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Central Arkansas//Louisiana Tech//Marshall

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Jordan understands and knows that his length is a great asset. He excels at keeping defenders away from him causing fits and causing tackles to hold him at times. His stack and shed is phenominal. Given his size, he can easily see where the ball is as well. He has a plus rip and swim move, allowing him to occasionally win with speed. He has some positiional flexibility shifting inside with his hand in the dirt during some subpackages.


Jordan does not have elite speed to consistently push a tackle upfield. He has some bend but not enough to consistently win. He lacks consistent hand usage relying primarily on his length. Currently, he relies on a few pash rush moves and can stand to diversify. Adding some bulk to his frame would help him control tackles better and assist him in adding pressure to the QB. He is not a great finisher and simply a raw player.

Big Picture

Jordan is a former 4-star recruit who originally commited to Florida. He never played a down there as he was part of an alleged credit card scam. He left the school, played a year at Butler Community College (KA) before transfering to UAB. He seems to have owned up and learned from his mistakes but still worth noting. Since coming to UAB, he has become a major factor within the school and conerence. Overall, he is a raw player with a lot of potential growth still untapped. He has great length that he uses to his advantage and great size that could still hold up some addition muscle. He rarely gets contained by OT as he can stack and shed with the best of them. He also has a great rip and swim move that allows him to occasionally win upfield with his speed, which is not elite. Unfortunately, that is about the extent of his pass rush moves. He tries to bull rush but gets upright too quick at times, doesn't set up the tackles effectively enough and could use more strength to really push them back too. While primarily plays in a 2-point stance, he has shifted inside to a 3-point stance in subpackages and has still managed to fair well leveraging his length and quickness compared to the guard. He has been able to either immediately shoot a gap or shed the blcok then shooot and cause a disturbance. He is not an elite finisher but does disrupt plenty of plays. He is best suited for a 3-4 defense but it will take a couple years of increasing his strength and diversifying his pass rush for him to become a consistent threat on the field and possibly as a starter. He does have the potential to be, at minimum, a great rotational pass rush specialist.

Player Comp

Preston Smith

Draft Projection



Jordan moves well overall but is not an elite athlete. He almost always looks like he is running at half speed. He moves well laterally as well, although typically he is rushing the QB. He shows some flexibility to bend the corner but not at a consistent level to win. He shows decent explosion at the snap, and seems even quicker when in a 3 point stance vs 2 point. Maintaining balance is an issue at times for him as he gets knocked down occasionally. Most of his power comes from converting speed to power. He has a slender frame so adding bulk shold help him out tremendously.


Pass Rush Ability:

Big Play Ability

His best attribute is his first step. He can be extremely quick off the ball putting quick pressure on the QB. He lacks a diverse pass rush moves list and either tries to win with speed, convert speed into a bull rush or stacks and sheds with a rip and swim move. He understands how to use his hands in general, just lacks execution at times. He can get too upright at times giving up leverage or letting tackles latch onto him. In open space, he does show a nice burst to finish a play but that can be few and far between. He has good length, just needs to learn to harness it better.

Against The Run:


Jordan konws how to set an edge, but can lack the strength and sometimes balance to consistently do so. He has the length though to set an edge effectively. He will let blockers get too close at times but also kows how to shed blocks when needed. He has good eye discipline to not over-react during plays and waits for them to develop. On QB option plays, he shows patience but often doesn't process quick enough and will attack the QB more often than not to not allow him to get outside if he keeps the ball. He is better at shooting gaps in a 3 point stance and shows good quickness, but most plays came from a 2 point stance. He is by no means a thumper as a tackler, but shows good technique in tackling and wrapping the ball carrier up over trying to force turnovers.



Jordan has a slender frame and consistently goes against tackles significantly larger than him. He is not afraid of the contact but seems to operate at half speed a lot. He won't fully chase down plays either or play until the whistle blows if the play gets downfield. He shows that he can be disruptive, but not always consistently so.



He seems to show good awareness of the play and not reacting too quickly. He plays smart and lets plays develops over taking risks more often than not. Given his slender size and lack of ideal strength, he currently does not offer a ton of versatility for positional usage. I do think he has the tools to develop them, but needs to work on his physique first.

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