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Dallas Goedert


South Dakota State





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Dallas Goedert is very athletic considering his size. He has good feet and body control with the ability to use his size to his advantage. He knows how to box defenders out using his frame and ragdoll smaller players in the blocking game. He has good build up speed, but will not take the top off any defense. He can beat linebackers to the spot of the ball and out power defensive backs. He is a quick off the line often displaying a smooth release. He can glide into his routes and utilizes his hands well when confronted in press. He has great concentration and solid hands. He consistently makes tough catches in traffic and is impressive after the catch. He can barrel through arm tackles and grabs, and doesn’t go down to first contact. Goedert has the talent to play all over the field. He has produced split out wide in the slot or attached tight to the line.


Goedert is not the shiftiest player to come out of the draft in recent years. He is a fluid athlete but can struggle with change of direction. He chops his feet and can be slow when attempting to reverse field or cut in a route. He is big athlete who can utilize his body to gain leverage and separation, but he will not beat anyone using his quickness or route running ability. He does not possess elite explosion, as he is more of a build-up speed type athlete. Possessing big strong hands, Goedert has the ability to catch tough balls thrown in traffic; however, he fights the ball rather than securing. This leads to drops or bobbled catches (which can lead to interceptions at the next level).

Big Picture

Goedert is a big-bodied TE with good athletic ability. He has quick feet and excellent body control. He knows how to shield defenders and gain leverage to beat coverage to the ball. He will never beat a defender solely using his quickness or technique. He needs to work on his route running ability, as he fails to drop his hips and can look slow in and out of his breaks. He needs to gain more flexibility, as he does not consistently play with good knee bend or pad level. He has good contact balance and would benefit highly from lowering his shoulder when initiating contact. Goedert has good build up speed with the ability to beat linebackers to the ball, but he will never take the top off a defense. Goedert is big and strong athlete that has the ability to open holes in the line or shield a defender on the edge. He is quick out of his stance and can get his hands on a defender quickly. He can overextend in space and lose his balance allowing his assignment to blow by him. He is not the most coordinated athlete, but he is powerful and can ragdoll smaller defensive backs. Goedert is an all around tight end with the ability to catch passes from each area of the field and block while tight to the line. He will be a productive player throughout his career, but he may take a few years to learn a full route tree and an NFL playbook.

Player Comp




Goedert is surprisingly athletic for his size. He has good feet and excellent body control. Goedert needs to work on his flexibility. He is a big-bodied player who needs to play with better knee bend and pad level. He would be ferocious with the ball in his hands if he could get his shoulder into the body of other defenders. Goedert doesn’t have great COD, but he is a fluid athlete. His body control assists him when he needs to break down and change direction in a route or with the ball in his hands. He does not possess elite explosion. He is more of build up speed type player. Goedert has good build up speed, but he will not take the top off any defense.

Lateral Agility
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Receiving Skills:



Big Play Ability

Route Running
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Spacing & Timing

Goedert displays a smooth release off the line. He can glide into his route, and has an excellent first step off the line when split out wide. Goedert is not the most precise route runner. He is a big athlete who understands how to gain leverage using his size. He will not beat anyone from his route running ability, and will create most of his damage on seem and crossing routes at the next level. Goedert will not gain separation from his athleticism or quickness, but he has the ability to gain leverage and boc out defenders. He has the build up speed to beat linebackers to the ball. Goedert has big strong hands, but he fights the ball. He needs to let the ball come to him and create a soft basket for the ball. He has the ability to go up and get the ball while maintaining concentration in heavy traffic. He is a powerful player with the ability to run after the catch. He can power through arm tackles and grabs and will not go down on first contact to a smaller defender. Doesn’t have great pad level and often hits the turf when a defender chooses to go low on his legs. Goedert has good ball protection; he has 3 total fumbles, fumbling once in each of the last three seasons.



He is a strong and big athlete that can shield the edge or open a hole in the middle. He is quick out of his stance and can get in the way of his assignment quickly. When he has a full head of steam, Goedert is a strong and willing blocker. He is excellent at shielding the edge and can take a defender out of the play. He is a powerful blocker with the ability to take a defender out of the play. He overextends occasionally and becomes off-balanced. He is not the most coordinated athlete and can get lost in space. Goedert doesn’t normally pass block, as he is a pass catching tight end. Goedert has good awareness. He doesn’t hesitate when blocking a defender after a teammate catches the ball, and he can find open spaces in the defense to sit and wait for the ball.

Hand Usage
Run Blocking
Blocking in Space
Pass Blocking
Leg Drive






Field Vision


He has an excellent build for the TE position. He is a powerful and athletic player with the ability to shield receivers using his frame or out power a smaller defender. Goedert has struggled with injuries throughout his career, and missed this years senior bowl due to a hamstring injury. He has good size for the position, but he will need to remain healthy to be an effective TE at the next level. Goedert has been extremely productive throughout his career. He has totaled 2404 yards over the past two seasons while securing 169 receptions. He is a dangerous big-bodied receiving threat heading to the next level. Goedert is very consistent. He works hard and plays to his full effort throughout a game. He can occasionally stop midway through a route or while blocking, which allows defenders to disrupt the play.

Aggression & Toughness
Catch Point Mentality



Goedert is an instinctive player who can usually decipher who to block. He can get caught standing after another player catches the ball. Goedert is a very smart player who has been a consistent presence since his true freshman season. He has the ability to block in the run game and run seam and crossing routes. He has not run a full route tree throughout his career, and it may take him time to learn a full NFL playbook and to improve his technique. Goedert lined up all over the field and has the potential to do the same at the next level. He found a lot of time outside as the x as well as in the slot. He will find time as the outside receiver but will primarily play attached to the line as a seam or crossing threat.

Play Awareness
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