Derrick Baity

Position: Cornerback

College: Kentucky

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 188 lbs


Injury History: 2018: Undisclosed (lwft Citrus Bowl), 2018 Spring: Shoulder (missed practice time)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Florida, Texas A&M, 2017: Northwestern

Scout: Ryan Lippert

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.30

Q.A.B./C.O.D.: 7.30


Has a nice amount of quickness and uses his quick hip turn ability to change directions when shadowing a wide receiver.

Flexibility: 7.30


Has loose hips which he is able to flip quickly to run with receivers downfield. Plays with decent pad level.

Deep Speed: 8.00


Shows a great ability to run vertically with any receiver he is matched up with. Won't see him get burned deep very often.

Explosion: 6.70


While he does have explosive speed. he does lack explosion from a physcial standpoint. Can come down and lay hits on occasion but isn't known for it.

Coordination: 7.20


Is able to maintain balance and flip his hips with ease in coverage.

Coverage Ability: 7.02

Man Press: 7.50


Played a lot of press man in college. Uses his speed and long strides to be patient and stay in the hip pocket of receivers.

Man Off: 7.00


Is able to read receivers with ease and uses his speed to make up ground when playing off.


Zone: 7.00


Understands his role in zone coverage, gets to his drops quickly and covers his area.

Hand Fighting: 6.30


Doesn't do much hand fighting, mainly relies on his speed in man coverage. Will need to get more physical at the next level.

Hips/Turn Ability: 7.30


Uses his loose hips to turn and run with receivers as they change direction in their routes.


Play Making: 6.47

Closing Quickness: 6.20


Comes upfield quickly on screen plays but sometimes hesitates when breaking on balls thrown in his area.

Ball skills: 6.00


Struggles with high pointing balls and turning at the right time to make a play on the ball. This is evident in his lack of interceptions.

Route/play Diagnosis: 7.20


Reads receivers well and does a good job of shadowing them in their routes. Also sees screens and run plays well even though he may not get there every time.

Run Support: 5.50

Quickness Upfield: 6.30


Uses his speed to get upfield quickly but seems to get cut off by blockers often.


Fight Through Blocks: 5.00


Struggles tremendously getting off blocks, needs to work on getting stronger at the next level.

Tackling: 5.20


Is inconsistent in his tackling. Makes plays at times but also missed several tackles on film.


Competitiveness: 6.53

Toughness: 6.00


This is an area he can get better at. His inability to get off blocks shows a lack of physical toughness.

Production: 6.80


2018 - 38 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 1 INT, 7 PBU, 1 FF

Consistency/Motor: 6.80


Plays with a high motor for the most part but seems to take some plays off that are away from him. Also seems to go up and down in production.

Intelligence: 6.73

Instincts: 6.70


Seems to have good instincts in coverage but needs to learn to apply those instincts in breaking on the ball and improving his ball skills.

Learn/Retain: 7.00


Learns well from his mistakes. Will rarely see him make two bad plays in a row.

Teamwork: 6.50


Plays his role in the defense, don't see him get excited or pumped up with teammates as often as others but he seems to fit in well with them.



The biggest thing you're going to get with Baity is his speed. He has a tremendous amount of deep speed and loose,quick hips. These factors make him a very difficult corner to throw the deep ball against. It also helps him have success in press man coverage which will be a plus at the next level. Scouts will also fall in love with his 6'3" frame as we have seen tall corners become a commodity in today's game.


Baity's biggest weakness is that he is a very small threat against the run. He struggles to get off blocks from most receivers and doesn't make a whole lot of noise as a tackler. His small weight of 188 for his height is a red flag as it makes it harder for him to get off blocks from bigger receivers. He will need to hit the weights hard and get more physical if he wants to be a complete corner at the next level. He will also need to work on his ball skills as whoever drafts him will want to see more production out of him in the preseason.


Derrick Baity played all four years at the University of Kentucky. As a freshman, Baity saw action in every game and started his last four. He truly came onto the scene as a full-time starter for the Wildcats as a sophomore. Baity started every game, finishing with 42 tackles and tied for the team lead with three interceptions. As a junior, he started 12 of 13 games and finished with 49 tackles, two interceptions and a team high nine PBUs. Baity returned for his senior season to start all 13 games, finishing with 38 tackles and one interception. He helped lead Kentucky to a 10-win season and a Citrus Bowl victory over Penn State. His performance as a senior helped him earn an invite to the East-West Shrine Game. Baity is a very intriguing pro prospect as his length and speed will grab the eyes of scouts. If he has a good combine, I could see him rising up a lot of boards. As of now, I see him being a late 2nd-early 4th round pick and being a rotational player while contributing on special teams. Eventually, if he improves against the run, I can see him being a very reliable starting corner in the league.


Projected Round: 3rd- 4th

Team Fits: Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles

Pro Comparison: Richard Sherman

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