Bryce Love

Position: Running Back

College: Stanford

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 196 lbs


Injury History: 2016: Undisclosed (Missed Kansas State) 2017: Ankle (Missed Oregon State), 2018: Ankle (Missed Utah), Undisclosed (Missed UC Davis), Torn ACL (Will miss Pre-draft workouts and start of Rookie year)

Games Evaluated: 2018: USC, Notre Dame, 2017: Washington, Washington St, Notre Dame

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.50

Q.A.B.: 7.80


Displays impressive balance keeping his feet in contact and pushing for extra yards. Rarely tripped up and repeatedly bounces off contact. Has good quickness and lateral agility capable of making defenders miss in the hole and bouncing the ball outside. relies heavily on his speed once he gets the edge. Has the ability to make people miss at the second and third levels without gearing down.

Flexibility: 7.60


Great flexibility displaying excellent knee bend and pad height. Plays with good pad level in each area of the field and can consistently get lower than tacklers in contact.


C.O.D.: 7.60


Displays great one-cut ability and a solid talent to plant his foot in the dirt and cross field splitting defenders. Can evade defenders in the open field utilizing his speed and quickness. Possesses a potent jump-cut at the line of scrimmage that he utilizes when the hole closes in order to bounce outside.

Explosion: 6.70


Possesses good burst when working to top speed. Lacks overall explosion to fire through the creases and openings. More fluid than explosive. Stanford utilized many delayed pitches and handoffs limiting his opportunities to work downhill.

Top End Speed: 7.80


Great speed with the capability to get the edge in a hurry and outrun defenders in the second and third levels. He is a big play waiting to happen and will rarely get caught from behind if he gets a step a head in the open field.

With Ball In Hands: 6.58

Vision6.20Vision is lacking, and he can be passive when pressing the line of scrimmage. Good vision near the sideline and in the second and third levels capable of cutting into the daylight without gearing down. A decisive runner who will attack a hole when it opens and will break through it fast.

Cutting Ability: 7.00


Good cutting ability with adaquate lateral agility. After planting his foot and changing direction, he tends to rely heavily on his speed rather than movement ability. He has displayed a potent one-cut talent.

Elusiveness: 6.70


Good elusive ability often displaying the talent to avoid defenders in the open field continuously making would be tacklers miss in the second and third levels contributing to many of his big plays.

Yards After Contact: 6.80


Lowered his center of gravity with great knee bend and excellent pad level. With great contact balance, he does an excellent job to stay on his feet absorbing contact and pushing forward for extra yards. Displays the pad level and strength needed to power through tackles at the line of scrimmage and can break arm tackles down field. Not a powerful runner in contact, and will usually go down when forced to engage with his shoulder.

Ball Security: 6.20


Needs to carry the ball tighter and with two arms in heavy traffic. Not a fumble machine in college, but his arm comes off his frame when falling to the ground, which will ultimately create more fumbles at the next level.

Receiving: 6.38

Hands: 6.20


He displays soft hands in his limited opportunities as a pass catcher. Occasionally fights the ball and will turn up field too quickly.

Route Running: 5.40


Is not asked to run a full route tree. Disappointing Stanford refused to create growth in this area during his senior campaign. Asked to run swing, screens, arrows and five-yard hitch routes out of the backfield. Rarely spread out wide.

Ability In Space: 7.40


Very good in space with the ability to make people miss. Strong in the screen game utilizing his decisiveness to move up field quickly.

Ability to Separate: 6.50


Has the speed and fluidity to run away from defenders. Doesn't show the ability to vary route speed, break down his hips and move back top the ball. Relies heavily on speed in different parts of his game.

Blocking: 5.60

Lead Blocking5.40Not many opportunities as a lead blocker and his size wouldn't assist in this area. Lacks the fundamental play strength to stop defenders from re-entering the play. Can ride defenders for a few seconds to five ball carrier or quarterback extra time.

Blocking In Space: 5.60


Can ride a defender to buy extra time. Will not eliminate them from the play and will get pushed back by bigger defensive athletes.

Pass Blocking: 5.40


His lack of size shows up here. Good courage and a willingness to step into the face of defenders. Lacks the needed to play strength and foundation to deny defenders space to move toward the signal caller. Plays with good technique and will need to learn how to run his feet and close the distance when engaging. Will lose ground to bull rushers.

Situational Awareness: 6.00


Great awareness in pass protection knowing where the free rusher is coming from. Good shuffle ability to close the distance from inside positioning to the edge in a hurry.

Competitiveness: 6.93

Toughness: 5.10


Possesses a small frame and marginal play strength and still finds ways to produce in contact and keep his feet. Impressive toughness throughout a game consistently turning out tough yards. Has played on bad ankles, bruises and sprains and still produced, just at a lower level. Will do anything to help his team succeed. Injury Prone.

Production: 7.30


Hard to make sense of his production. Electric athlete during his junior season accruing over 2000 yards on the ground at 8.1 yards per carry. Has been playing hurt throughout his senior season and production took a major dip recording just 4.6 yards per carry.

Consistency/Motor: 7.60


High motor athlete who will work hard on each play to gain the most possible yardage. Will fight for every inch and consistently battles in contact lowering his shoulder and driving his legs. Once he reaches top speed he won't slow down until the play is whistled dead.

Teamwork: 7.70


Team leader on offense and respected by both peers, teammates and coaches. Team Captain.

Intelligence: 6.67

Instincts: 7.40


Great overall mental processing in each phase of the game. can quickly find a hole to power through and always seems to know who to pick up in pass protection. With great instincts he can find open space in a hurry and utilize his lateral quickness and agility to make a play avoiding defenders without losing speed.

Learn/Retain: 6.40


He is a smart athlete who had a chance to sit behind one of the most productive backs in NCAA history, Christian McCaffrey, throughout his first two campaigns. Has a good grasp of zone reads and counter plays, but will need to adapt to an NFL system playing downhill. Was utilized in flurry of counter runs limiting his burst and decisive instinct. Will need to adapt to the passing game. Underutilized in the passing game at Stanford.

Versatility: 6.20


Very versatile runner with good athletics, speed and impressive power for his size. Has the potential to develop into an every down runner and will need to improve his pass protection and catching ability. Will begin his career as a change of pace back in a complimentary role with the ability and talent to improve quickly with the right coaching.


Bryce Love is an excellent athlete with great acceleration and outstanding speed. he is capable of reaching the boundary in a flash and out running defensive backs in the third level of the field. He is a linear runner with the capability to display effective one-cut jab steps and work upfield without gearing down. Understands his athletic capabilities and works to his strengths on each play to win corners and make players miss. Although he is not a powerful runner, he possesses good contact balance, as contact will melt off his frame often forcing arm tackles and diving attempts. He is elusive due to his mental processing when carrying the ball; he can feel a defenders presence and avoid them in the open field. He has excellent footwork and has been effective on zone reads and stretch concepts throughout his career allowing blocks to develop. He has shown a solid ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and a willingness to block in pass pro.


Bryce Love is a smaller running back with a light frame and short stride. He is frequently battling an injury and has repeatedly dealt ankle injuries throughout his carrier and recently tore his ACL to finish his collegiate career. Displays a lack of burst through the hole and at each level of the field. He was limited to read options and pitches reducing the amount of downhill work he received. His vision when working inside is delayed. He will often miss cutback lanes after keying in on defenders. Isn't overwhelmingly agile–lateral quickness more a result of industrious movement than athletic ability. Not a powerful back who will run through defenders or look for contact. Hands and pass protection both need work, which may limit his deployment in NFL.


Bryce Love is an athletic back who figures to work into a backfield by committee early in his career. He has the speed to get to the boundary and has shown success on zone reads, stretch plays and outside pitches. He has been less successive in his career when working downhill. His versatility as a solid pass catcher will help him earn playing time early on and his big-play ability could win him a job if he can become a more productive pass blocker and stay healthy. Love can be passive pressing into the line of scrimmage, and he would be well served to run behind his pullers and cut up the field to diminish negative runs. Second level vision is tremendous to break into space and avoid pursuit. He has the talent and athleticism to become the leader in a backfield, but his frame, size and durability will limit his touches early on.

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