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Final Grade


Molden is a strong tackler with very good field awareness and understanding. In coverage, he reads and jumps routes with good timing and is largely due to his quick feet that allow for sudden change of direction. He has fluid hips that play into his quick COD and transition. Against the run, he is a willing tackler that wraps up to tackle and is aggressive coming down hill. He takes on blocks and works of them well when he is the initiator of contact.


Molden plays big but does have some limitations as a sub 6'0 DB. His play strength can falter at times. Can have issues reaching and grabbing too much after being beat off the line of scrimmage and usually happens against juke releases that get him moving to his right. Initial angle of pursuit on runs can be poor and put him out of position.

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2019 vs: Cal, WSU | 2020 vs: Stanford, Utah

Big Picture

As the premier slot corner in the 2020 draft class, Molden is in good consideration to be taken by the end of round 2. He projects well in the slot and should see considerable action early on but also has upside at safety. As an intelligent and quick defensive back that does whatever he's asked, Molden fits right into what NFL teams want. Despite some size issues, Molden hasn't shown to let it get in his way as a multi-year starter for a successful UW defense.

Team Fit



Player Comp


Draft Projection




Molden has a very good combination of quickness and speed. He maintains good contact with the receivers when traveling across the formation which shows good hip mobility and lateral agility. Despite being a bit of a short strider, Molden is very quick both start and go but also long speed. Doesn't get knocked over easily and when he does misstep in coverage, he recovers and stays upright.


Coverage Ability:



Big Play Ability

In coverage, Molden shows a wide range of traits that are favorable in man or zone coverage. In man coverage, he has good hand usage and maintains consistent contact with receivers. Plays a good trail technique which shows how well he can mirror and read hips very well. In zone coverage, he shows good spatial awareness and maintains a good distance from receivers with a smooth transition from backpedal to running downhill. This allows for him to utilize his quickness and drive on the ball. he recovers well in coverage because of how quickly he can hit top speed. He has some very fluid hips which play into how quickly he can transition between a different range of motion.




Molden has the athleticism necessary to play in the slot at the next level. With the ball in the air, Molden plays the ball through the receiver very well. He makes play on the ball but due to his lack of size, he isn't the best at high pointing the ball against bigger receivers. When coming off the edge, Molden uses his speed to turn the corner well with good ankle flexion.

Run Support:



Against the run, Molden doesn't have the size to take on bigger blockers but he is ultra competitive and willing to take on blockers. He uses his athleticism to maneuver blocks and find angles to the ball carrier. He does have good range but it can be diluted by overly aggressive pursuit angles. He can try to cut off the runner at times but has issues with him wasting ground and giving up more than a more conventional pursuit. He is a good tackler but still has room to improve, he wraps up and has some pop with his pads but can often rely on pulling on arms/holding onto legs to finish tackles.



Molden is very competitive and shows a real love for the game. This is a source for his more aggressive style of play on defense. He plays big and will make plays when it's needed. He is confident in what he does and is very consistent. He doesn't have an off bottom to his intensity and motor. Plays from whistle to whistle.




He is a very intuitive player and reads the developing play well. Played both as a nickel corner and field safety in college. Showed a good understanding of both positions and what was asked of him which translates well into the NFL. He communicates well both before and during the play.

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