Jarrett Stidham

Position: Quarterback

College: Auburn

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 215 lbs


Injury History: 2018 Offseason: Left Shoulder (Required Surgery)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Texas A&M, Tennessee, Ole Miss, LSU

Scout: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.54

Q.A.B.: 7.10


Shows solid quickness and agility for his size. Has the ability to dodge incoming defenders and uses good balance when running outside of the pocket to make difficult throws.


Flexibility: 7.20


Has good overall flexibility in his arm to make a variety of throws. He is able to turn and twist his lower body easily and is able to find enough strength to get the ball to his man even if his toes are not pointed in his direction.

C.O.D.: 4.90


Does not display good COD on the run. Vulnerable out of the pocket to big hits from incoming defenders due to the lack of ability to make guys miss.


Explosiveness/Speed: 5.10


Not going to threaten you outside of the pocket very much. Can make things happen at times but does not have the explosiveness or speed to make the defense think about him running the ball.

Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure: 8.40


Shows excellent pocket mobility during the play. Shows good awareness of where the defenders are and shows the ability to step up in the pocket to avoid pressure. Has a fantastic presence in the pocket.

Passing Skills: 7.86

Quick Release/Mechanics: 8.10


Has an impressive quick release that helps him to avoid pressure and being sacked by nearby defenders. Displays good mechanics that have very few inconsistencies and allows the ball to go where he expects it to more times than not.


Delivery: 7.70


Displays good overall delivery but has a bad habit of putting too much heat on the ball when there is no need for it. This turns an easily completion into passes that are difficult to catch and become incompletions. Seems to have a difficulty at times figuring out how much power he needs to put into his throws.

Short Accuracy: 7.40


Shows good accuracy but again puts too much on the ball in pass plays that require more touch than force. Will at times put a lot of velocity on the ball on screen plays that result in running backs dropping.

Intermediate Accuracy: 8.10


Open receivers become covered once again due to his hesitation at times when reading the play but for the most part has great intermediate accuracy with his throws and often can pick you apart if not pressured. Shows the ability to make the back shoulder throw and put the ball where only his man can make a play on it.

Deep Accuracy: 8.70


Shows fantastic deep ball accuracy with his throws. Can make all of the big time throws but does have the tendency at times to put too much on the ball. Displays fantastic touch and is able to lead his man very well downfield.

Big Play Ability: 8.60


Displays excellent big play ability due to his deep ball accuracy and an arm that can make all the throws. Has a good feel of distance needed for his throws and shows great confidence when he lets it fly.

Avoid Errors/Mistakes: 6.80


Has mental lapses at times when under pressure or rolling out of the pocket. Will try to force the ball into windows that are not there that creates dangerous opportunities for the defense that sometimes result in interceptions.

Arm Strength: 8.40


Not a guy who is lacking in arm strength. Has a cannon for an arm that can get the ball to the receiver at any level of the field. Has the ability to put a lot of zip on his passes that allow his receivers to need only a little bit of cushion to be considered open.

Footwork: 6.90


Shows average footwork that could be improved upon but for the most part doesn't seem to be a major issue. Not a stick in the mud at all, displays the ability to maintain his balance and knows when to step up in the pocket.

Competitiveness: 7.23

Toughness: 7.90


Shows great toughness as a player. Will stand in the pocket and make a throw even when he knows he's about to get flattened. Not afraid to lower his head when he runs outside the pocket to fight for extra yardage.

Intangibles/Leadership: 7.60


Displays good leadership traits and has the respect of his teammates. Takes command of the offense and does his best to make every play count. Has had some disappointing moments in his career but has never shown any change in the way he comes to play everyday.


Poise In Pocket: 6.90


Shows decent poise and command of the pocket but pressure does seem to rattle him at times. Seems to affected when the pocket starts to close in and tends to make poor decisions as a result.

Consistency / Motor: 7.10


Has a good motor that is easy to see during the game. He shows good consistency with the majority of his throws and never stops competing.

Production: 7.30


Has had solid talent on his team ever since arriving at Auburn and has put up very solid numbers each year. What you see is what you get from this guy.


Improvisational Ability: 6.60


Solid ability to improvise at times with his legs but is more likely to count his losses once a play looks broken.

Intelligence: 7.00

Instincts: 7.10


Stidham displays good instincts at the quarterback position that help him to make on the fly decisions. This helps him at times to avoid silly errors or mistakes. Still needs to improve on sensing defenders closing in on him.

Blitz/Coverage Recognition: 7.10


Has a solid ability of recognizing what the defense is dialing up. He communicates well with his OL and makes adjustments according to what he see in front of him.

Decision Making: 6.80


Solid decision making overall but mental mistakes cost him at times. Cutting down on mental errors would help him tremendously.

Learn/Retain: 7.00


Has shown the ability to clean up his game from year to year and shows the willingness to work on the weaker parts of his game. Good solid work ethic overall.


Stidham possess all of the physical traits that are sought after in today's NFL. He has a big arm that allows for big plays and shows good touch on his throws that translate to being accurate with the ball. He has good pocket presence and shows the leadership that is needed at the next level. He's not going to threaten the defense much with his legs but he can make some plays outside of the pocket. He's a tough player that is not afraid of contact and will stand in to make a throw. He has good mechanics and footwork that is sometimes an issue for younger quarterbacks.


Has an issue with forcing the ball into tight windows that result in incompletions frequently. Has the tendency to hesitate on a throw that allows defenders more time to make adjustments that at time end up in interceptions. Can be affected by pressure in the pocket at time which makes him force things. Needs to become better at figuring out how much velocity he needs to put on the ball.


Jarrett Stidham started his career at Baylor but then transferred to Auburn for his sophomore season. In his career at Auburn and against the top tier talent in the NCAA, Stidham passed for just under 6,000 yards and a 63% completion percentage. He threw 36 touchdowns to 11 interceptions at Auburn and showed he could play with the big boys. Stidham was a big time transfer for the Tigers and he didn't disappoint. He did take a step back in his second year with Auburn but nonetheless shows he has immense talent and has the talent to play in the NFL. He has the help of a weak quarterback class to work himself up the ladder and show what he's got. Stidham will need a bit of grooming at the next level but he has immense potential. The question is, will he be able to tap into it.

TEAM FITS: Jaguars, Bengals and Redskins.


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