Micah Parsons


Penn State






Final Grade

Injury History

Games Evaluated

Minnesota (2019), Ohio State (2019), Michigan (2019), Memphis (2019)

Team Fit





A strong and stout inside linebacker that can be a force all over the field. He has the speed, agility, and quickness to be able to go from sideline to sideline. He can change directions quickly and attack ball carriers at different angles. Parsons has quick and powerful hands to be able to block shed off blocks that are thrown his way. He has the ability to rush up the middle and produce for the pass rush. When Parsons gets to the ball carriers, he is able to wrap up the defenders with a clean formed tackle.


Being too aggressive can cause him to make mistakes in the future. The ability to cover deep down the field in man coverage situations on TEs is a concern as well. Being that true 3-down backer that can cover slot WRs in some situations needs to be more present in his game. Parsons did not play in the 2020 season because he decided to opt out.

Big Picture

Micah Parsons is a sideline-to-sideline linebacker that has tremendous ability coming out of Penn State. Parsons has a good athletic ability and short area quickness that allows him make plays all over the field. He is able to accelerate quickly to chase down ball carriers trying to break into the open field or hole. Parsons is a LB that can play at the strong side, weak side, and inside LB positions. This is a LB that will fit in both 3-4 and 4-3 defensive schemes. Parsons also brings value as a pass rusher as well because he has shown he can successfully rush from the OLB position if he has to. There was a good amount of success blitzing from the inside of the A and B gaps to make plays behind the LOS. Parsons has quick and powerful hands that lets him quickly block shed off of linemen with force. When getting to the ball carrier, he has a great tackling form and does not miss often. The zone coverage ability is present in his game but being able to man up on TE’s deep down the field is not a task he can always handle. Being an aggressive 3-down LB that can read and react to plays at a high rate is present in his game.

Player Comp

Dont'a Hightower

Draft Projection




Good play speed, lateral agility, and ability to COD quickly. This is a LB that plays sideline to sideline. Good short area quickness allows him to be very affective on every down. He is a very explosive player that has the balance, body control, and quick feet to hit a player with a formed tackle on the move. Parsons has a good amount of flexibility and lateral movement ability to make a plays in some pass coverage situations as well. He has good closing quickness to fly into holes to make tackles. Has a good play strength that is a mixture of quickness and power.


Pass Rush Ability:



Big Play Ability

A good amount of first step quickness in his game to be able to diagnose between a run or pass play and attack on it. He is very explosive with his hands. Parsons was able to successfully blitz on interior linemen. When he blitzes, Parsons beats the linemen with his powerful bull rush and gains a good amount of leverage at the POA. He attacks in the A or B gaps. I saw this plenty of times against Memphis on 12/28/19. Parsons blitz twice, timed up the plays, and was able to force fumbles on both plays.




His speed translates over with his ability to change directions quickly to cover a tight end in the middle of the field or a running back coming out into the flat. The acceleration in his game is what lets him to change directions quickly and make a play in the pass defense. He is not going to totally lock down a weapon in M/M coverage especially deep down the field. In zone coverage, he can cover an area at a very good rate. The fluidity in his hips shows when back pedaling and moving laterally in zone type drops backs.

Against The Run:



Force in the run game. A LB that is able to take on any run that is thrown his way. Has the strength, speed, and power to block shed through a block to make a play on the ball carrier. Many ball carriers were not able to slip through his tackles. His tackling form is very clean and explosive. His speed allows him to shoot into open holes and make plays. When a team has a run designed away from Parsons, it still does not matter. The quickness and range allows him to get over to the other side of the field in a flash.



A tough player that brought it every down he was on the field. Parsons did not shy away from contact whatsoever. His playing strength is a mix of speed and power. This is a LB that plays with a high motor. I can tell he is a very competitive player with the amount of energy he shows after he makes a play. Having 99 tackles and 6.5 sacks in 2019, shows that he wants to win and will be productive for any NFL defense that he is on.




He has the intangibles and football intelligence to be a weak side, middle, and strong side LB in a 3-4 or 4-3 defensive scheme. Parsons has the ability to read and react at a very high level. He can recognize and diagnose offensive plays then attack with good speed.

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