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Final Grade


Holland is a very smart defender with great eyes, good footwork, and great playmaking ability. Holland can line up anywhere on the field and be serviceable but he is best as a NCB or a box safety. He affects the underneath passing game and run at a very high level. His play recognition is strong and uses his eyes well when diagnosing runs and passes. Holland is a very good tackler and sheds blocks with ease. He has good ball skills. Overall, Holland is very well-rounded.


Holland is a player who is a master of nothing, but good at everything. Teams will love his versatility, but his cieling is capped due to the lack of specialization in a trait and the lack of elite athleticism. His range and ability as a deep safety is limited due to that athleticism and the lack of reps there. Holland has very few reps in press coverage, as he was not used in that way. Overall, Holland is a player with very few weaknesses other then his lack of elite traits.

Minor Left leg injuiry in 2019

Injury History

Games Evaluated

vs. Auburn (2019) / vs. WSU (2019) / vs. USC (2019) / vs. ASU (2019)

Big Picture

Holland is a very well-rounded player who has very few weaknesses. While Holland isn't an elite player, his ability to make plays in underneath zones, off-man coverage, and in the run give him a chance to make an immediate impact on the team that drafts him. Holland is at his best as a NCB and box safety, and will most likely struggle as a deep safety in the NFL. Holland is a very willing run defender and natural leader, which should help him quickly adjust and find a role in the NFL. I fully expect Holland to be a 2nd round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft due to his high floor and the possibility of immediate impact in their secondary.

Team Fit



Player Comp


Malcolm Jenkins

Draft Projection




Holland is a good but not great athlete with solid long speed, burst, and lateral agility. His play strength is best part of his athleticism, showing consistently in his ability to shed blocks, play through contact, and tackle defenders. His balance is great and allows him to be fluid in transitions and sort through the clutter against the run. His lateral agility and foot quickness are good enough, but against elite slot and quick receivers, it could limit his ability to cover them. His long speed can give him some issues in recovery, but is otherwise is good enough to play well.


Coverage Ability:



Big Play Ability

Holland is very versatile and disciplined in all coverages. In man, Holland has good footwork and disciplined eyes, only looking for the ball once in phase. His somewhat limited athleticism hurts him a bit in man, but overall Holland has shown an innate ability to get sticky, especially late in the play. In underneath zone coverage, Holland reads and recognizes quickly and attacks downhill violently, looking to either make a tackle or a play on the ball. His hips are very fluid and he shows good footwork that allows him to quickly transition downfield. Holland does not have a lot of experience in deep zones and I worry that his lack of athleticism will hurt his overall range and limit his ability to play as a single high MOF safety. His recovery is limited by his speed.




Holland has very good ball skills, shown by his high level of ball production (9 INTs and 10 PBUs). He closes on downhill routes quickly when playing zone or man and also closes gaps and fills downhill very quickly as well. His high-pointing ability was never really put to the test in the film I watched, but considering his high level ball skills, I would not doubt if he was at least decent at that. He has shown signs of being a talented blitzer, able to find gaps and time his blitzes to make plays in the backfield. He closes on the ball and on runs very quickly and with authority. Holland has a very quick trigger to close.

Run Support:



Holland might be at his best against the run. He is a superb tackler who isn't afraid of taking anyone head up and will lay the wood when necessary. He fills gaps and sorts through the clutter to find the ball carrier with ease and finds ways to affect the run game. He engages and releases from blocks in a multitude of ways, either by eluding them or stacking and shedding them. He does a fantastic job of working across the field to make tackles, but his lack of elite speed can hurt him when trying to catch ball carriers.



Holland is not afraid of anyone in the hole and will try to tackle anyone on the field. His motor is consistent and strong, his play rarely wavers and he doesn't make many big mistakes.




Holland is a very smart football player who can line up anywhere on the field. He is at his best when lined up as a NCB or a box safety, as he is merely serviceable at deep safety. He communicates very well, often pointing fellow DB's to assignements and reorganizing the defense after motions. His play recognition, especially against the run is very good, as he uses his eyes to quickly diagnose holes and fill them as a free runner against the run.

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