Cameron McGrone








Final Grade

Head (2020) Ankle (2020)

Injury History

Games Evaluated

Notre Dame (2019), Alabama (2019), Minnesota (2020)

Team Fit





Cameron has good athleticism for the LB spot with good range to make plays all over the field. He has some natural leverage being slightly shorter that he uses to his advantage to get under the pads and lineman and, typically, shed blocks when needed. He is extremely aggressive and not afraid to plug gaps. She shows good recognition of plays and knowing where the ball is going before pursuit. He takes good angles to the ball as well. He is a sure-handed tackler always wrapping the opponent instead of goinig for big hits. He also is extremely tough in how he plays. He has the athletic ability to cover both TEs and also RBs out of the backfield. He follows the QBs eyes well in zone coverage drifting where needed.


He is a little undersized for the typical LB. His lack of length can also give him fits when he is locked in with longer offensive lineman. While he has good range, he does not have elite speed as well for the position. He played in a blitz heavy defense and while he is well versed in attacking the QB, he does not have a lot of pass rush moves handy and seems to primarily attack in a reactionary sense. He also does not have a ton of experience in coverage and especially man coverage. He will need some coaching to get up to speed but does show the abilities required to handle coverage both RBs and TEs effectively.

Big Picture

McGrone has all the physical and mental tools you want in a MIKE LB. Although a little undersized, he has good range and is fearless on the field. He played part of last season with a cast on his hand and he was as relentless as he was in 2019. He has a very limited amount of time as a true starter but has a great base to build off of as an NFL team continues to develop him. He played in a blitz heavy defense so he is well versed in taking on offesive lineman. He has natural leverage he uses to knock them off balance or is better quickness to beat tackles. He does not have a wide array of pass rush moves. He will attack the first gap he sees, although sometimes he attacks too quick and takes himself out of a play. He processes quickly though and takes great angles to the ball carrier. He plays with high energy on all plays as well while being a great communicator on defense. He will need more work on pass coverage, getting extremely few reps in man defense but seems to show he has the aptitude for in with the very limited sample size given. He does show good skills in zone coverage by following the QBs eyes well but needs to work on zone awareness. Cam seems primed to develop into a high end starting LB with a long NFL career ahead of him, but will need a little more development in his game to improve his impact.

Player Comp

David Harris

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