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Stevenson is a big back standing at 6’0” and weighing in at 246 pounds. He is hard to bring down on first contact because of his size and he uses his size to his advantage. He proves to be a good goal to go back as expected and runs downhill. He hits holes hard and fast and doesn’t shy away from contact. Stevenson is a strong athlete for his size and has solid quickness and footwork in the hole. His elusiveness is impressive for a 246 pound back. His speed is a surprise with a projected 40 time of mid 4.5s. Stevenson’s strongest quality outside of his size and ability to run through tacklers is his ball carrier vision. He sees the field really well and can change direction when he is running patient. He has a strong stiff arm and normally can beat a defender one on one by running through them.


Stevenson has trouble making players miss in the open field. He is elusive for his size but still will have difficulty eluding NFL defenders. Stevenson is a pure runner and lacks true receiving ability which is going to be a problem in today’s NFL unless you are Derrick Henry. Stevenson may be a solid receiving back, but at his time at Oklahoma he hasn’t shown any glimpses of being a good receiving back. He is explosive in between the tackles but to be a three down back, NFL scouts look for players who can make a guy miss out of the backfield and Stevenson is not that type of back.

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Stevenson is a strong runner and can run between the tackles as good as any back in the draft. His athletic ability is limited by his size and he won’t be a three down back at the next level unless he can develop his receiving ability. However, Stevenson will be a good runner in the NFL and that’s why he will get looks from NFL scouts. Stevenson is a strong pass blocker so he could be a really good weapon on third down max protect situations and be very effective in the screen game. He looks like your typical down and distance back who is used to fall forward on short yardage and goal line situations but Stevenson’s between the tackle ability and vision to run through a congested box will be the reason for his draft appeal. Stevenson is more than likely going to be a day 3 guy in the 4th or 5th round. His running ability alone gives him a stock this high and depending on his combine, he may get day late day 2 looks.

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