenders tend to try to hit Snell low and he is able to avoid the hits and stay on his feet.

Flexibility: 5.40


Once again, athleticism traits don't jump off the charts here. He shows signs of good flexibility but it isn't something that you'll hear people bring up about him


C.O.D.: 5.40


Snell is more of a down-hill runner. He has shown cases where he can change direction but he is more likely to stay on his path and run over a defender.

Explosion: 8.50


He is one of the most explosive running backs I have seen in college football this year. He may not have all the moves or speed but he punishes defenders when running the ball.

Top End Speed: 5.70


As great of a downhill runner as he is, he is easily run down by defenders on long runs.

With Ball In Hands: 6.98

Vision: 7.00


He sees the hole and hits it. He won't bounce around in the backfield much quickly finding the open gap.

Cutting Ability: 5.60


Snell doesn't have many moves that jump out at you. He may show a couple cuts here and there but he runs more North-South than East-West.

Elusiveness: 6.00


See the above on cutting ability. He isn't known for making defenders miss or being hard to find but he will punish defenders by running them over.

Yards After Contact: 8.00


Benny is a like a freight train when he catches momentum downhill. He is quick to punish defenders, big or small, if they don't bring everything they've got.


Ball Security: 8.30


In the film I watched, Snell only had one fumble which was recovered by the offense. He keeps the ball high and tight.

Receiving: 5.63

Hands: 6.20


When he is used in the passing game, Snell is efficient in catching the ball. Doesn't bobble the ball around a lot.

Route Running: 5.00


Has not been tasked with running a variety of routes. He has mainly just ran flare outs and screens.

Ability In Space: 6.30


He is effective when gaining some yards after the catch when called upon.

Ability to Separate: 5.00


Once again, he doesn't run many routes so it is hard to tell how truly good he is at creating separation.

Blocking: 6.58

Lead Blocking: 6.00


He is effective an effective lead blocker, although it isn't asked of him often. Kentucky uses him as a lead blocker in the read option game.

Blocking In Space: 6.00


Isn't scared to stick his nose in and lay a block as needed. Uses his strength and explosiveness to his advantage when engaging in blocks.

Pass Blocking: 7.00


Snell will step up and take on outside rushers, linemen, and inside linebackers in order to keep his quarterback out of trouble.

Situational Awareness: 7.30


He shows a great understanding of the game whether it is with the ball, blocking, or in the passing game. Understands where the sticks are and does his job to make sure they get the yards they need.

Competitiveness: 8.68

Toughness: 9.00


Snell is as tough as they come. He has shown that he can handle a great bulk of carries and can take a beating. There are times where he truly carries the offense down the field.

Production: 8.70


His production has been unmatched which put him in the Heisman discussion. He has a true nose for the end zone.

Consistency/Motor: 8.30


Stays consistent in his production for the most part, as long as he is given the carries he needs. Possesses a high motor and stays competitive/explosive throughout the game.


Teamwork: 8.70


Snell is all about the team. You see it in the way he puts it all on the line on the field and hear it in every single one of his press conferences.

Intelligence: 7.00


Instincts: 7.50


He is a true playmaker in that he understands the game/situation and knows what he must do in order to make a play.

Learn/Retain: 7.40


Snell takes his mistakes and truly corrects them. If he is stuffed for a loss, he comes back with a full head of steam the next play.

Versatility: 6.10


He is a mainly a power back. He hasn't been used much in space in the passing game and isn't much of a speed/elusive back. However, he is usually too good to keep off the field for Kentucky.


Snell thrives off being a power back. His explosiveness and toughness allow him to be a force running the football. He is a nightmare for defenders in one on one situations in the open field as he will run through the majority of defenders. His competitiveness also sets him apart, Snell truly seems to always be playing with a chip on his shoulder, as he puts everything on the line every single week to try to put Kentucky in the best position to win.



The thing that Snell lacks is the elusiveness and quickness we see in a lot of backs in the league today. He is a North-South runner that isn't known for juke moves to make defenders miss. I also believe that Snell will have to get used to being used in the passing game more. He has been used some in college but not at a high level. A lot of backs in the NFL today show the ability to line up in the slot and run several different routes and that is something Snell will have to adjust to.


Benny Snell Jr. has had an outstanding three years at the University of Kentucky. He quickly came into the mix as a freshman as he shared the backfield with Jojo Kemp and Boom Williams. In fact, he burst onto the scene in his very first game that he played in, scoring four touchdowns against New Mexico State. What followed would be Kentucky football history. He is now Kentucky's career rushing and total touchdowns record holder. He broke the total touchdowns record this season which was held by current Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb. This season has been his best season yet as he has accounted for 1,033 yards and ten touchdowns in the first nine games. These numbers has Snell in the Heisman talk and has Kentucky ranked in the top 15 in the country looking to play in a huge bowl game. Even with all of his stats and accolades, Snell has been slept on in a lot of draft boards. I truly think that he is a player that can be a solid second option at running back to start and eventually be a team's lead back.


Projected Round: 3rd Round

Team Fits: New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Pittsburgh Steelers
NFL Comparison: Jordan Howard

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