Chris Lindstrom

Position: Interior Offensive Line

College: Boston College

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 308 lbs


Injury History: No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: Clemson, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida State

Scout: John Stocco

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.82

Q.A.B.: 7.60


Lindstrom matches movement and quickness.

Flexibility: 7.90


Can play anywhere you put him on the line. He's strong enough to play guard, and fast enough to play tackle proving that at Boston College.

C.O.D.: 8.10


Slides and glides on the line of scrimmage during pass protection and run blocking. He controls the gaps without any leaks getting through.

Explosion: 7.20


Moves quick off the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. A negative trait that Lindstrom tends to do often is not get his hands out in front of him.

Versatility: 8.30


Starting experience at Tackle and Guard for Boston College and he has the athletic traits to play Center.

Run Blocking: 7.20

In-Line: 6.80


You notice awareness when you watch Lindstrom play. He plays with a sense of urgency, but he's not reckless. He plays with eyes up ready to face with whatever the defense gives him.


Movement off L.O.S.: 7.70


Very quick, and the first one coming off the line of scrimmage most times.

Reach Block: 7.60


Lindstrom's lateral quickness and his first step makes him a great reach blocker. Get's himself in a position to drive defenders and move to next level.

Pull & Block Outside: 7.20


Lindstrom shows his quickness when he's pulling to the outside. He doesn't maul people like big interior lineman, instead he wins the battle on the outside with his agility and flexibility. If Lindstrom shows a weakness when he pulls he struggles keeping his pad level down.


Adjust In Space: 7.40


Shows potential to thrive in space because of his quick feet, loose hips, and he balances those out with the power he brings when he enters second level.


Use of Hands: 6.50


Lindstrom shows active hands while he's blocking. He doesn't have the longest reach to easily win the leverage game, but he has quick scrappy hands beating defensive lineman to the punch.

Pass Blocking: 6.83

Quick Set: 7.10


Lindstrom builds a strong base out of his stance keeping his feet active.

Protect Corner: 6.10


Lindstrom has experience playing tackle at Boston College. He did well on the edge because of his foot quickness, but at the next level he doesn't have the reach and extension to succeed as a tackle in the NFL.

Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 7.20


His feet move smoothly and naturally in pass protection where it looks like he's mirroring his opposing lineman.

Anchor / Reset Ability: 6.60


Strong anchor, but there are times where he's overly aggressive with his punch in pass protection which could knock him off balance and have a difficult time recovering. Boston College has a heavy run scheme so Lindstrom has less experience than most in pass protection.

Handle Games/Stunts: 7.20


Handles defensive stunts well. Facing many different looks in college from both guard and tackle helped slow the game down for Lindstrom with his experience blocking speed and power.

Hands / Punch: 6.80


Good strikes come from Lindstrom when he isn't too aggressive. The strikes are quick with solid hand placement.

Competitiveness: 7.33

Toughness: 7.20


With how much Boston College runs the football Lindstrom shows a toughness that goes unmatched. He isn't afraid to block anyone and he isn't afraid the be the lead blocker making his way to second level.

Consistency / Motor: 7.30


Lindstrom shows a level of consistency that NFL teams want to see from their offensive lineman. He plays with a sense of urgency and shows that he's versatile ready to play any position for his team.

Production: 7.50


Three year starter at Boston College and started at multiple positions. He shows traits of what every team in the NFL want in their offensive lineman. Durability, and versatility.


Intelligence: 7.07

Instincts: 7.30


Lindstrom shows good instincts on tape. He's responsive to twists, and blitzes, and anticipates his next assignment when he goes to second level coming off a double team. Plays with good pad level and his head is always up.

Learn/Retain: 6.80


His over aggressiveness and sense of urgency is what can hurt him sometimes. Going up against a stronger or faster defensive lineman he can be put off balance.

Teamwork: 7.10


Works well with his fellow offensive lineman. Always working a double team, and he goes all out when he's the lead blocker for his running back.


Lateral quickness, mobile blocker in space, and one of the best second level blockers in the draft. He has the experience in college and he's athletic enough to play every position on the line at the next level. Lindstrom has a strong foundation that gives him a better chance at winning the battles on every down. Awareness is key and Lindstrom plays with his head up calculating his next move.


Even with his big frame his lack of length can take away his versatility and it gives him a tougher time to truly finish off blocks. His leverage will give him a tougher time at the next level.


Chris Lindstrom is a day one talent that will probably get picked day two. His tape shows that he's a consistent offensive lineman for three seasons and that will continue at the next level. His combination of quick movements and big size will have an NFL team pencil him in as a starter before training camp begins. Lindstrom shows that he can create momentum during running plays and with that experience in a run heavy offensive scheme in Boston College an NFL coach is going to make him a busy man blocking in space up to second level. Lindstrom has proven he can handle a heavy workload. When you draft Chris Lindstrom you're getting an athletic big man that is dependable and durable who can play all five positions.

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