Cody Ford

Position: Offensive Tackle

College: Oklahoma

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 337 lbs


Injury History: 2016: Broken Left Fibula

Games Evaluated: 2018: West Virginia, UCLA, Alabama

Scout: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.92

Q.A.B.: 7.40


Very good athleticism to be able to fit on blocks at the second level. Has solid length and a strong and bulky build. He has great strength and power when able to run block or when he anchors. Hands are strong and can jolt defenders with a strong punch.

Flexibility: 6.20


Agile blocker out in space even if he is inconsistent at targeting defenders at the second level. Blocks with very good balance and power when anchored, but at he will struggle when asked to go up against pass rushers with a great burst of speed because he will lunge out of his stance or try and beat them to a spot which leaves him open to inside moves.

C.O.D.: 7.00


Smooth mover in short spaces. Shows a very effective 45 set where he will jump set and anchor. With his strength and power he is a monster when able to short trap and lead block.


Explosion: 7.20


As a down blocker he can simply obliterate DL and collapse one side of LOS. Has vice-like strength in his hands and when he gets ahold on a defender hold on cause you will go for a ride.

Versatility: 6.80


Has experience playing LG and RT. Was really coming on in 2016 before a broken leg ended his season, but then got a chance to fill in for player who got injured at LG in 2017. He dropped weight and transitioned to RT in 2018 where he was solid, but as a OG he could be dominant.

Run Blocking: 7.35

In-Line: 7.50


When tasked with blocking in conjunction with his teammates he can collapse the edge of LOS on down blocks or bully defenders on double teams. Showed the ability to lockout arms and steer defenders to open up rushing lanes.

Movement off L.O.S.: 7.70


Consistently was able to gain a push off the LOS with his leg drive and power. His initial punch can shock defenders backwards then once he gets his hands on you the play is over.


Reach Block: 7.10


Has the short area quickness to range out and get to blocks on the edge, but he needs to stay under control or he will get off balance and fall off block or miss his targeted defender.


Pull & Block Outside: 7.40


Great short area puller who is a scary sight for any defender trying to go mano-e-mano with him. He struggles at times locating defenders though and will either fall off the block because he is unbalanced or will simply dive at a defender trying to get a piece of them.

Adjust In Space: 7.20


Has light feet to be able to change directions well for such a big-bodied power minded OL. Has solid fluidity to be able to flow and fit on blocks.

Use of Hands: 7.20


Power in initial punch can at times be difference making. He fights off defender's hands with good pace and tempo.

Pass Blocking: 6.97

Quick Set: 7.20


Showed the ability to quick set and anchor with a good success rate due to his strength and hand usage. When he is able to sit down in his stance it is hard for defenders to move him off his spot.

Protect Corner: 6.70


When playing out at RT when he was facing a pass rusher with great burst of speed, he would simply either try to beat them to a spot or try to match foot quickness with them which leaves him waist bending and off balance. With him trying to match up out wide he opens himself up to inside moves for which he has no counter power step as a OT.

Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 6.60


Nimble feet for a big man and shows mirroring ability, but when asked to be able to shut down inside moves he will struggle because he cannot gain any strength to power step back inside.

Anchor / Reset Ability: 7.00


Dominant OL when he is able to sit down in his stance with his hand strength and powerful build. Is able to shuffle and reset adequately in short spaces, but when tasked with reach blocking out wide he struggles.

Handle Games/Stunts: 7.10


Very intelligent OL and would call out the blitzes he would see pre-snap to his teammates. Great at seamlessly passing off assignments with OL who he played beside for awhile.


Hands / Punch: 7.20


Strong impact when his initial punch lands, can even stifle defenders back. Hand usage is consistent and intense throughout the duration of the play.

Competitiveness: 6.97

Toughness: 7.00


Gritty and tough OL who worked back from a badly broken leg. Will go blow to blow with powerful DL all game and never lose intensity.

Consistency / Motor: 7.10


Great effort in his play, always seeks to bury or pancake his assignment in run blocking, and takes pride with being able to shut down pass rushers.

Production: 6.80


Only one year of great production. He was a standout performer on an OL unit that won the Joe Moore Award for top OL in college football, he also was named a First-team All-Big 12 by coaches, and an AP Third-Team All-American in 2018.

Intelligence: 7.20

Instincts: 7.20


Has a very good feel for stunts and games DL like to play on him, and will communicate what he sees pre-snap. Will adjust and try to find a way to limit damage a pass rusher who he knows will give him fits by adjusting his quick sets or how he tries to attack them.

Learn/Retain: 7.10


Very smart player who can pick up on keys from defenders trying to mask their pursuit, and has the understanding of how to play both as an OT or an IOL.

Teamwork: 7.30


As a standout performer among college football's best OL they worked seamlessly in conjunction when there were different assignments and stunts that the defensive coordinator would try to use to exploit them.


Big, burly OL who has experience playing at LG or at RT, and can simply overwhelm small statured players. He has heavy hands and nimble feet to be able to slide and protect his QB or bulldoze open rushing lanes. Terrific short area puller and is a second level defender's worse nightmare if he has a head of steam. As an in-line down blocker he can simply collapse one side of the LOS. Plays in conjunction with his fellow OL well and doesn't take any plays off.


He has shorter than ideal length and it was evident on some plays against DL with longer arms who were able to engage and steer him out of the play. He also struggles to match up with pass rushers with great burst of speed off the edge because he simply does not have the athleticism to match theirs. He will either try to beat them to a spot or try and mirror their movement which gets him off balance by waist being which opens himself up for inside moves, for which he has no power step to counter with. For as scary of a player he looks on short trap pulls he struggles to consistently target players at the second level and can fall off blocks or dive at would be defenders.


Cody Ford is a massively built and power OL who had a great final season in Oklahoma as a part of the College Football's best OL. He has experience playing at RT and LG, and I believe he could get by as a RT, but could be utterly dominant as OG. I see him getting consideration in the first round and should definitely be off the board by the mid second round at the latest.


Projected Round: 1-2

Team Fits: Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles, Rams, Chargers, and Bengals

NFL Comp: Brandon Scherff

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