Clellin Ferrell

Position: Edge

College: Clemson

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 265 lbs


Injury History: High school: Torn ACL (Missed Senior Season), 2016-17: Ankle (Forced from National Championship), Summer 2017: Concussion in Training camp, 2018: Minor Knee (No missed time)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Texas A&M, N.C. State, 2017: Auburn, Alabama

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.00

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 6.90


Good quickness and burst off the line. Has the ability to put his foot in the ground and cross the blockers face turning inside and attacking the ball. Solid balance utilizing a wide and strong base with long arms to keep the lineman away from his body. Struggles to get off the line when asked to do a stunt moving inside. Seems awkward when asked to move down the line.

Flexibility: 6.70


Good flexibility and knee bend keeps his pad level down. Needs to work on his bend ability, as he often can get taken out of the play taking longer paths than needed.


Explosiveness: 7.80


Possesses great burst off the line with excellent quick twitch ability. Can fire out of stance with hand in the dirt. Can often be found in a sprinter stance when asked to rush the passer attacking the ball.

Playing Speed: 7.20


Good play speed allows him to track down the ball and force sacks or tackles for loss. Can chase down ball carriers from behind and is relentless in pass rush or chase mode.


Coordination: 6.40


Occasionally will get overpowered by lineman allowing them to get their hands into his body despite length. Needs to add fundamental strength and work on his overall instincts when attacking the ball. Can get chipped out of the play too often in pass rush when he gives them access to his frame.

Pass Rush Ability: 6.92

Initial Quickness: 8.30


The first aspect noticed when watching Ferrell. Excellent movement off the line of scrimmage. Explosive quick twitch muscle when moving out of three and four point stances. Utilizes a powerful first step and excellent pad level to beat lineman to the point of attack.

Use of Hands: 5.40


Marginal use of hands allows tackles to engage his body creating a difficulty to disengage and attack the pocket. Needs to develop a deeper arsenal of hand moves outside of his straight arm and rip.

Leverage: 7.10


Good pad level and length allow him to gain leverage early in a fight. His quickness of the line helps to put lineman in a bind early in the pass rush sequence. Will struggle to disengage when linemen are allowed to work into his body.

Pass Rush Moves: 6.50


Doesn't possess pass rush moves outside of his straight arm, bull rush and rip maneuvers. Has attempted to utilize ineffective swim and spin moves, but often gets wiped out of the play. Bull rush is lethal, and he can run over defenders displaying the transition of speed to power.

Finish Ability: 7.30


Has a knack for closing on the quarterback and pressuring him up in the pocket. He is a daunting and powerful edge rusher with the ability to smother ball carriers. Will often over pursue mobile quarterbacks and allow a lane for the passer to move into and scramble out of. Has let to many opportunities slip through his fingers.

Competitiveness: 8.07

Toughness: 8.20


A tough defender with the power and size to bring any ball carrier to the ground. Has dealt with minor injuries and has had the toughness to play through the dinges and bruises. Undeniable play strength.

Consistency/Motor: 7.70


High motor defender with a relentless persona. Never lets up and will attack the ball until the whistle. Will attempt to catch ball carriers upfield.

Production: 8.30


One of the best edge defenders at the collegiate level. He is one of the most productive and dominant forces along Clemson's All-American defensive line.

Against The Run: 6.90

Play with Leverage: 6.20


He has the ability to utilize his length to keep the offensive tackle at arms length and use his eyes to find the ball and make plays. He often will let lineman get their hands on his chest when working down the line and can get caught standing up losing his pad level and positioning.

Stack and Shed: 7.40


Solid at using his length and power to break away from contact, he needs to work on his ability to break through contact and attack the edge meeting the ball carrier at or behind the line. Utilizes a rip move to move past lineman and disengage from contact. Good play strength.

Gap Shooting Ability: 6.70


With a quick first step and great reaction time, he can explode through the gap and disrupt the play in the backfield. When asked to stunt and move down the line before engaging with contact, his trigger becomes hesitant and less fluid allowing the tackle or guard to engage first.

Run at Him: 7.10


Good length, reaction and burst allow him to meet ball carriers behind the line. Has a tendency to over run the play.

Run Away: 6.30


His motor will keep him going to track down ball carriers running away from his side of the field. Often will get swept out of the play when working across field.

Tackling/Hitting: 7.70


A powerful tackler with the size and strength to take down any size ball carrier. Needs to remain disciplined and protect the edge rather than over run the play.

Intelligence: 7.53

Instincts: 6.60


Can read the play and attack the ball carrier. Mental processing and play recognition needs to increase.

Learn/Retain: 7.50


A smart football player with the size and speed to play anywhere along the line. Has the versatility to play inside or outside. Needs to develop more pass rushing moves and stay in his lane setting the edge rather than leaving his assignment and breaking into the line leaving a cut back lane open.

Teamwork: 8.50


A team player and defensive leader who is more quiet than outspoken. Will do anything asked of him to help the team succeed.


Ferrell is a long rangy pass rusher with outstanding quickness, power and strength. He possesses the athleticism and size to be a game breaker along the edge. He is a nimble athlete with plus quickness and an excellent first step. Displays excellent burst exploding out of his four point stance and racing up field using his length to keep the lineman away from his frame and then planting his foot to work back inside crossing the face of the tackle. Possesses the flexibility to bend the corner and keep leverage while working to the quarterback. A strong presence in the passing game and force along the line capable of wreaking havoc in the backfield collapsing the pocket with a combination of quickness and power and defending the edge attacking the ball carrier and forcing them inside. Utilizes his length and a rip move to stack and shed the offensive lineman and work towards the ball. He is adept at holding the point of attack and releasing to attack the ball carrier using his size and power to force the runner to the ground. A versatile defensive lineman with the strength to play inside and the quickness to dominate the edge.


Struggles to disengage tackles when allowed into his frame, and will occasionally overrun the ball taking himself out of the play. Needs to utilze his arm extension earlier in his pass rush set in order to keep lineman off his chest. Fails to use his hands and will need to learn how to punch and rip in order to beat lineman and shed quickly. Needs to develop a deeper arsenal of pass rush moves and relies heavily on his length to win in one on one battles. Will stumble and get caught when asked to stunt bending inside out of his stance. Needs to become more fluid, working on his drop step when working down the line of scrimmage. Without hand usage, he has trouble keeping his leverage in the run game often allowing the lineman to get their hands on his body forcing him to stand up losing technique and power within his stance.



With excellent size, length, power and strength, Ferrell has the potential to be a three down edge rusher at the next level working as a consistent "wide 9" pass rusher who has the ability to set the edge and dominate the ground game. He is a raw athlete with the ability, talent and potential to continue to grow in all aspects of the game. Ferrell could develop into a double-digit sack player at the next level.

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