Connor Mcgovern

Position: Interior Offensive Line

College: Penn State

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 308 lbs


Injury History: No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Maryland

Scout: John Stocco

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.44

Q.A.B.: 6.30


Agility and balance is a bit inconsistent on film. He's a strong lineman and when he places his hands and sets his feet in the right places it's all over for defensive lineman. McGovern just needs to add consistency by not going over the top showing more discipline in his blocking.


Flexibility: 8.20


Loose hips and swervy hips gives him the ability to keep a good pad level out of his stance. He shows that he sink his hips and drive defenders out of the way or stall the defender to keep a clean pocket for the quarterback.

C.O.D.: 6.70


He shows off his ability to change direction on the line of scrimmage when he plays center more than guard. He can change at the drop of a dime with great awareness for when pressure is coming or when his fellow lineman need help.

Explosion: 8.10


Does a great job of consistently exploding out of his stance. He knows where to attack and gets after it. That can hurt him at times as he shows he over pursues his blocks and that can make him off balanced.

Versatility: 7.90


McGovern showed in college that he can move well enough and is strong enough to play guard and center at the next level.

Run Blocking: 6.75

In-Line: 6.60


McGovern isn't someone with great length. He's a lineman with choppy feet with a powerful strike. That being said when he's forced to use his length he's shown that he can win that battle often times than not.

Movement off L.O.S.: 7.30


Great first step off the line of scrimmage. Watching tape on the Penn State OLine you always see McGovern the first one coming out of his stance engaging the first contact. He excels in run blocking.

Reach Block: 7.10


This is where his first step comes in as a huge advantage for McGovern. His quick first step matched with his hand strength gives him the upper hand when run blocking and it makes it easier for himself to get to second level.

Pull & Block Outside: 5.70


He's flexible enough to get out on the edge, but this is where he might be a better fit playing center at the next level. He's a better lineman when he goes vertical blocking the defender head to head.

Adjust In Space: 6.70


Adjusts well in space because of his footwork. While run blocking he's able to stick and move up to second level or able to contain blitzes coming from the defense.

Use of Hands: 7.10


Strong hands and good usage with his hands. His hand placement is inconsistent, but when he sets his hands on you he wins the battle almost every time.


Pass Blocking: 6.60

Quick Set: 6.30


McGovern shows he can get his feet in good position and set his hands in the right spot even if he doesn't have the best length.

Protect Corner: 5.40


McGovern doesn't have a lot of experience protecting the corner because most of his reps came from playing guard and center, but we see his ability to protect the corner when he's pull blocking. He shows the flexibility in his hips to get out and go to the edge and second level. We just haven't seen enough reps of him going outside.

Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 7.20


Always moving in sync with his fellow lineman. Penn State ran a decent amount of misdirection, and McGovern showed his can move well in pass protection while facing different sets and moving in different direction.

Anchor / Reset Ability: 7.30


Strong anchor. Very rarely do you see McGovern go back on his heels because of his strong base. His reset ability is questionable because of his slow engagement.

Handle Games/Stunts: 5.80


McGovern's worst tape by far is the game against Michigan where they threw a lot of stunts at the Penn State OLine. He does a good job picking up the blitz. When he sees the TEX stunt he gets into some trouble. Not all of his fault but he was the biggest part of that OLine.


Hands / Punch: 7.60


McGovern shows a strong first punch in pass blocking and run blocking. His first punch can win battles but the only knock on McGovern's hands is that he's sometimes too late engaging that first punch. Quicker engagement is a work in progress.

Competitiveness: 7.63

Toughness: 7.20


McGovern is a tough and rugged type guard and he doesn't back away from any challenger. Shows he can take interior defender, gives great effort on the edge, and brings the fight to linebackers when he goes to second level.

Consistency / Motor: 7.80


McGovern doesn't take plays off. His technique can be seen as inconsistent, but it's little stuff like his hand placement and separating his feet enough to create balance for himself. Once he fixes that he's a lineman you can build around.

Production: 7.90


Penn State has been producing some NFL talent on offense and defense. Most noticeably Saquan Barkley last year and Miles Sanders this year. Their leader on the OLine is Connor McGovern and he plays a big role in making Penn State the new school of the running backs. McGovern made a difference by creating holes and winning the one on one battles.


Intelligence: 7.07

Instincts: 7.30


McGovern shows a high IQ on the line of scrimmage. He's aware when a fellow lineman needs help, and he anticipates a blitz coming from the second level.

Learn/Retain: 6.70


McGovern doesn't make the same mistake twice. There are times where he can over pursue, but the power behind him can help him recover.

Teamwork: 7.20


Teamwork is where I think McGovern is a better fit at center at the next level because he looks like a quarterback on the line of scrimmage because of his awareness of stunts and blitzes from defensive lineman and linebackers.


McGovern shows all the traits of being a franchise guard. Good size, strong hands, flexibility in his hips, and a high football IQ on the line of scrimmage. Connor McGovern is your traditional big man run blocker. He fires off the line to beat the defender to the punch, pad level is consistent, and he produces at second level.


Not a ton of weaknesses in McGovern's game. Where he needs to get better is his hand placement. The power is there, but he's missing length in his arms. It's why he's looked at as a better run blocker than a pass blocker. Hand placement can be fixed with the right coaching in the NFL.


Connor McGovern will most likely be a day two draft pick and a team will be salivating. He's a day one starter on a team that needs help on the offensive line and you can plug him in at right and left guard, or even at center and you're going to see instant production. I see McGovern as a franchise offensive lineman. He's your traditional big man that is a great run blocker. Having McGovern helps you improve your offensive line and helps you improve the running game. Games and championships are won in the trenches and Connor McGovern is someone you want fighting for you in the trenches.

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