Jawaan Taylor

Position: Offensive Tackle

College: Florida

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 312 lbs


Injury History: No major injury history

Games Evaluated: 2018: Kentucky, Mississippi State, Michigan, 2017: Georgia

Scout: Jack Bourgeois

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.90

Q.A.B.: 8.50


Taylor is an above average athlete with quick feet and a stable base who's rarely ever unbalanced or driven out of his stance.

Flexibility: 7.50


Adequate knee bender with fluid hip flexibility. Taylor does a great job of sitting low in his stance in order to absorb and disrupt an opponent's drive towards the backfield.


C.O.D.: 7.50


Decent footwork allows for a quick change of direction and ability to recover onside moves and stunts.

Explosion: 8.00


Extremely explosive hands but lacks elite burst out of his stance and when run blocking.


Versatility: 8.00


Has shown the versatility to play both left tackle, right tackle, and played on the interior early in his collegiate career at Florida.

Run Blocking: 8.42

In-Line: 8.50


Strong in-line and down blocker who thrives on combo blocks and getting into the second level in order to seal running lanes and spring open big gains on the ground.

Movement off L.O.S.: 8.00


Good push off of the snap but can improve his play strength and ability when creating movement at the point of attack.

Reach Block: 8.50


Jawaan's mobility is a rarity at the position and one of his biggest strengths. He consistently beats his opponents in terms of body position and is quite successful when getting across D-linemen's face in order to execute proper reach blocking technique.

Pull & Block Outside: 7.50


More than athletic enough to pull across the line and lead block. Highly accurate when targeting a defender after turning up field.

Adjust In Space: 8.50


Outstanding open field blocker who's best suited in a zone blocking scheme. With such a massive wingspan and quick feet, defenders struggle to get around his blocking radius.


Use of Hands: 9.50


Hands down the strongest hands in the draft. It's nearly impossible for defenders to break his grip once engaged, he routinely showcases accurate inside hand placement and sound upper body mechanics.

Pass Blocking: 8.21

Quick Set: 7.75

Jawaan's quick set ability has room for improvement and speed rushers with elite get off tended to give him some trouble at the CFB level.

Protect Corner: 8.00


Against Kentucky's stud edge rusher Josh Allen, Taylor showed that even when given up the speed advantage, he was able to recover and win his 1-on-1's with solid footwork and hand placement that kept Allen from turning the corner.

Footwork / Redirect & Slide: 7.50


Smooth footwork and a strong fluid kickslide allows for Taylor to dominate the edge. His ability to mirror his opponents feet and keep himself squared to his opponent impedes their path to the QB and forces them to restart their push. That said, he's shown flashes of wild inconsistency and lets his feet get away from him at times.

Anchor / Reset Ability: 8.50


With strength, length and form, Taylor hardly gives up a yard to bull rushers, and does a terrific job of stonewalling his opponent dead in their tracks. Considered a body catcher and doesn't deliver the blow when pass blocking.

Handle Games/Stunts: 8.00

Taylor does a great job of keeping his head on a swivel and recognizing defensive schemes, stunts, and blitzes. Redirects well and shows no signs of wasted motion on film.

Hands / Punch: 9.50


If he gets his hands on an defensive lineman, it's typically all she wrote and players severely struggle to disengage. With his insane grip strength and a solid but lengthy frame, Taylor uses a well time power punch to disrupt rushers momentum and stop them dead in their tracks.

Competitiveness: 8.33

Toughness: 9.00


Undeniably tough, both physically and mentally. Played through minor injuries and never missed a game throughout his collegiate career.

Consistency / Motor: 8.00


Never lacking of effort or takes a play off but in terms of technique, especially lower body mechanics, he could certainly improve. Taylor is a high motor athlete with a massive gas tank.

Production: 8.00


Hardly ever gave up a pressure, much less a sack at his three years as a Florida Gator. Dominates as a run blocker and often took multiple defenders out in a single play.


Intelligence: 8.17

Instincts: 8.00


Has a natural ability to sense stunts, blitzes, and delays from the right tackle position.


Learn/Retain: 8.50


Cerebral, high football IQ, student of the game type. Improved all three years at Florida and can continue to grow at the next level.

Teamwork: 8.00


Excellent combo blocker who is constantly assisting his guard and does a great job in terms of communicating with his fellow linemen.


Jawaan Taylor is one of those players who’s as football smart as he is physically gifted. His blitz pick up and recognition is something you notice as soon as you put the film on. The RT knows where to be, when to be there, and who he's responsible for at all times. He does a great job of assisting his right guard when double teaming but is quick to transfer his focus onto incoming blitzers and linebackers in the second level when needed. His tape is littered with two for one combo blocks where he'll seal the line before peeling off to attack downfield. Taylor’s capable of adjusting in space and squaring up defenders in the open field. The tackle is athletic enough to pull complete across the line, as well as lead the way on screen plays.


Taylor is not one of those guys who'll win with pure power or technique, he’s a blend of the two and will need to improve in both aspects once playing in the National Football League. He struggles to get movement off of the line of scrimmage and lacks explosiveness at the point of attack. Simply put, he needs to get stronger but that can be said for a majority of lineman coming out of college. He’s rarely pushed back but also rarely drives his opponent off the line of scrimmage. Improving his upper body strength, as well as smoothing out his footwork and kick slide will be crucial in order to excel when facing upper echelon of pass rushers.


Jawaan Taylor will likely go within the top 20 of the 2019 NFL Draft. And as long as he continues to grow, he has the potential to start year one and become a long term staple on the right side of any offensive line. His physical attributes combined with his mental preparation are currently driving him up everyone's draft board and some may have him as 2019's best tackle prospect over Jonah Williams and Rodney Cajuste. He's more of a technician than Cajuste and possess the measurables and arm length that will hinder Williams draft stock.

Projected Round: 1st (Top 20)

Team Fits: Bills, Vikings, Jaguars

NFL Comparison: Ja'Wuan James

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