Hakeem Butler

Position: Receiver

College: Iowa State

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 220 lbs


Injury History: No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: Texas Tech, West Virginia, Oklahoma St, TCU, Oklahoma, Iowa

Scout: Nick Farabaugh

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.94

Q.A.B.: 6.00


Possesses adaquate quickness and lateral agility in and out of breaks due to a higher sitting frame. Has solid balance, as he plays with a strong base and a solid center of gravity


Flexibility: 8.60


Has the ability to make ridiculous catches due to elite shoulder flexibility. Can bend with ease. Constantly shows fluid hips on all routes and easy rotation in all areas of possible stiffness.


C.O.D.: 7.40


Shows terrific change of direction when coming in and out of breaks do to loose hips. Only inhibited by long, tall frame.

Explosion: 9.10


Exceptional explosion straight off the line. Runs by DBs simply off of explosive speed. Fantastic explosive get off on the line.

Deep Speed: 8.60


Has outstanding top speed in the open field, and only gets faster at the top of routes. Flies like a blur for a 6'6" receiver. 

Without Ball: 7.50

Quicks Off LOS: 8.00


Has great jump off of the line due to an explosive get off. Gets immediate jump on any DB in off-man due to quickness.

Release VS Jam: 8.70


Has violent hands coupled with the explosiveness which causes separation against press. Often throws DBs down to the ground due to strength off the line. Even with lack of quickness, explosive ability allows him to release against press.


Route Running: 6.40


Has a limited route tree and will need to learn an expanded role in the NFL. Solid routes run as the routes are nuanced.

Separation: 5.70


Adequate separation, and needs to be more subtle in his deception on route stems. Wins more off of leverage and huge frame that creates a window.

Blocking: 8.70


Amazing blocker as he uses his frame to bully DBs. Consistently gets pancakes and bounces outside runs.

With Ball In Hands: 8.75

Hands: 9.20


Strong hands that seldom lead to drops. Makes catches that he should not be able to make, but makes them due to incredibly strong hands. Amazing catch in traffic ability. An absolute cheat code on jump balls.

Yard After Contact: 8.80


Outstanding balance after the catch and bounces off guys like a running back. Contact balance is some of the best in a receiver I've seen, leads to Touchdowns on deep balls as arm tackles do not work on him.

Ability in Space: 8.40


Has great moves, including a lethal spin move that breaks him free often. Creates ridiculous yardage after the catch due to angles he takes on his routes to the end zone.


Ball Security: 8.60


Has great ball security and tucks the ball close to his body, with two handles over it when getting tackle from behind.

Competitiveness: 8.87

Toughness: 8.80


Tough as nails, is never messed with and plays through injuries frequently. Has become an emotional leader at Iowa St.

Production: 8.60


Consistent top level production that is expected from a top level WR, takes no days off with the level of his production.

Consistency/Motor: 9.20


Gives his all on every single play and clearly plays for the love of the game. Is an incredibly high energy player that energizes a team with his edge and leadership. Consistent in all facets of his game.

Intelligence: 7.80

Instincts: 8.40


Smart player that plays the scramble drill as well as anyone. Has great tracking ability and plays the game thinking one step ahead of the CB.

Learn/Retain: 8.00


Has shown growth in his game every year. Has progressed on all weaknesses and the more nuanced areas of WR play will come to him with time. Needs to learn a full route tree.


Position Versatility: 7.00


Would love to see him play elsewhere other than the X or Z. Has played very few snaps from the slot, although those snaps have been promising.



A tall, long receiver with the ability to win deep anytime he wants. He has fantastic nuances in his ability to beat press with any time of release and the explosiveness off the line allows him to win leverage just about every time. His long frame never goes to waste as he boxes guys out deep. He will get more than enough separation for his frame as he wins leverage due to fantastic hands. He can win on any type of throw, back shoulder, in the bucket, and more. His catch radius allows him to be an exceptional red zone and deep threat. He will high point the ball, so unless a CB has elite length, it will be tough to ever win a jump ball against Butler. When in space, he can break tackles in a hurry and break tackles on his way to the end zone. Arm tackles will not beat Butler in the open field and the physicality he plays with is from snap to whistle.


Not agile or quick, which leads him to not create separation on routes such as slants. It leaves him prone to not being able to win against the more elite corners he faces. Needs to be a more deceptive route runner, as he does have fluid hips, but fails to utilize them as he only uses a head turn. Although feisty, he needs to fight through contact becoming more aggressive. He needs to tune his game overall, while great in many areas, fine tuning will be necessary to ascend to a #1 receiver.


With three years of increasing production at Iowa State, Hakeem Butler has been one of the key contributors on he Iowa State team for a long time. He has shown clear signs of leadership that go far beyond being a potential #1 receiver. He is the best jump ball receiver in the draft and his elite 6'6" frame gives hope to a possible monster level of top receiver near the level of Julio Jones. His explosive ability coupled in with the frame is a cheat code for a receiver to have. His real value will always lie in the fact that he can indeed catch it anywhere. He is the top red zone threat in the upcoming draft. As a guy with those elite traits, he gives his all on every play too. Butler has all the traits to become a #1 receiver at the next level as long as he continues to learn and progress like he has throughout college.

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