Christian Wilkins

Position: Defensive Tackle

College: Clemson

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 300 lbs


Injury History: Injury History: No major injury history

Games Evaluated: 2018: Alabama, Texas A&M, Oregon St, 2017: Alabama

Scout: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 8.40

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 9.00


Wilkins is a true freak athlete who moves more like a 220 lb RB or DB than a 300+ lb defensive tackle. He's as agile and quick footed as they come for a man his size but also strong enough to handle playing in the interior.

Flexibility: 8.00


Above average knee bend and hip flexibility that allows him to turn the corner on a dime when rushing from the edge.

Explosiveness: 8.00


Decent pop out of his stance but doesn't have elite explosiveness to blow by lineman off the snap.

Playing Speed: 8.50


Insanely quick/fast for his size. On film Wilkins flew around the field like a mad man, chasing down ball carriers and making plays most defensive tackles would have no business making.


Coordination: 8.50


Very fluid hip movement with great body control. Christian possesses very good balance and a strong base that allows him to make 2nd and 3rd effort plays with his athleticism.


Pass Rush Ability: 7.80

Initial Quickness: 7.50


Compared to the rest of his game, his first step out of both a 3-point and 2-point stance is slightly sluggish and the DT often requires a few steps to build momentum.

Use of Hands: 7.50


Strong upper body and good pop to his swipe, rip and, punch move but could improve the accuracy of his hand placement.

Leverage: 8.00


Wilkins plays with a strong base and very low center of gravity for a 6'4" DT that allows him to plow through double teams and hardly ever get pushed off the line.

Pass Rush Moves: 7.00


Limited in his pass rushing repeteur and often relies on his strength and athleticism to get the job down. Christians bullrush is deadly if given any space to generate power and his lateral speed and bend allow for a nasty outside move when stunting or rushing from the edge.

Finish Ability: 9.00


With only 16 total sacks in four years at Clemson, his impact goes far deeper than the stats may show. Eating up double teams to let teammates Clelin Ferrell and Dexter lawrence feast on 1-on-1's.

Competitiveness: 8.33

Toughness: 8.50


The Clemson product is tough as nails and has no major injury history.

Consistency/Motor: 9.00


Wilkins gas tank is as large as he is! The big man can flies around the ball at full speed from start to finish on a consistent basis.

Production: 7.50


Far more productive as a run stopper than a sack artist but his impact can't be quantified by the numbers.

Against The Run: 8.08

Play with Leverage: 8.50


Rarely ever pushed off of the line of scrimmage! Wilkins is a powerhouse who plays low and does a tremendous job of driving blockers into the backfield.

Stack and Shed: 8.00


Is better at slipping blocks than shedding them but uses his violent hands to disengage and displace offensive linemen.

Gap Shooting Ability: 7.50


Although his first step isn't insanely fast, he often can split double teams and shoot the gap with a combination of speed, power, and athleticism.

Run at Him: 8.00


Holds his ground well and eats up lead blockers with the best of 'em. Wilkins is either plugging up the running lane or blowing up the play in the backfield.

Run Away: 9.00


Arguably the most athletic defensive tackle in the draft, Christain's tape is littered with highlights of him making plays opposite of where he lined up on the field.

Tackling/Hitting: 7.50


Wilkins brings "hit stick" like power with every tackle he makes but would benefit from taking better angles and squaring up ball carriers in order to be more accurate at the point of attack.


Intelligence: 8.00

Instincts: 7.50


Christian shows natural football instincts but his aggressive full throttle playing style can lead to biting on play fakes and misdirections.

Learn/Retain: 8.00


Has the smarts and versatility to play every position across the defensive line and can be thrown into the offense in goalline situations.

Teamwork: 8.50


Loved by his fellow players and was unquestionably the heart and soul of a star studded D-line. Wilkins was often Clemson's unsung hero doing the dirty work in the interior and allowing his teammates to get after the ball.


The Clemson DT's physical gifts are undoubtedly his biggest attribute and will likely be the reason he gets drafted early. Christian Wilkins is a wrecking machine against the run and eats up double team's in the middle as a pass rusher. With a strong base, powerful bullrush, and great lateral movement, his versatility can not be ignored. Once Wilkins has gained momentum he's nearly impossible to halt and does a great job at redirecting on a dime when needed.


For a four year player at a power house like Clemson, his technique is still a little raw, but should not be considered a cause for concern. Although Christian is 6'4" and over 300 lbs, his frame lacks the prototypical arm length and has struggled at times when rushing the edge against the longer offensive tackles. He’s inconsistent with his hands and disappears at times throughout games. Again, coaches will likely look at his skill set and see a freak athlete that can only get better if he’s able to continue to add to his multitude of weapons.


Wilkins will be drafted simply because of his insanely high ceiling and athletic ability. Defensive coordinators salivate at the idea of adding such a raw physical specimen to their team. If molded correctly, the draft prospect has the potential to be one of the best run defenders and overall D-linemen in the league. He's versatile enough to play all five positions in both a 3-4 and 4-3 scheme but is best suited for the three or five tech. Whichever team decides to take the Clemson star will be getting on of the draft's most physically gifted players, who plays with passion, aggression, and relentlessness.


Pro Comparison: Geno Atkins

Team Fits: Minnesota Vikings, L.A. Chargers, Seattle Seahawks

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