Darrell Henderson

Position: Running Back

College: Memphis

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 200 lbs


Injury History: Leg Injury suffered V. Missouri (Minor) No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: UCF, GA State, Navy, Houston

Scout: Ryan Goudy

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.82

Q.A.B.: 6.80


Good quickness to get through the hole, a little stiff hipped when pressing the line, good balance through the hole.

Flexibility: 6.50


Straight-line runner, lacks some flexibility in hips.

C.O.D.: 7.00


Good change of direction and acceleration. Able to get up to speed quick.


Explosion: 7.00


Good burst once he finds a hole. Able to get to speed quick.


Top End Speed: 6.80

Lacks elite speed, speed should be serviceable.

With Ball In Hands: 6.96

Vision: 7.25


Good vision in the zone scheme. Able to press the line, and be decisive when picking a hole.

Cutting Ability: 7.00


Good ability to cut in and out, decisive runner.

Elusiveness: 6.80


Good ability to make people miss once he gets up to speed.

Yards After Contact: 6.75


Can bounce off of players and strong with the ball. Falls forward a lot.

Ball Security: 7.00


3 lost fumbles in 519 career touches

Receiving: 6.63

Hands: 7.50


Good hands, a plus receiver.

Route Running: 6.00


Limited route tree. A lot of wheel routes and flat routes.

Ability In Space: 7.00


Elusive once he gets into space, can make a lot happen.

Ability to Separate: 6.00


Does not separate in the route, has to do so with the ball in his hands.

Blocking: 6.63

Lead Blocking: 6.00


Leads for a lot of swing plays, does a good job of getting into space.


Blocking In Space: 6.00


Good run blocker, isn't afraid of contact, doesn't miss his blocks.

Pass Blocking: 7.50


Doesn't get pushed around, aggressive. Good at picking up blitzes.

Situational Awareness: 7.00


Ability to pick up blitzers, and help chip on his way into a route is a plus.

Competitiveness: 6.94

Toughness: 7.00


Thick built, but short. Tough player who didn't get hurt. On the field a lot.

Production: 7.00


Good production. In 2018, 1909 rushing yards on 214 attempts. Also had 295 receiving yards on 19 receptions.

Consistency/Motor: 6.75


Very consistent game to game. Produced regardless of opponent.

Teamwork: 7.00


Good leader, did a lot for his team.

Intelligence: 7.28

Instincts: 6.85

Good instincts in a zone scheme and as a receiver.

Learn/Retain: 7.00


Grew year over year, but kept his averages the same.


Versatility: 8.00


Extremely versatile, used as a kick returner, wildcat qb, receiver, and running back.


Henderson is an explosive one cut runner in a zone scheme. Shows ability to be decisive and explode through the hole. Once he gets to the second level, shows an ability to make people miss. Henderson is a good receiving back as well as a plus blocker. Showed the ability to be a good return specialist during his time at Memphis.


When Henderson doesn't get square to the line, he can be stopped at the line. He runs a limited route tree. For a player of his build, does not show true top end speed. Is a little tight hipped, leading to him not always be the quickest into a hole.


Henderson is a thick built, explosive all-purpose back. He is at his best when he is running in a zone scheme. While he needs to develop his route tree, as well as refine his route running, he is a good receiver. Henderson proved to be a jack of all trades player at Memphis, and averaged 8.9 yards per carry over the last two years. Henderson should be able to contribute from day one on special teams, while contributing as a 3rd down back. Look for Henderson to come off the board late on Day 2 or early Day 3.

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