Parris Cambell

Position: Receiver

College: Ohio State

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 205 lbs


Injury History: 2017: Concussion (missed game v. Iowa)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Washington, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland

Scout: John Stocco

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 8.24

Q.A.B.: 8.10


Lightning like quickness in the open field and in tight space. Balances his agility where it seems impossible to tackle him in open space.

Flexibility: 8.30


Explosive mixed with fluidity. He's able to make quick cuts on odd angles because of his flexibility which makes Campbell able to break through and break one for long yardage.


C.O.D.: 8.20


Elite at changing his direction at the drop of a dime. Campbell is slippery, has slippery cuts, and plays with loose hips.

Explosion: 8.40


One of the most explosive athletes in the draft. His track like speed can leave some corners and safeties in dust with and without the ball in his hands.

Deep Speed: 8.20


Campbell didn't run many routes at Ohio State, but when he ran deep he showed overwhelming speed and that deep speed helps save quarterbacks when they overthrow balls.

Without Ball: 5.84

Quicks Off LOS: 7.20


Balances quickness and explosiveness when he's coming off the line of scrimmage.


Release VS Jam: 6.10


Campbell shows that he can get in trouble when he's facing a physical corner. Campbell is not someone who's going to beat you with strength so when a corner jams him he could find it difficult to create seperation.

Route Running: 4.90


Not a polished route runner. At Ohio State you saw him on short routes or deep routes and nothing in between. He didn't have the chance to showcase breaks or cuts in his route running.

Separation: 6.20


Just based on quickness, speed, and agility he's very good at creating space. Campbell has an elite level of burst just finds trouble when he gets jammed right off the line.

Blocking: 4.80


Effort level is there but Campbell wasn't a factor in the blocking game.


With Ball In Hands: 7.28

Hands: 6.40


Not the softest hands and he doesn't make the cleanest catches. Campbell isn't nearly as physical as you'd want him to be and it shows when he's trying to make contested catches.


Yard After Contact: 7.70


Yards after contact is where Campbell can show his greatness. Campbell shows creativity when he runs after contact. He has the size matched with second gear acceleration to make tacklers whiff.

Ability in Space: 7.80


Lethal cuts, agility, and a second gear burst that makes him a dangerous runner in space.



Ball Security: 7.20


Campbell takes care of the football and that will be huge for him at the next level. Not the smoothest catcher, and not the most polished route runner, but his ability to protect the ball makes him a threat as a receiver and a runner.

Competitiveness: 6.80

Toughness: 6.80


Campbell was a favorite at Ohio State. He was loved by his coaches and his teammates. He was voted team captain and he led by example with his effort and intensity.

Production: 6.50


Ohio State has talent everywhere on their offense. Campbell's production was great but could have been better. Ohio State have multiple players that can make big plays.

Consistency/Motor: 7.10


Campbell rarely takes plays off. The tape shows he's always trying to make plays.

Intelligence: 7.23

Instincts: 7.10


His instincts as a ball carrier is what makes him so dangerous anytime he has the ball in his hands. He anticipates where the defense is coming from all angles of the field. With his anticipation and instincts he's looking to make people miss.

Learn/Retain: 6.70


Not a polished route runner, and he's not the best catcher when he's contested, but he has the speed to make up for the mistakes made by him or a bad ball thrown by a quarterback.


Position Versatility: 7.90


Campbell's versatility will be what makes NFL teams fall in love with him. He can line up in the slot or outside because of his speed. He can take handoffs with his ability to make lethal cuts and explosiveness. And he can return kicks with his elite speed.


Elite athletic traits that translates to multiple positions. He has breakaway speed, lethal cuts, and explosiveness. Campbell also has size for a slot receiver which will make him tough to tackle. Bigger than most slot receivers and acceleration to make defenders miss. You're dealing with a special athlete.


Not the smoothest catcher in space and contested. Not the most polished route runner due to the system at Ohio State. He's not the strongest receiver which translates into making him a non factor in the blocking game.


Parris Campbell is an elite athlete and he's well rounded in the multiple positions he plays. Campbell is still raw because Ohio State products are ran by a specific system. At the end of the day his athletic traits is going to be what separates himself from the rest. Like Cordarrelle Patterson or Percy Harvin, Campbell is a threat everywhere you put him and in today's NFL they value the type of versatility Campbell brings to the table. Barring any injuries, Campbell will find a lot of success in the NFL due to his versatility and leadership qualities he will bring to the locker room. Most likely a day two draft pick, but it wouldn't shock me if we see a team take Campbell in the first round.

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