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Final Grade


Ankle Injury (2021)

Injury History

Games Evaluated

Alabama (2020), Ole Miss (2020), Georgia (2020)

Team Fit





Will fair well in the short/quick passing game. Does a good job of getting his hips flipped to hit his receiver quickly. Has solid accuracy on short and intermediate routes. Also puts a good amount of touch on the ball which makes up for his weak arm strength. Is the type of leader that any coach would want their quarterback to be. His decision to play in the bowl game while most of his weapons sat out, which might have hurt his draft stock, speaks volumes of his unselfishness. Keeps a calm demeanor and commands his offense regardless of what the situation at hand may be. Also put up great numbers at Florida, especially in his final season, which is always a plus.


Struggles with the deep ball are concerning. Doesn't possess the arm strength needed to make consistent downfield throws throughout the game. Far too many underthrown balls and simply off target passes in the deep passing game. Also needs to work on getting his feet set on deeper drops or longer developing plays. His awkward back foot throws are alarming. Could also work on going through his reads and not forcing throws. Seemed to rely too heavily on his targets to make something happen in coverage at times.

Big Picture

Kyle Trask is an interesting prospect that finds himself in a very top-heavy quarterback class. Had an impressive two seasons as the starting quarterback for the Gators, especially in his final season. Threw for 4,283 yards, with 43 touchdowns (led the nation) and eight interceptions as a senior, earning him a spot as a Heisman Trophy finalist along with some All-American and All-SEC honors. Was also invited to the 2021 Reese's Senior Bowl but unfortunately could not participate due to an ankle injury. At the next level, Trask projects as a developmental quarterback. While he posseses the leadership intangibles and some solid attributes to work with, he has a lot of work to do from a fundamental standpoint. He will be best suited to be brought in by a team with a veteran quarterback where he can sit and truly learn the offense and work on his own skill set. I see him being a solid Day 2 selection for a team simply looking for some depth at the position or a young quarterback to groom. If put in the right system, Trask has the ability to become a quality backup in the league and even turn into a reliable fill-in starter if he is needed to step up.

Player Comp

Nick Foles

Draft Projection



Is about average when it comes to athleticism. Isn't a quarterback that teams are going to fear as a runner but can scramble to pick up extra yards when needed. While he won't run away from a defense in the open field, also wouldn't consider him slow. Has solid pocket mobility, showing that he can step in and out of the pocket to avoid pressure. Did a decent job in play action/RPO situations in college as far as faking the hand off and getting the ball out quickly to the intended receiver.

Passing Skills:


Big Play Ability


Has a good quick release, wasting no time getting the ball out to his receiver in the quick passing game. Gets his hips turned quickly to point towards his target. Doesn't have horrible delivery mechanics for the most part but does tend to awkwardly not get his feet set and throw off his back foot at times. Accuracy is at it's best in the short and intermediate passing game. Struggles with deep ball accuracy, a lot of times due to lack of arm strength to make certain throws. To make up for his lack of arm strength, he does a good job of placing the ball where his receiver can go make a play. Footwork can use some attention as he doesn't have the smoothest drop and tends to throw before getting his feet set at times. Showed occasions where he has what it takes to make big plays in crunch time when it matters or when playing from behind.



Takes command of his offense and keeps a calm demeanor at all times like you want to see from a starting quarterback. Shows solid poise in the pocket, not letting pressure make him force things or keep him from delivering a pass. Doesn't jump off the charts as an improvisational playmaker but did show moments where he made something out of nothing. Was very productive as a starter at Florida, especially in his senior season which ended in him being named a Heisman Trophy finalist.



Does a solid job of reading coverages and picking up blitzes from a pre-snap standpoint. Has good insticts for the most part, showing a good feel for the pass rush and knowing when to move in and out of the pocket, and also when to throw the ball away. His decision making seemed to be up and down as he made a lot of good decisions followed by many bad/forced throws into coverage. Can work on looking off defenders and going through his progressions at the next level.

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