Trayveon Williams

Position: Running Back

College: Texas A&M

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 200 lbs


Injury History: 2017: Ankle (Missed UL-Lafayette)

Games Evaluated: 2018: Alabama, LSU, 2017: UCLA, Auburn

Scout: Rusty Miller

Scouting Report

Athleticism: 6.26

Q.A.B.: 5.80


Quick to the line of scrimmage. Inconsistent balance as he will make sharp cuts one play and be fine but then he will get tripped up or fall with light contact the next play.


Flexibility: 5.60


Does not bend very well. Runs upright and looks to run around defenders rather than through them.

C.O.D.: 6.20


Has quick feet. Able to change direction, but is slow to get there.

Explosion: 7.30


Has great big play ability. Once through the line, he can gain 20 yards in the blink of an eye. Had runs of 72, 89, and 93 in his three seasons.


Top End Speed: 6.40


Complimentary to his explosiveness, Williams has enough speed to make splash plays but cannot sustain it down the field and defenders almost always catch him.


With Ball In Hands: 6.32

Vision: 6.30


Has average vision. Misses a lot of hole reads and usually hits the first hole he sees or the second after a cut.

Cutting Ability: 6.80


One-cut runner. Cuts quickly and sometimes too many times. Has a good jump cut that allows him to get to his second read.

Elusiveness: 6.30


He is average in juking defenders especially in the open field. Limited arsenal of moves and most often uses stutters and power to break tackles.

Yards After Contact: 5.50


Williams usually goes down on first contact. He lacks the power to run through most defenders or evade them.

Ball Security: 6.70


Only fumbled once in the film I watched but he does have 7 fumbles (4 lost) in his three year career.

Receiving: 6.60

Hands: 6.80


Above average catching ability. Had very few drops on 66 career receptions.

Route Running: 7.00


Runs clean routes. Limited in his route tree in college to flares, speed outs and out-and-ups.

Ability In Space: 6.50


Had over 550 yards on 66 receptions with a 8.5 average. Just like his running ability, he does not make a lot of moves to get by defenders and likes to try to run around them instead of juke them out.

Ability to Separate: 6.10


Does not get much separation on his routes. Most of his routes came within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage or behind it which meant there was a linebacker or safety already playing off-coverage.

Blocking: 6.70

Lead Blocking: 6.20


Was not asked to lead block much but of the few occasions it did occur, he did not look comfortable and/or missed the block.

Blocking In Space: 6.00


Poor open-field blocker. Does well to get to his man but then struggles to maintain his block while the runner is going past.

Pass Blocking: 7.60


Excellent pass protector. Sets up well and has a firm frame when facing interior blitzes. Has the ability to stonewall defenders at the point of attack.

Situational Awareness: 7.00


Has a great feel for where defenders are coming from. Does miss blitzers on occasion and gets beat with spin moves.

Competitiveness: 6.78

Toughness: 6.20


Not a downhill runner. He doesn't use power to get through defenders often. Missed 2 games due to an ankle injury.

Production: 7.60


Excellent production in two different systems. Over 750 yards all three seasons with one 1,000-yard and one 1,500-yard seasons.

Consistency/Motor: 6.60


Has consistency issues with his production. He will have 200 yards one game and then under 50 yards the next.

Teamwork: 6.70


Works well with teammates. Was mostly in sync with his linemen and quarterback.

Intelligence: 6.97

Instincts: 6.60


Misses some reads but also has great pass protection instincts. Can set up blockers well and has a good feel for first and second-read holes.

Learn/Retain: 7.00


Was able to learn two different offensive systems over three years. One spread and one pro style. Was productive in both systems as well.

Versatility: 7.30


Ability to play running back, wildcat quarterback, split out, and return kickoffs.


Williams gets off the ball well on running plays. He will get to the line in a hurry and find a hole using one or two jump cuts. He turns the corner well and explodes around the edge. Runs past defenders and into the secondary for big gains. He runs routes out of the backfield and out wide. He catches almost everything for short gains. He has the ability for big plays as well.


Is slow off the ball on passing plays and is limited in creating separation if in tight coverage. As he comes to the line, he becomes antsy while he constantly searches for a lane to run through. He gets tripped up easily and goes down on first contact more often than not. Once in the open field, though, he lacks the skill set to juke defenders and he does not possess elite long-run speed to get away from defenders. His route tree is limited, only running a couple of routes throughout his career.


Trayveon Williams is a one-cut runner that excels on outside zone runs and passes out of the backfield. He can be a big play threat with longs of 72, 89, and 93 in his career but is usually limited to 10 or 20-yard big gains because of his lack of long-run speed which allows him to consistently get caught by defenders from behind. His versatility as a running back, wildcat quarterback, wide receiver and kick returner will help his draft stock mightily. His pass catching ability will allow him to be a change-of-pace back in the NFL along with his excellent pass protection skills. To become an every-down back, he must improve his vision, get off on passing plays and arsenal of juke moves. He will also need to prove he can hold onto the ball.


Pro Comp: Jalen Richard

Team Fits: New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals

Draft Projection: 6th round-UDFA

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