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Auburn (20)//Alabama (20)

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Franks has good touch on passes to running backs out of the backfield. He's not a statue in the pocket, and has the mobility and athletic ability to move the pocket and escape pressure. Franks gets the ball out quickly and seems to be able to locate open receivers quickly.


While Franks, isn't a statue, he certainly lacks the athletic ability to be a real threat with his legs. At 6'6,' 238, Franks looks very clunky and awkward when he runs. While he's fast enough to pick up some yards on a broken play, he lacks the athletic ability to make adefender miss, even in an open field, one on one situation. In the passing game, Franks panics when his first read isn't there. When he senses any sort of pressure, he gets jumpy and panics, often resulting in a sack or a bad throw. Even when given a clean pocket, Franks lacks the arm strength to push the ball downfield or to the boundaries.

Big Picture

Feliepe Franks is going to be a Day 3 pick. He'll likely be picked by a team that not only has an established starter, but a solid, veteran backup. Even if given the chance to start due to injury, Franks just doesn't have the tools to be a long term answer at QB for any franchise. Franks' ceiling is as a journeyman backup. However, I wouldn't even expect him to make it off the practice squad his first couple of years.

Player Comp

Jeff Driskel

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