Foster Moreau

Position: Tight End

College: LSU

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 253 lbs


Injury History: No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: Miami, Florida, Georgia

Scout: Ryan Lippert

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 5.62

Q.A.B.: 5.30


Lacks true quickness or agility, is slow getting off the ball. Also doesn't have the best balance as he slips on blocks at times.

Flexibility: 5.50


Doesn't have very loose hips which is shown with his slow cuts in his routes.


C.O.D.:  5.50

Is slow to change direction in his routes and in the open field as a blocker.

Explosion: 6.50

Doesn't have explosive speed or quickness but is very explosive as a blocker. He uses his strength to drive defenders and finish blocks.

Deep Speed: 5.30

Isn't much of a threat in the vertical passing game. He lacks the true speed that is needed to create separation from defenders.

Receiving Skills: 6.30

Quicks Off LOS: 5.40

His first few steps in his routes are very slow. He seems to hesitate when coming off the line at the beginning of his routes.

Route Running: 6.00

Is a decent route runner in the short passing game but isn't quick in his routes. He has slow cuts/breaks in his routes and is slow off the line of scrimmage.

Separation: 6.00

Struggles to get a lot of separation from defenders in M/M coverage due to lack of true speed and quickness.

Hands: 7.00

Has solid hands, won't see him drop many catchable passes when targeted.

Yards After Contact: 6.00

Doesn't have the speed to be a huge threat with the ball after the catch. Uses his strength/toughness to fall forward for extra yards.


Ball Security: 7.40

Keeps the ball protected at all times. Didn't see any fumbles on film.


Blocking: 6.96

In-Line Runs: 8.00


Is an excellent in-line blocker. Does a great job at shooting his hands and keeping a good pad level when engaging defenders. He also does a good job at extending his arms and driving to finish blocks.


Motion Runs: 6.00


Wasn't sent in motion very often as a blocker. However, he has shown ability to move across the formation to make blocks after the snaps so he could be used in motion at the next level.

Blocking In Space: 6.00


He seemed to get lost at times in space or when going to the next level to make blocks. He missed key blocks in open space at times due to poor timing. However, he was a solid blocker when he was able to get engaged with the defender.

Pass Blocking: 7.60


Was used quite a bit at LSU to stay in and block in key pass situations. He did a solid job of kicking back and shielding off edge rushers.


Situational Awareness: 7.2


Seemed to have good awareness, especially in passing situations. He knew when to stay in and block or release as an extra target.


Competitiveness: 6.77

Toughness: 7.00


Shows that he isn't afraid to take on bigger defenders as a blocker and will take on contact when making catches or as a ball carrier.

Production: 6.50

2018 - 22 receptions, 272 yards, 2 touchdowns


Consistency / Motor: 6.80


Always plays with a high motor but is up and down in consistency as far as production goes

Intelligence: 7.00

Instincts: 6.80


Has good instincts as far as when to stay in and block or release as a receiver but struggles with timing on open field blocks at times.


Learn/Retain: 7.00


Seems to learn well and adjust from his mistakes. Will rarely see him make the same mistake twice in one game.

Versatility: 7.20


Was used mainly as a true tight end on the end of the line of scrimmage, in the backfield as a blocker, or off the line as a wing. Also lined up as an outside wide receiver in a couple formations.


Moreau is very strong as a blocking tight end. This is especially true in in-line runs and in the passing game. He does a great job in the run game of shooting his hands and getting extension while keep his pad level low. He also does a good job of keeping his feet running to finish blocks. In the passing game, he was used quite a bit as an extra blocker. He excelled at kicking back and opening up his body to shield off edge rushers from getting to the quarterback. Another thing you will get from Moreau is toughness and effort. He isn't afraid to stick his nose out and take on bigger defenders as a blocker or take on contact when catching the ball across the middle of the field.


While he is very strong as a blocker, Moreau isn't a huge threat as a receiver. He is slow in his get-offs in his routes and when making breaks in his routes. Also, he lacks deep speed so it is hard for him to create separation from defenders in the vertical passing game. As the tight end position has evolved in the NFL, he will need to show that he can be a threat as a receiver in order to get more playing time. Another weakness I noticed is in the open field. Moreau seems to get lost at times when making blocks in the open field and missed some key blocks at the second level due to poor timing.




Foster Moreau had a solid four-year career at LSU. As a freshman, he saw playing time in all 12 games and started in three. However, he didn't record any receptions that season. In his sophomore season, Moreau saw significant playing time and finished the season with six recpetions for 79 yards and a touchdown. Moreau had his best season as a junior as he earned the full time starting spot, starting in all 13 games. He finished with 24 receptions for 278 yards and three touchdowns as a junior. Going into his senior year, Moreau returned as a started, was given the number 18 jersey which is highly regarded at LSU, and was named a permanent team captain. In his final season as a Tiger, Moreau finished with 22 receptions for 272 yards and two touchdowns. This performance was good enough to earn him invites to the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine. As a pro, I see Moreau being a solid TE2 for whoever selects him. He will be mainly used as an extra blocker and in short yardage passing sitautions. I can also see him being used as a regular on special teams. I see Moreau being drafted between the 4th-5th rounds by a team who already has a primary starting tight end but could use some depth at the position. If he improves as a receiving threat, Moreau could eventually become a TE1 but that will take some work. Regardless, I believe Moreau will be a solid rotational player in the league for many years to come.


Round Projection: 4-5 

Team Fits: Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars 


NFL Comp: Smaller version of Jack Doyle

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