Devin Singletary

Position: Running Back

College: Florida Atlantic

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 201 lbs


Injury History: Summer 2018: Hamstring (Missed Practices + Spring Game)

Games Evaluated: 2017: North Texas, Marshall, 2018: Oklahoma, Bethune-Cookman

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.98

Q.A.B.: 7.30


Possesses very good quickness in the hole with the ability to avoid defenders and the elusiveness to slip past would be tacklers. Good balance combined with solid agility and good start stop ability make him a mismatch in the open field.

Flexibility: 6.40


Has good knee bend and solid pad level in the hole. Tends to stand up straight with poor pad level in the open field.

C.O.D.: 7.50


Often changes field to gain extra yards utilizing good change of direction ability combined with powerful leg drive and excellent patience. Will often wait for holes to open and cut through them with good burst.

Explosion: 6.70


Displays good burst through the hole. Lacks the willingness to explode through tight quarters and instead waits for space to open up. Needs to be more decisive when bursting through the line.

Top End Speed: 7.00


Possesses the speed to gain separation form defenders in the open field with the ability to score at any time he touches the ball. Doesn't possess game changing speed and can be caught from behind.

With Ball In Hands: 7.26

Vision: 7.70


With excellent patience, he waits for holes to open and can burst through them. Has the ability to change direction finding open space in the second and third levels. Often shows to much patience and can get hit for a loss.

Cutting Ability: 8.10


Excellent cutting ability. With strong and powerful legs, he utilizes a jump cut to avoid defenders and find space in the open field.

Elusiveness: 8.00


One of the most elusive backs at the collegiate level with the ability to slip arm tackles and avoid defenders in crowded areas.

Yards After Contact: 6.50


Displays a powerful leg drive to break through arm tackles and jersey grabs. Hesitant to initiate contact.

Ball Security: 6.00


Possess short arms and can struggle to hold onto the ball. Holds the ball with one hand while in tight spaces and it can get squeezed out.

Receiving: 6.73

Hands: 6.80


Shows good hands help in passing situations as the checkdown option in the passing game. He is a three down back with the ability to catch the ball effectively out of the backfield. Has a few drop in his collegiate career.

Route Running: 5.40


With marginal route running ability, he rounds his cuts and rarely changes speed or lowers his hips in breaks. Hasn't learned a full route tree and tends to stick to outs, arrows and swing patterns.

Ability In Space: 8.10


Excellent in the open field with the ability to avoid tackles and run away from defenders. Has the talent to make tacklers whiff in the open field and the leg power to run through weak tackles. He is a big play waiting to happen and a nightmare to defend in the open field. Occasionally will make to many moves and get caught from behind or allow defenders to explode through him.

Ability to Separate: 6.60


With good balance and quickness, he has shown the necessary talent to separate from defenders in the short areas of the field. He rarely is asked to run routes in the intermediate or deep areas unless tasked with a wheel route out of the backfield.


Blocking: 5.33

Lead Blocking: 5.90


Rarely stays on his feet when tasked with lead blocking and will often dive at the defenders feet in an attempt to cut block.

Blocking In Space: 5.10


Often looks lost when blocking in the open space and won't look for defenders to chip or stop.


Pass Blocking: 5.30


Has good knee bend and solid technique. Needs to add fundamental strength, as he gets overpowered and lacks the strength needed to stop a dfenders bull rush.

Situational Awareness: 5.00


Fails to find defenders when blocking in space. If out in front, he will leave his feet with the potential to miss a defender completely.

Competitiveness: 8.20

Toughness: 8.00


Extremely tough athlete with the ability to run through tackles and gain extra yards after contact. He has suffered multiple hamstring injuries that have kept him from suiting up, and has never been seriously injured throughout his career. His size raises question marks heading into the next level regarding workload.


Production: 9.00


One of the best small school runners at the collegiate level with a nose for the endzone. Has impressive accolades including the NCAA touchdown leader in 2017 and has scored a touchdown in all but two games dating back to 9/9/2017.

Consistency/Motor: 8.50


He is nicknamed motor as he is a relentless player who gives one-hundred percent on every play. He keeps his legs moving in close quarters and never gives up.

Teamwork: 7.30


A team oriented leader with a do your job mentality. Hold his team and teammates to the same high standards he hid himself.

Intelligence: 6.60

Instincts: 7.50


Possesses very good instincts with the ability to find open space in a crowd. Utilizing excellent start stop ability, he can burst through holes and change direction avoiding defenders in the second and third levels.

Learn/Retain: 5.70


Has been in the same system throughout his entire collegiate career, and hasn't been asked to run complex routes or an in-depth route tree. He will need time to adjust to an NFL playbook and offensive system.

Versatility: 6.60


Displays good versatility as a runner and pass catcher. Has the talent to avoid defenders in space, run through would be tacklers at the goalline, and catch the ball out of the backfield. Rarely gets split out wide and asked to run complex routes.


Possesses a muscular build and good athleticism with very good foot speed, lateral agility, stop and start ability and solid breakaway speed. With good mental processing, he does an excellent job of waiting for holes to develop before bursting through while utilizing an effective jump cut to avoid dfenders in close quarters while demonstrating his elusive capabilities. He is a tough runner with powerful leg drive in the hole capable of breaking through weak arm tackles and occasionally dragging defenders for extra yards. He is a pain to tackle in the open field utilizing good change of direction and agility; he can avoid multiple defenders in the open field. Solid hands and good athleticism present the capability to be a quality pass catcher out of the backfield at the next level.


A short runner with small arms, he stands at 5'9" and may not be able to carry a feature backs workload at the next level. Lacking a willingness to explode through the line in tight quarters he tends to avoid contact, lacking the ability to push a pile. Occasionally dances in the backfield too long and getting tackled for a loss. Has not displayed home-run speed and can be caught from behind once he reaches the third level of the field. Runs with high pad level when in the second and third levels of the defense, causing him to lose run power. Struggles in pass pro, often looking lost or confused when looking for defenders. His marginal fundamental strength, and short arms present a tough task when competing with bull rushers. Struggles with route running often failing to drop his hips or utilize a variance of speed to gain separation only relying on his own quickness. Has not learned a full route tree and may need time to adjust to an NFL playbook.


Singletary is a quick compact runner with the capability to make defenders miss but may lack the size and power neccesary to become a three down back at the next level. He is a toiugh runner, but is more likely to find a home as a change of pace back with early down upside. He will need to develop his pass catching and blocking ability to be relied upon on third down. Shows patience and vision behind the line, senses creases and has the talent to shake defenders in traffic and in space. He needs to do a better job of exploding through creases to work vertical. He is a tough runner who can break arm tackles with the elusiveness to make tacklers miss in the hole.

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