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Final Grade


Do-It-All type safety. His versatility to carry receivers downfield, velcro on slot receivers underneath, and make plays on the ball make him a defender you need to account for on every play. While not an elite tackler, he shows a strong desire to fill and close quickly in the run game. Many of his tackling deficiencies can be corrected with coaching. Ability to play the ball in man coverage without being overly physical is exceptional. Moves well for his size with CB cover skills with WR ball skills. Consistently in position for PBUs and forces a incompletions regularly. Plays with confidence and possesses high football IQ.


The glaring weakness is tackling. Moehrig arrives quickly but too often fails to breakdown and control himself at the point of contact. While he puts some hits on the highlight reel, he falls off of just as many tackles due to poor technique. Too many dives for ankles and thrown shoulders without a wrap to follow. Angles in run support are wild at times and not consistent. Seemed to improve in this aspect of his game in '20 vs. '19. While he's a very versatile safety, he's not an elite athlete. Average make up speed for a safety and little gear change when he has the ball in his hands. Seldom seen blitzing at TCU.

Injury History

Games Evaluated

Oklahoma ('19), WVU ('19), Oklahoma St. ('19), WVU ('20), Oklahoma St. ('20)

Big Picture

The 2020 Thorpe Award winner and Second Team All-American has showed he can be a versatile and productive safety at the next level. He possesses skills that allow him to contribute in a variety of ways. Coaches will fall in love with his ability to play the ball down the field, lock up slot WR's and trigger quickly in the run game. While he has tackling deficiencies, his aggression in the run game/screen game is admirable and project well with continued coaching. Has rare ability to play the ball for a 6'2 200lb safety. He's in his natural environment living in the hip pocket of a WR downfield and exploding to play the ball without being overly physical. He can also walk up on slot receivers and velcro on crossing routes. In an NFL where speed at WR position continues to increase, Moehrig brings a valued skill set as a cover safety. You may have to live with some wild and reckless plays in the run game as he continues to refine himself as a run defender, but should walk in and be a day one starter for the team that drafts him. Could be a set-it and forget-it fixture on the backend of an NFL defense for years due to his ability to contribute in all phases of the game. While he doesn't have the thumping tackling ability or 4.3 speed or 1st round safeties of the past, he's one of the more complete safeties available making him a safe choice for a team select in the back half or Round One or in Round 2. High floor prospect who is a true Junior and will only get better.

Team Fit



Player Comp


Jessie Bates

Draft Projection




Moehrig is an above average athlete with no glaring deficiencies. Athleticism allows for versatility to play centerfield and also lock up a slot receiver. Good but not great everywhere. Has speed to close fast in the run game, carry receivers downfield, and make plays when presented. More quick trigger explosive than a true speed demon. Doesn't show true gear change or recovery speed when beat. Plays fast due to his instincts, quick trigger, and commitment. Moves well for a 6'2 202 lb Safety.


Coverage Ability:



Big Play Ability

Versatile in coverage; one of his most valuable traits. Can carry receivers downfield, come up and cover the slot, or play centerfield. Does a beautiful job staying in hip pocket of receivers down the field with minimal contact and making plays on the ball. Covers the slot like a cornerback and velcros on receivers running crossing routes. Hips flip very naturally and is a very fluid mover for his size. Recovery speed is average.




Balls skills pop on tape. Plays the ball extremely well with minimal contact with receiver. Looks natural/receiver-like at the catch point and is not overmatched on 50/50 balls. Made several highlight reel plays on the football, showcasing tremendous technique and natural playmaking ability. Will impact the game with PBUs. Not used as a blitzer but has size and explosive get off to make an impact if schemed.

Run Support:



Shows a desire to get involved in the run game and quick to support. Fights to get off blocks and get to the ball. Does not consistently take correct angle in run support. Too often falls off of tackles and is not a strong wrap tackler. Arrives with bad intentions, just doesn't finish enough. Does not breakdown and arrives to the ball at near full speed leading to some highlight reel hits. Pursues hard but reckless at times.



Arrives to the ball quickly and looking to deliver a shot. Not afraid to lower his shoulder and separate a received from the ball. Plays with confidence and some swagger. Looked more decisive in '20 than '19. Pursues hard. Competes hard. Attacks screen passes at full speed and makes a statement when he arrives.




Assignment sound and can cover every position on the field. Seamlessly transitions to pick up receivers out of the backfield. Slot cover skills are a plus. Versatility may be his best attribute. Can do just about everything you need out of Safety. Processes and directs teammates pre-snap. Strong diagnostic skills.

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