Mack Wilson

Position: Linebacker

College: Alabama

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 238 lbs


Injury History: 2017: Suffered season ending foot injury V. LSU (November 5)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Georgia, Arkansas, Ole Miss

Scout: Cody Manning

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.44

Q.A.B. / C.O.D.7.25


Quick in open space, he can close space, and can change his direction with ease to make a play.

Flexibility: 7.35


He does a good job at keeping a good bend and a lower pad level so he can get underneath blocks.


Explosiveness: 7.85


He can close space quickly and explodes into the direction he wants to head. He can fill gaps fast.

Playing Speed: 7.75


He is a high motor guy that is looking to make a play anytime he is around the ball carrier.


Coordination: 7.20


He does have his moments where he can get knocked off his feet easily if he comes in too high.

Position Versatility: 7.25

He is a bit undersized but can clog lanes. He can play across the board with his athleticism.


Pass Rush Ability: 6.83

Initial Quickness: 7.80

He will close in on the quarterback if there is an open lane to the quarterback. Explodes out of stance.


Rush with Leverage: 7.00


He has the ability to get under and push back but can come in high which gets him knocked over.


Pass Rush Moves: 6.00


He doesn't have a variety of moves when rushing the QB. He will get immediate pressure with speed.


Pressure Consistency: 6.50


If there isn't an open lane he doesn't get enough pressure on the QB because of the lack of moves.


Coverage: 7.46

Pass Drops: 7.75


He is very smooth when he drops back into coverage and fluid moving his hips to change his direction.


Coverage Awareness: 7.00


He has his moments where he appears confused on his assignment which resulted in a chunk play.


M/M Coverage: 7.25


He has the athleticism to flip his hips to run with his man. He can stick with most RBs and TEs.

Zone Coverage: 7.85

He can cover a lot of ground with his speed. He shuffles very well while eyeing the quarterback's eyes.


Against The Run: 7.15

Play with Leverage: 7.00


He is great at driving lineman when he has leverage but is manhandled if the lineman lock on to him.


Stack and Shed: 7.25


When he locks on first he has the strength to toss the lineman to the side and fill the gap on runs.


Run at Him: 7.50

He is a gap filler and can stuff runs with his initial quickness. A strong supporter against the run.


Runs Away: 7.25

His speed in open space allows him to close down runs to the outside. Can take some bad angles.


Tackling/Hitting: 6.75


Angles can be off and come in too high which allows his tackles to be broken. Needs work on form.

Competitiveness: 7.42


Not afraid of contact, looks to bring the thud on every tackle, keeps on competing on every play.


Production: 7.00


No major production but that is expected when playing on a defense that has NFL talent all over.


Consistency/Motor: 7.50


High motor guy, constantly moving, eyes on the ball, and will flow to the rusher to make the tackle.


Intelligence: 7.25


Reads the quarterback's eyes which allows him to make a break on the ball when the pass is made.


Learn/Retain: 7.00


He can misdiagnose plays which allows a man to get open on pass plays to get chunk yards.


Concentration: 7.50

He looks to always have his eyes on the ball and where the play is going to he can end it.



Wilson can be a team's run stuffer at the next level. His initial quickness allows him to fill the gaps and plug holes, so he can make the tackle on the runner. He is very strong and can push lineman back or toss them to the side. He can be very fluid in his pass coverage, very comfortable when he drops back, can flip his hips and run with the receiver. He always keeps his eye on the ball and the quarterback's eyes which allows him to flow to where the play is going to, he can react to it. Overall, he is solid in all areas of his game.



He can take bad angles which can take him out of plays or overrun the ball carrier. He does need work on his tackling form as he can come in too high which allows the rusher to run through his tackle. When his pad level rises, he can get knocked over on blocks. If lineman lock onto him first they can have their way with him and drive him into the ground. He showed that he can misdiagnose or have a misunderstanding of his assignment which can result in chunk plays for the offense. He won't be effective as a pass rusher unless he is sent on timed blitzes or stunts that allow a free lane.




He should be able to come to the next level and help upgrade a team's linebacker corps. He has a strong overall game which allows him to be efficient as a backer. He can improve a team's defense against the run because of his ability to plug holes and his initial speed which allows him to close space on ball carriers. He will bring the thud on every hit and hopes that will force a fumble. He can drop back in coverage and cover his assignment, but he will have moments where he gives up a chunk play on a misread. His play recognition will be something that teams should look to improve upon when he enters the building. During his rookie season he should be able to come in as a starter and be an immediate contributor. He would be a better fit for a team that already has established defensive tackles which will allow him to have more space to flow freely to the ball. If he can add a little more size, develop as a player, then he should be a cog for a team's defense by the time that he enters his third season.

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