Mecole Hardman

Position: Wide Receiver

College: Georgia

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 187 lbs


Injury History: No Major Injury History

Games Evaluated: LSU, Alabama, Vanderbilt, Missouri

Scout: John Stocco

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 7.50

Q.A.B. 7.50

Hardman does a great job at combining quickness, agility, and balance, on all three levels against a defense.

Flexibility 7.40

He has the type of flexibility and he's the kind of playmaker that can make a play anywhere on the field whether it's a short dump off pass, or a deep vertical pass.


C.O.D. 7.60

Quick ankles and loose hips helps him move very fast in all kinds of directions so that he can lose defenders.


Explosion 7.20


Hardman is elite at getting off the line of scrimmage and beating defenders off the ball to leave them or have them following him.


Deep Speed 7.80


Shows great deep speed down the field and is able to get to his destination in a hurry on special teams.

Without Ball 7.24

Quicks Off LOS 7.70


Hardman has tremendous burst coming off the line of scrimmage which makes it nearly impossible to stick and press him at the line.

Release VS Jam 7.40

Has a great burst off the line of scrimmage so that he doesn't get jammed, and he also is slippery where he can wiggle his way out of trouble.

Route Running 7.20

He has good feet and good recognition for his routes, but the one thing he lacks is sense of urgency when he's running his routes.

Separation 7.20

Good job of creating separation with pure speed. Needs a little work on technique to be a great separator at the next level.

Blocking 6.70

Hardly a factor in the blocking game, and has a tough time matching defenders toughness.

With Ball In Hands 7.45

Hands 7.60

Reliable hands on all three levels of the field. He receives the ball smoothly over the shoulder and has clean hands when he goes out and reaches for the ball.


Yard After Contact 7.40

He's a tough runner with the ball in his hands. Tough to bring down, and always keeping his feet moving to get the first down or even more.


Ability in Space 7.50


In space he really turns up the jets and blows by defenders with his elite quickness and elite agility to make defenders miss.

Ball Security 7.30

Keeps the ball tight with him. He shows that he's reliable with the ball as a pass catcher and as a return specialist.

Competitiveness 7.17

Toughness 7.50

He doesn't have elite strength due to his size, but he shows competitvness in his effort in everything he does. He gives max effort with and without the ball in his hands.

Production 6.60


Didn't have a lot of touchdown receptions in Georgia as he only produced 7 touchdown receptions in 2018 and 4 in 2017.

Consistency/Motor 7.40


Hardman didn't show consistency at Georgia because of the talent around him. That's why his production wasn't nearly as great as it should have been, but the motor is high with and without the ball in his hands.


Instincts 7.20


Hardman shows his instincts with his field vision. He sees the field well, anticipates where tacklers are coming from, knows when to cut, and knows when to burst. His potential as a return man really improves his field vision and instincts.

Learn/Retain 7.50


Great agility, super twitchy, and elite speed. This gives him the ability to beat corners, and if a plays goes badly he can retain his position.

Position Versatility 7.30


Quick and twitchy to be an elite slot in the NFL, has the speed to burn corners on the outside, and he will be a return specialist at the next level.


Elite speed, twitchy athlete, and has great agility. Has amazing short area quickness and an incredible burst that makes him a dynamic receiver who can play the slot and can also play on the outside. He shows competitve toughness in his route running. Strong reliable hands, and great ball tracking skills with smooth transition when he has to make catches over the shoulder.


When he gets physical at the line of scrimmage he struggles to outmatch corners with his small frame and he relies to much on his athletic ability and speed.


Mecole Hardman is an explosive dynamic receiver that can be a threat in the slot, on the outside, and even on special teams. He has the short area quickness, he's a twitchy athlete, and has an elite burst that gives him the ability to burn corners. He has strong reliable hands with good vision. He can make the catch on all three levels and has playmaking skills to be dangerous every time he's on the field. In the NFL teams will love his athletic traits, his effort, and his playmaking ability. He's one of the best receviers in the draft, and he will make an immediate impact on the team that drafts him.

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