Trace McSorely

Position: Quarterback

College: Penn State

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 205 lbs


Injury History: 2018: Broken Foot (Citurs Bowl - Returned), Leg (No Missed Time)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Michigan, 2017: Washington, Ohio State

Scout: Rusty Miller

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.02

Q.A.B.: 6.00


Has decent balance while running the ball and inside the pocket. Active feet allow for escapability whenever pressured. Very agile in and outside of the pocket. Usually gains decent yardage off scrambles and designed runs.


Flexibility: 5.00


There is a slight rigidness in his hips. Does possess solid knee bend when escaping pressure. Does not always use his hips to drive the ball.

C.O.D.: 5.10


Does not have the ability to juke defenders often. Most effective when running in a straight line rather than changing direction to elude defenders.

Explosiveness/Speed: 6.80


Has outstanding burst for a quarterback. Generally gains positive yardage when running the ball. Can outrun defenders when he gets a step on them.


Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure: 7.20


Very elusive inside the pocket. Can avoid almost any pressure. Has trouble with interior pressure because of his size. Steps up to allow outside rushers to go by.


Passing Skills: 6.08

Quick Release/Mechanics: 6.70


Has a very quick release. Very little ball dip. Needs to improve hip torque to drive the ball more. Holds ball high and with two hands. Little to no elbow drop.


Delivery: 5.00


Average delivery. Over-the-top release. Inconsistent ball velocity but consistent arm motion. No real firepower to complete tight-window throws.


Short Accuracy: 6.60


Most accurate here. Does well to dump off to running backs when nothing is downfield. Is inconsistent on slants and crossing routes. Averaged almost 65% in '16 and '17.

Intermediate Accuracy: 6.00


He loves the middle of the field, especially tight ends as seen with Gesicki last year and Freiermuth this year. Averages around 56% in this range.


Deep Accuracy: 5.70


Inaccurate with the deep ball. Decreased accuracy from 2016 to 2017. Hovers around 47% on passes 20 yards or more.

Big Play Ability: 7.00


Has the ability to be a very explosive player as shown in his Big Ten Championship season in 2016. But the big plays decreased from there.


Avoid Errors/Mistakes: 5.40


Is sometimes careless with his decision-making. When faced with pressure, he will throw a few jump balls or will throw into too tight of a window resulting in a turnover. Does have ball security when it comes to fumbles.

Arm Strength: 6.30


Above average arm strength. Will not throw it 70 yards, but does have the ability to go deep when needed.

Footwork: 6.00


Good footwork inside the pocket. Active feet allows him to escape pressure and scramble. Has to work on 5-step drop. Offense did not allow for snaps under center. 3-step drop looks consistent.

Competitiveness: 7.52

Toughness: 7.50


Gritty player. With his knee injury this year, he gutted it out against a very tough Michigan team. Sometimes his toughness leads to unnecessary hits.


Intangibles/Leadership: 8.00


Strong leader in the locker room. Teammates respect him and trust he will lead them to victory. Also very vocal on and off the field.


Poise In Pocket: 6.80


Stands tall in the pocket. Is fazed when faced with interior pressure. Outside rushers usually are ineffective at rattling him.


Consistency / Motor: 7.30


Drives through pain and will keep going regardless of score or injury. Consistent leader and does his talking with his play. Up-and-down results with different personnel from year to year.


Production: 7.50


Consistent winner. Holds the multiple Penn State records which includes being the winningest quarterback in school history.

Improvisational Ability: 8.00


Very productive as an improviser when a play breaks down. Extends the play well and runs when needed. Keeps his eyes downfield while on the move. Effective when throwing off his back foot to deep receivers but is prone to turnovers if constantly pressured.


Intelligence: 6.20

Instincts: 6.90


Has above average instincts. Did not have to make audibles by himself which is a negative.


Blitz/Coverage Recognition: 5.60


Does not recognize blitzes often. When he does, he is able to determine his hot routes quickly. Was not asked to do this at the collegiate level.


Decision Making: 5.80


Average decision-making skills. Has questionable throws at times and throws into traffic when his receivers are not able to get separation and there are no running lanes.


Learn/Retain: 6.5


Even though the offense was called from the sideline, I do believe he has the ability to quickly learn an NFL offense based off his 3.31 grade point average.



McSorley is a very strong leader and can make a locker room believe in him with his moxy and toughness. He is comfortable with short to intermediate passes. When a play breaks down, he is a very reliable scrambler and keeps his eyes downfield to throw instead of looking to run. He has a quick release and short mechanics. Possesses very active feet in the pocket and has great awareness.


His size is the glaring weakness. He is questionable in his decision-making and needs to take care of the ball better when faced with pressure. Needs to prove that his success was not just based off of the system he played in. Will need to work on footwork and taking snaps from under center. Medical check needed on his knee. Takes too many unnecessary hits when running.


Trace McSorley had a magnificent career at Penn State. He holds many records at the school and in the Big Ten Conference. He is a consistent winner and has the ability to lead any team. His teammates love him for his toughness and knack for playing through pain when dinged up. He is in the mold of shorter quarterbacks such as Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and Baker Mayfield and will have to prove he is elite like they did. His quick release and short mechanics should make him a more accurate passer at the next level especially if drafted into a West Coast style offense. He is best suited to sit and learn behind a veteran for a season or two before becoming the starter. He will need to improve his footwork, taking a snap from under center, accuracy and decision-making in order to succeed at the professional level. All of these skills should not be too difficult to mold because of what his current skill level is. Trace McSorley projects as an average starter with room for growth if he can improve the areas listed.


Pro Comparison: Baker Mayfield

Team Fits: Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Giants

Draft projection: 6th-UDFA

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