Josh Allen

Position: Edge

College: Kentucky

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 260 lbs


Injury History: 2018: Cramping (Left Citrus Bowl) No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: 2018: Florida, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, 2017: Florida

Scout: Jason Feiner

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.72

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.: 8.10


An extremely athletic and fluid mover who possesses a quick twitch muscle to fire off the line utilizing a powerful and quick first step. Uses a wide and balanced base when initiating contact and has the ability to plant his foot and cut past the lineman's face to the inside.

Flexibility: 8.10


Excellent Flexibility. Shows great knee bend and pad level at the point of attack. Has the talent to bend at the top of the arc back inside toward the quarterback. Possesses outstanding hips and an ability to get around lineman in multiple ways.

Explosiveness: 8.30


Outstanding explosiveness when asked to solely rush the passer. Hesitant to trust his eyes when tasked with other responsibilities. Quick and dominant first step when working out of a three point stance allow him to gain an advantage over the tackle.

Playing Speed: 7.40


Good playing speed when attacking the ball. Possesses the necessary speed to protect the edge from ball carriers. Often takes plays off and jogs on the field when the ball is away from him.

Coordination: 6.70


Utilizes a solid base in contact to keep his balance and protect the edge. Does an adequate job at setting the edge.

Pass Rush Ability: 7.60

Initial Quickness: 8.60


Displays an outstanding jump off the line of scrimmage utilizing explosive hips combined with a quick and powerful first step. When primary task is to rush the passer, he has the ability to disrupt the play in the backfield. Often tasked with coverage in Kentucky's system as a stand up outside linebacker, he becomes hesitant to commit and explode to the ball.

Use of Hands: 7.50


Displays very good hand use when in contact consistently ripping down and through lineman to beat them at the top of the arc. Uses a strong swipe when finishing on the QB often knocking the ball out or bringing the passer to the ground. Almost never uses his length to his advantage allowing lineman to get into his chest without extending his arms at the point of attack.

Leverage: 7.20


Fires out with good technique and low pads and can bend the arc with excellent leverage and balance. Consistently allows tackles to lock in on his chest refusing to extend his arms keeping tackles off his body. Gives up leverage by overly depending on speed and strength.

Pass Rush Moves: 7.40


Relies heavily on speed, strength and bend to beat lineman and will need to utilize his length and develop a deeper repertoire of pass rush moves. Has shown an excellent ability to transfer speed to power in his bull rush. When stopped outside, he will tend to use a spin move back inside to cross the lineman's face. Uses his hands and rips through tackles to break toward the ball.

Finish Ability: 7.30


Very good finish ability consistently wreaking havoc in the offensive backfield. A strong tackler who can launch his pads through contact and bring down big bodied passers. Has occasionally over pursued mobile quarterbacks and can miss the tackle completely. Has shown the ability to envelope passers and easily bring them to the ground when given a free lane to the QB.

Competitiveness: 8.30

Toughness: 8.20


A strong and athletic player who consistently wins at the point of attack. Possesses a big build and great length to matchup against any offensive lineman. He is a tough player who has played through nagging injuries and consistently dominates offenses.

Consistency/Motor: 7.10


Relentless when in pursuit and never quits on a pass rush. Often will take plays off when the ball is away from him jogging on the field.

Production: 9.60


One of the best defensive players at the collegiate level. Broke Kentucky's all time sack record and has been a dominant force on the field throughout his tenure. Constantly disrupting plays in the backfield with the potential to become an elite pass rusher at the next level.

Against The Run: 7.68

Play with Leverage: 8.00


Strong at the point of attack with the ability to slide with his block and shed to protect the edge. Needs to develop better timing, as he can be slow to the edge causing a pursuit to the corner. Doesn't trust his eyes and hesitates. Has the necessary play strength to control the lineman and rip through in run defense.

Stack and Shed: 8.30


Has good play strength and solid technique to win at the point of attack. with good hand usage he can rip through lineman and blow up plays in the backfield. Has an excellent club move to knock hands down and attack the ball carrier.

Gap Shooting Ability: 7.30


Dependable on stunts with the ability to make himself small to fit through cracks in the line. A smart player who knows how to time stunts well. Usually tasked with rushing the edge rather than working back inside.

Run at Him: 7.90


Has shown great production in run support with the talent to create the edge and force RB's back inside. Excellent in pursuit and won't often allow ball carriers to turn the corner on the sideline. Has shown a consistent ability to blow up platys in the backfield.

Run Away: 6.40


Can work down the line to attack the ball carrier if cuts toward mid-field. Often caught jogging in pursuit toward the opposite sideline.

Tackling/Hitting: 8.20


An excellent tackler, who rarely misses utilizing good technique. A strong and big bodied athlete who consistently wraps the ball carrier and twists them to the ground. Knows how to explode through contact transitioning speed to power through his pads.

Intelligence: 8.27

Instincts: 7.60


Has good mental processing to view the field and attack the ball. Hesitant when forced to play the run and rarely follows first instinct or trusts eyes immediately. Watches the quarterback's eyes for too long in coverage and possesses a lengthy drop. Needs to trust his eyes and reads with faster reaction.

Learn/Retain: 8.00


Extremely high football IQ who who played as a true freshman and has been dominant since stepping on the field at Kentucky. Understands responsibilities and rush techniques. Has the talent and versatility to play as a 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB with the potential to cover backs and tight ends.

Teamwork: 9.20


A leader on and off the field. Allen shows high character in all aspects of his life. He is a role model on the team and respected athlete and player among teams. Coachable talent.


A long athletic prospect with the power, speed and size to win off the edge. Displays outstanding explosiveness with a quick and powerful first step when working out of a three point stance. Excellent ability to transition his speed to power when rushing the quarterback in order to overpower and overwhelm the tackle while utilizing a strong rip and club with his hands to keep the lineman's hands off his frame. Possesses excellent flexibility and displays it with his knee bend pad level and outstanding bend at the top of the arc to break around blocks and close in on the passer. Possesses enough change of direction to stop and drive back toward the inside to collapse the pocket. Outstanding pass rusher that rarely misses an opportunity to create plays in the backfield. Against the rush, he is disciplined and utilizes good technique to with great strength at the point of attack to set the edge and shed lineman to break on the back at the line of scrimmage often blowing up plays in the backfield. Has the speed to close on backs attempting to turn the corner at the sideline and can run down patient backs following their blocks. A strong finisher who can tackle with good form and power generated through his explosion.


Fails to utilize his length repeatedly allowing lineman to get their hands on his chest and inside his frame, and relies too heavily on his athleticism and power to beat lineman. Struggles against double teams and often will resort to a poor spin move when a lineman has him locked down on the edge. Occasionally over purses on the edge and in pass rush losing his leverage on mobile quarterbacks and speed backs. Hesitant when asked to stand up as the outside linebacker tasked with multiple assignments. Rarely trusts his eyes and often reacts late to the play. Possesses a lengthy drop back and focuses to heavily on the quarterbacks eyes in coverage losing site of the player in his zone. Doesn't have the speed to chase down backs from behind or stick with ball carriers or tight ends in man coverage. Often caught jogging with minimal effort when the play is working away from him.


An extremely athletic and powerful prospect with great size and room to grow as a coachable talent. He is a versatile athlete with an undeniable ability to rush the passer with consistency and make plays in the backfield repeatedly. He will need to develop a deeper repertoire of pass rush moves and utilize his length to keep tackles off his frame. Has the ability to play as a 4-3 defensive end with his hand in the dirt or as a 3-4 outside linebacker predominantly rushing the passer. Possesses the athleticism and length to be effective in coverage, but lacks the instincts needed to be a consistent coverage linebacker and his skill set is more suited to being an every down pass rusher. He is still a raw athlete with plenty of room for growth and will develop into a premier talent at the next level. He is one of the top edge rushers in this class with great explosion and power and a will to succeed. He is a leader on and off the field and has the potential to become dominant force off the edge that OC's must game plan against.

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