David Montgomery

Position: Running Back

College: Iowa State

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 215 lbs


Injury History: 2018: Arm (Missed Oklahoma State) 2017: Ankle (X-Rays Negative), 2016: Leg (Missed Practice time)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Oklahoma, West Virginia, 2017: Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma ST

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 8.06

Q.A.B.: 8.30


Undeniable athleticism and agility capable of accelerating to full speed immediately. Excellent lateral and straight line quickness allow him to burst through holes. Possesses outstanding stop-start ability displaying the talent to stop on a dime change direction and explode back to full speed while reversing field. Has good contact balance and rarely hits the turf from first contact. Has shown the innate ability to throw his hand in the turf while stumbling and push himself back to his feet regaining his balance in the open field.

Flexibility: 7.90


Shows great flexibility displaying good knee bend and low pad level in contact. Rarely runs straight up and can trainition speed to power through his pads.

C.O.D.: 9.10


His greatest trait as a football player consistently demonstrating the ability to plant his foot and explode upfield. Can stop on a dime and reverse field crossing defenders faces utilizing exceptional lateral agility moving sideline-to-sideline in a hurry.

Explosion: 8.00


Explosive nature and powerful lower body provide the ability to burst through creases in the line and split defenders in the second level. Extremely fluid athlete reaching the hole quickly while using a nice jumpcut to get back inside for cut-back lanes. Can explode through contact and shed weak tackles.

Top End Speed: 7.00


Not a burner capable of firing by defenders in an instant. Possesses home-run speed with the ability to reach the sideline and turn the corner. He is a big play waiting to happen. He will get caught from behind in a straight sprint and fails to open up his stride in the open field. Can be caught Dilly-Dallying

With Ball In Hands: 7.90

Vision: 7.00


Very decisive runner with a solid amount of patience to allow holes to develop. Often finds cutback lanes to jump through when the designed hole is plugged. Utilizing his agility and change of direction, he can fire through small creases. Can be found to dance for too long in the backfield losing yardage in the process. Will occasionally bounce the ball outside when it's not necessary to do so.

Cutting Ability: 8.60


Displays excellent cut back ability often reversing field and consistently making defenders miss. He tends to use a head fake to slow defenders gaining separation in the process. When bottled up, he tends to rely on a spin, and while occasionally utilizing it to escape would be tacklers, he has also lost yardage too. He has excellent lateral quickness and can change direction in a hurry letting defenders over pursue before exploding upfield.

Elusiveness: 9.00


He is one of the most elusive backs at the collegiate level in recent memory routinely making multiple defenders miss weekly. He rarely goes down from first contact and can consistently avoid contact in the open field. Broke the collegiate record for missed tackles forced in 2017.


Yards After Contact: 7.90


He is a dangerous runner who looks to punish defenders when in contact. Can transition speed to power and with a low center of gravity and strong legs has the power to break through tackles and run over defenders. He has great contact balance and can stick his hand in the dirt to keep his balance. Consistently falls forward and will rarely get tackled by the first defender.

Ball Security: 7.00


He has good ball protection taking care of the ball in contact and wrapping it with two arms in close quarters. Has only fumbled twice in 630 career touches.

Receiving: 6.70

Hands: 6.40


Displays solid soft hands with the ability to catch the ball away from his body. Can catch the ball in traffic and didn't drop many opportunities. Needs to attack the ball rather than letting it come to him. Has a tendency to turn upfield prematurely before securing the ball.


Route Running: 6.00


Is a fluid athlete with good hips and excellent movement ability. He hasn't been asked to run complex routes throughout his collegiate career, but has the traits to run solid routes out of the backfield at the next level. Will need to earn a full route tree.

Ability In Space: 8.10


Excellent in space with the consistent ability to make defenders miss with the ball in his hands. A threat to score on any play and from anywhere on the field. Lethal in the screen game.

Ability to Separate: 6.30


Has the short area quickness and lateral agility to run away from coverage. Will need to work on his breaks, and speed change in routes to consistently separate from athletic linebackers and safeties.

Blocking: 5.85

Lead Blocking: 5.20


Not asked to lead block at Iowa State. Is known to be a willing blocker capable of getting in the way of defenders with good technique and a solid base. Small frame would make it difficult to hold blocks throughout a play.

Blocking In Space: 5.50


Has shown the capability to block in space and engage consistently. Doesn't show the ability to sustain blocks.

Pass Blocking: 6.20


Solid in pass protection displaying good technique with low pads and bent knees. He is a willing blocker who can stop the free rusher in his tracks.

Situational Awareness: 6.50


Knows who to block on any given play and can pick up blitz packages. Has the mental processing to diagnose the free rusher.

Competitiveness: 7.00

Toughness: 7.20


He is a tough runner who can win in the open field or with power and contact. He has played through injuries and been successful on hurt ankles. He plays hard each play and is a competitor. His contact first running style could lead to more durability issues.


Production: 6.80


Very productive runner and a threat to score whenever he touches the ball. A big play weapon from anywhere on the field. Minor injuries throughout his career have impacted his overall production and availability. Often dances in the backfield accruing runs for loss.


Consistency/Motor: 7.50


He is very consistent, creating big plays from nothing and generating chunk yards. Plays hard throughout a contest and will fight for every yard on each play.


Teamwork: 6.50


He is a leader on offense, but often lets his emotions get the better of him. He was suspended for a half against Texas after getting into a fist fight during the Baylor game, in which, he was ejected.

Intelligence: 7.80

Instincts: 7.90


Possesses excellent instincts that allow him to survey the field and find creases to run through. Will often generate chunk plays from nothing and can create on his own.


Learn/Retain: 7.90


A smart player who learned Iowa State's offensive system quickly. He knows blocking assignments and is a versatile dual threat back that can run a variety of routes out of the backfield. Will need to learn to run more complex routes at the next level and how to block from the inside out against free rushers.

Versatility: 7.60


He is a versatile back with the capability to run the ball in any system. He is an aggressive runner with the power to run between the tackles and the speed to break the edge in a zone running scheme. Possesses solid hands to catch the ball in the backfield and the willingness to support in pass protection.


A strong and athletic runner with big play ability, lateral agility, short area quickness and an innate ability to change directions without losing speed. He has the build, play strength and talent to handle a lead back role carrying the load for a team at the next level utilizing his explosion to burst through creases in the line and a nasty jumpcut to break back inside. Routinely makes multiple defenders miss and rarely goes down from first contact constantly avoiding defenders in the open field. Possesses great stop-start ability capable of stopping on a dime and exploding back to full speed in an instant blowing by defenders in space. With the ability to lower his shoulder to power through contact, he can transition speed to power, while displaying good contact balance with the talent to plant his hand in the ground regaining his momentum to stay on his feet. He is a threat any time he touches the ball showing the versatility to be a dangerous receiver out of the backfield. With soft hands he can reel in poorly thrown balls and is a capable pass blocker with good technique.


Suffers an occasional lapse in vision taking the ball outside rather than through the line causing him to dance in the backfield losing yardage in the process. Has taken numerous runs for loss throughout his career. Montgomery is not a burner capable of passing defenders in an instant, and will not outrun the speedy corners in the secondary. Has been known to drop easier thrown balls turning his head to quickly to move upfield before securing the ball. Needs to learn to take on the inside rusher in pass pro and will need to adapt to an wider route tree developing as a more reliable and versatile back at the next level. His contact first running style could lead to durability issues.


Montgomery is a powerful back with immense athleticism traits and a good build capable of punishing defenders in contact. Possesses great elusiveness in the open field and excellent contact balance rarely hitting the turf from the first defender. An electric athlete with big play ability whenever he touches the ball. Can make himself small to fit through creases in the line, but will occasionally attempt to bounce the ball outside dancing in the backfield losing yardage in the process. Isn't a burner who will blow by defenders in an instant who will get run-down by speedy corners once behind the secondary. Possess the reliability and willingness to be an effective pass blocker at the next level and will need to become more aware in finding free rusers in crowds. Has soft hands capable of making tough catches occasionally dropping the ball attempting to turn upfield prematurely. Has the size, power and talent to be a 3-down back at the next level who will make a team extremely happy at the tail end of the first round or early on the second day. Could time faster than film suggests.

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