Jaylon Ferguson

Position: Edge

College: Louisiana Tech

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 262 lbs


Injury History: No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: Mississippi State, Florida Atlantic, 2017: SMU

Scout: Roy Countryman

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.48

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 6.60


Stout and strong OLB, who uses his very strong hands to shed blocks. Very good musculature, and possesses very good bulk to be able to set the edge in run defense. He is a stiff hipped athlete when put out in space, and is at his best when he can pin his ears back and go straight at the QB.

Flexibility: 6.10


Is not terribly flexible, and only possesses solid bend to get around the arc. At his best as a stand-up pass rusher who can use his moves, and strong hands to disengage and get pressure.

Explosiveness: 6.60


Good burst off the LOS, but it is his pass rushing moves, strength, and effort that leads to most of his pressures.

Playing Speed: 6.10


Has solid playing speed, but is not a burner in any sense of the word.

Coordination: 7.00


Very balanced athlete who can mesh his upper and lower body movements in his pass rush moves. Was not blocked to the ground a lot, and kept back side pursuit.

Pass Rush Ability: 6.96

Initial Quickness: 6.30


Gets off the LOS quickly, but does not possess elite first step quickness, rather he is a relentless pass rusher who never stops fighting.

Use of Hands: 7.50


Uses his hands like a seasoned veteran. Will chop, swipe, and disengage from blocks due to his grip strength. Will not stop fighting until he hears the whistle.

Leverage: 6.50


Generally plays with good leverage, and will anchor and set an edge when given a chance. Uses the strength throughout his build to get pressure on QB.

Pass Rush Moves: 7.20


Has an array of moves that he uses including: bull rush, swipe, dip, long arm, rip, counter, hesitate/swipe, and a swim move.

Finish Ability: 7.30


Finishes with authority. When he gets close to the QB he closes the deal, and is the NCAA FBS career sack leader with 45 sacks.

Competitiveness: 8.13

Toughness: 7.50


Gritty and strong player who will do all the dirty work in the trenches whether as a pass rusher or in run defense.

Consistency/Motor: 7.80


Consistent pass rushing force in Conference USA for the last 4 years, and he has a high revving motor that never runs cold. Will fight through double teams, and make second effort sacks.

Production: 9.10


Exceptional production in Conference USA, and finished college as the NCAA FBS career sacks leader with 45 sacks.

Against The Run: 6.97

Play with Leverage: 6.50


Strong base defender who will use his length, core strength, and hands to set a hard edge to funnel plays back inside.

Stack and Shed: 7.40


Heavy hander defender who will initiate contact, then disengage to make a play on ball carrier.

Gap Shooting Ability: 6.40


Will crash down hard when he gets an opportunity, but does not possess great agility or an explosive short area burst to close a lot of distance.

Run at Him: 7.20


A very good run defender who will stalemate blocks his way, and will dominate TE's trying to block him due to his strength, and hand usage. Will disengage, and make a play on ball carrier when he is in his vicinity.

Run Away: 7.20


Great hustle on backside pursuit, and will not leave an open cutback lane to the backside of plays.

Tackling/Hitting: 7.10


Brings his pads on contact, and will uncoil on ball carriers with authority. Has 7 forced fumbles in his college career.

Intelligence: 7.30

Instincts: 7.50


Comes into each pass rushing rep with a plan on how to attack OT, and will adjust by rep his approach. Has a great feel for when he needs to disengage blocks as a run defender, and will make his share of plays in the backfield.

Learn/Retain: 7.20


A 50-game contributor at the college level, and has refined his pass rushing chops by learning different pass rushing moves, as well as learning how to become a very good run defender.

Teamwork: 7.20


Epitome of consistency who leaves everything out on the field. Was a revered pass rushing presence, who would help his teammates out in any way he could.



A powerfully built pass rusher, who put up elite production in Conference USA, he wins with effort, grit, and determination more than pure athleticism. He can set a hard edge in run defense, and his hand usage is at a veteran level. Motor never stops running, and will get a lot of sacks with second effort moves. Balanced athlete that does spend a lot of the time on the ground, rather he keeps working until he hears the whistle blow. Goes into each pass rushing rep with a plan, and will make adjustments in game to what the OT is attacking him with. Has an array of pass rushing moves.


Good, not great athleticism. His production will not translate to the next level. Lacks great ability to bend and doesn't have a great burst off the LOS, which puts him in a position where he is better off facing off with OT's heads up. Effort will only get you so many pressures at the next level.


Jaylon Ferguson was a decorated pass rusher in college, and dominated at the Conference USA level. He will be a welcomed addition to any NFL roster, but as a run defender more than a pass rusher due to his hand usage, strength, and effort. His sack production though will not translate.  


Projected Round: 3-5

Team Fits: Steelers, Cardinals, Ravens, Rams, Redskins, Titans

NFL Comp: Matthew Judon

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