Dawson Knox

Position: Tight End

College: Ole Miss

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 254 lbs


Injury History: No major injury history

Games Evaluated: Alabama, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, LSU

Scout: Cody Manning

Scouting Report



His ability to match receivers routes with his combination of quickness and agility is great for his size.

Flexibility 7.30

He is able to stretch out his long body to his advantage in awkward situations to break up the pass.

Deep Speed 6.00

He can struggle to keep up with speedsters that have efficient route running skills as they create space.

Explosion 6.50

He doesn't have good quickness in space to close the gap to prevent the completion to the receiver.

Coordination 7.00

He does a good job at keeping his eyes on the ball so he can use his length to get the deflection.

Coverage Ability:7.08

Man Press 6.85

He needs to find more consistency when jamming receivers. He can mirror routes really well at times.

Man Off 7.00

He can react to the route then flip his hips to turn so he can run side by side with his assignment.

Zone 6.80

He has delayed reactions which makes easy completions. If he reads it, his length does help him win.

Hand Fighting 7.50

He does a solid job at getting his long arms into the body of the receiver so he can lodge the ball out.

Hips/Turn Ability 7.25

He has impressive ability to turn his hips and mirror the receiver with his size. He can be slow at times.

Play Making:6.52

Closing Quickness 6.25

He won't excite you with his lack of ability to close small spaces quickly. His length does help him out.

Ball skills 7.30

If he is in the area of the ball then he will get at least one hand on it. He can get in position for the pick.

Route/play Diagnosis 6.00


He struggles at reading routes as he allows inside releases too often and can be delayed in responses.

Run Support:6.17

Quickness Upfield 6.00


He doesn’t get up the field fast enough to end run plays. He tends to lock on what the receiver is doing.

Fight Through Blocks 6.00


Once a receiver locks onto him he will get blocked easily. He doesn't use his length to his advantage.

Tackling 6.50

He will wrap up and bring the rusher down but doesn't break down and explode through the runner.

Competitiveness: 6.68

Toughness 6.75

He will fight to make it difficult for the catch but doesn't show the same attitude against the run.

Production 6.80

34 games, 119 total tackles (95 solo), 6 tackles for loss, 0 sacks, 4 Ints, 25 PDs, 0 FR, 1 FF.

Consistency/Motor 6.50

He has moments where he flashes his potential then he has times where you wonder what he is doing.


Instincts 6.50

He has instances with delayed reactions as plays develop and can misread routes which creates space.

Learn/Retain 7.00


He shows that he has worked on his technique as he has the ability to match with most receivers.

Teamwork 6.80


He doesn't sellout enough for his team against the run but shows he has good communication in play.


He has the length that some teams prefer in cornerbacks. He also has good enough athleticism for a player his size where he is agile enough to mirror the majority of receivers on routes. His length gives players problems on catches because he can stretch his body enough to get his hand in the way or to knock the ball out. He also uses his size to his advantage in press coverage as he can lock into the receiver's shoulder to slow down the route. He can make some unlikely interceptions happen.


He needs work on reading routes and plays as they happen. He tends to allow inside releases far too often which allows an easy catch or at least the separation. His slowed reactions also can hamper him when he is in off or zone coverage. He doesn't show the necessary fight to get through blocks to help stop the run. He never flash in that area to me. He needs to find more consistency in his play because some games he would look outstanding while flashing his potential. But, in some games he would look sluggish, lack of effort in situations, and just getting beat by technical route runners.


Williams will enter the league with the potential of becoming a solid cornerback. His length and athleticism will attract teams that have preferences when it comes to those categories. He has the ability to play man or zone coverage despite some of his deficiencies. In press man he can jam receivers and flip his hips so he can run side-by-side with his man. But, he has moments he misses his jam or allows an easy inside release. In off man he can sit back an react but will have his moments where he is delayed which allows easy catches to happen. He struggles with speedy guys that are efficient route runners as he allows separation to occur.. When he is in the area of the ball he has the ability to break up passes or get the interception because of his length. He can stretch out enough to get the deflection or lodge the ball out. He can get himself in position to make potential interceptions that most players can't make. If can find that consistency in his play then I believe he can be a quality player for a team's roster. As a rookie he can come in to compete for the second corner spot if a team doesn't have depth at the position. He will at least provide a team a backup that can be groomed into being the starter by his second or third season. He will need some coaching up in areas but under the right staff and system, he has the traits to be a very effective corner in coverage at the next level. By his third season he could be his team's best corner under the right development and coaching by the staff.

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