Dalton Risner

Position: Offensive Tackle

College: Kansas State

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 312 lbs


Injury History: 2018 Offseason: Right Shoulder Surgery, 2017 Offseason: Left Shoulder Surgery, 2016: High Ankle Sprain (No Missed Games)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Mississippi St., Texas, Oklahoma St., Senior Bowl, 2016: Stanford

Scout: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.55

Q.A.B.: 7.00


Dalton is not as athletically gifted as some of the other lineman in the draft but makes up for it with relentless effort. Risner is more power than agility.

Flexibility: 6.50


Lacks elite flexibility and struggles to consistently bend at the knee.

C.O.D.: 7.25


Choppy steps and heavy feet hinder his ability to quickly redirect his momentum.

Explosion: 8.00


Showcases great burst out both 2 and 3-point stance. Utilizes his get off to gain inside leverage on opponents.

Versatility: 9.00


Dalton Risner can play all five positions" -Dalton Risner. And he isn't lying! If in a bind, the Kansas State right tackle can fill in at every O-line position there is.

Run Blocking: 7.96

In-Line: 8.00


Showcases his pro level leverage technique and body positioning when blocking 1-on-1, consistently gets his head to the correct shoulder on his opponent to open up rush lanes and move defenders.

Movement off L.O.S.: 7.75


His tremendous lower body strength is showcased more when anchoring than driving his opponent backwards but refuses to stop driving until the whistle is blown or the DE is in the dirt.

Reach Block: 8.00


His quicks out of his stance help to gain and win the body positioning battle in order to dictate where his defenders going. Risner is an excellent blend of leverage technique mixed with raw power, and an aggressive nature.

Pull & Block Outside: 8.00


Athletic enough to pull across the line of scrimmage. His high football IQ allows him to consistently track his blocking assignment, as well as what angles to take and which way to drive said defender.

Adjust In Space: 8.00


Agile enough to change his target location in an instant and tends to dominate in the second level.

Use of Hands: 8.00


Once Risner's hands are in between his opponents numbers, he's practically undefeated. Dalton packs a punch but compliments his powerful blow with accurate placement and active hands.

Pass Blocking: 7.75

Quick Set: 8.25


His quick set is arguably his biggest attribute to his pass blocking arsenal. Risner is consistent in terms of beating his opponent to the punch and delivering the blow before rushers are able to build momentum and speed.

Protect Corner: 6.75


Struggles against elite speed rushers due to his sloppy lower body mechanics that will certainly need some proper refinement and coaching at the next level.

Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 6.50


Inconsistent footwork and a ton of false steps on tape have definitely hurt his draft stock. The RT must improve his ability to mirror his opponents step for step and control the edge in order to unlock his true potential.

Anchor / Reset Ability: 8.75


Elite anchor ability and lower body strength. Risner practically never lost a rep to the bull rush through his time at Kansas State.

Handle Games/Stunts: 8.25


Locates blitzes and stunt packages with ease and does a great job of redirecting his attention and transferring blocking assignments mid play.

Hands / Punch: 8.00


He may not have the longest arms but his aggressive hands and raw power tend to make up for any discrepancies he may possess.

Competitiveness: 8.83

Toughness: 9.50


Tough as nails, mean as hell, and willing to play through pain and injury.

Consistency / Motor: 8.00


Ultra high motor athlete who plays with an intense attitude from the 1st to the 4th quarter. Consistently attempts to demoralize opponents by playing to/through the whistle and physically bullies defenders any chance he gets.

Production: 9.00


Highly productive at all three positions throughout his collegiate career. Did not surrender a single sack since the 2016 season and produces even better results as a run blocker.


Intelligence: 8.25

Instincts: 8.25


Very instinctual, alert tackle who can sense stunts and delays before they even happen.

Learn/Retain: 8.50


True student of the game. Knows all five offensive lineman assignment each and every play.


Teamwork: 8.03


year team captain, who's considered a vocal leader, and stood out at the Senior Bowl as someone earned respect amongst his peers.


Dalton Risner is an aggressive mauler, who typically wins with brute strength, tenacity, and leverage. What he lacks in length and prototypical measurables, he makes up for with high motor and controlled rage when blocking bigger and better athletes. The RT's biggest strengths are found as a run blocker; he is hardly ever out of position, consistently wins the leverage battle, and was often seen dominating D-lineman who are far more physically gifted. His ability to set his hips and anchor as a pass blocker against bull rushers is nearly unmatched compared to the rest of his draft class.


The Kansas State RT possesses slightly below average arm length, his footwork can be down right ugly at times, and will need to adopt proper form in technique in order to live up to his potential. Even though Risner hadn't given up a single sack in his final two years in college, the O-line prospect has a ton of room to grow as a pass blocker. If able to clean up his lower body mechanics, Risner has Pro Bowl potential at RT, RG, and C.


Even when his form is sloppy and his feet are all over the place, Dalton still finds ways to win his 1-on-1 battles. Whether it's by out working his opponents, out leveraging them, or simply over powering them; Dalton Risner gets the job done at a consistently high rate. That, along with his versatility and tenacity make for an O-lineman prospect that coaches dream about. He's one of those players you want on your team but hate to play against. His passion for the sport is what will set him apart from the rest of the prospects in the draft and he's likely to win all 32 teams over in the interview process. All that said, Risner is a mid-late 1st, if not, early 2nd round prospect who'll have to prove he's not just a workout warrior once facing the elite of the elite in the NFL. If Risner can develop his footwork with proper coaching and eliminate the excessive false steps, the tackle/guard/center will likely has a long NFL tenure ahead of him.


Projected Round: 1st-2nd
Team Fits: Jaguars, Jets, Texans
NFL Comparison: Jack Conklin

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