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Final Grade

2020 - Nose injury

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2020 - Texas A&M, Alabama, Missouri

Team Fit





Is one of the faster tight ends both on the field and testing wise in recent memory. His athleticism from a standpoint of quickness, speed, lateral agility, and leaping ability will set him apart from the other tight ends in this class. Runs routes like a receiver and uses his ability to create separation and go up and get the ball to his advantage. Is a legit threat in the passing game on short, intermediate, and deep routes. Has the versatility to be used all over the formation which will keep him on the field at the next level.


While he isn't a horrible blocker, he isn't going to be necessarily feared in that aspect in his game. Needs to work on getting inside position with his hands and being more consistent with his leg drive. Seemed to let stronger defenders stop him in his tracks. Also needs to be able to find work in open space as a blocker quicker. His inconsistency as a blocker could make a team want to make sure they have a in-line blocking tight end to pair with him.

Big Picture

Pitts is one of the most highly touted tight end prospects of recent memory. While he had two very productive seasons as a starter at Florida, he truly separated himself this past year. In his third and final season with the Gators, Pitts caught 43 passes for 770 yards and 12 touchdowns. These numbers earned him the Mackey Award for the nation's top tight end along with unaminous First Team All-American and All-SEC honors. At the next level, Pitts is another prime example of what the elite tight ends in today's NFL look like, a tight end that can be lined up out wide as an electric receiving threat. His film, numbers, and Pro Day results speak for themselves making him one of the top overall prospects at any position in this class. While he will make his money with his receiving skills regardless, if Pitts can show more consistency as a blocker, he could be a true generational talent at the position. I will be completely surprised if Pitts falls out of the top ten picks once the draft comes and I see him having a lengthy, All-Pro caliber career once it is all said and done.

Player Comp

Darren Waller

Draft Projection




Is a very gifted athlete. Has receiver speed which allows him to run right by linebackers and even some defensive backs. Has the flexibility to use his length to his advantage to go up and grab jump balls or highly thrown passes. Is smooth when cutting to change direction. Explodes off the line of scrimmage with a sense of urgency and also shows explosion when going up for passes. Plays with solid play strength for the most part but can get knocked back by stronger defenders.


Receiving Skills:



Big Play Ability

Runs routes just as well if not better than most receivers. Showed that he can run a wide variety of routes and has some quickness in his breaks. Shows quick feet and a sense of urgency in his release. His speed helps him create separation in the deep passing game and has the quickness and understanding of route timing to create separation on short and intermediate routes. Has strong, reliable hands with the ability to make catches in traffic. Does a good job of looking the ball in with his hands. His length puts him at an advantage with his catch radius as he is a perfect weapon for jump ball and one on one situations when going up for a catch.



Isn't going to be drafted because of his blocking skills but he isn't terrible as a blocker. Shows good effort as a run blocker with a willingness to block and does a good job of sealing off defenders away from the ball carrier. Shows good leg drive for the most park but can work at being more consistent as some bigger defenders stop him in his tracks. Has decent aggression with his hands but must work on getting and maintaining inside position. Is used as a blocker in space on screens and as an H Back type of role and does a solid job but can get lost trying to find work at times. Won't be kept in much in passing situations as a blocker as he is inconsistent and too big of a receiving threat.






Field Vision


Shows willingness to get aggressive with defenders as a blocker, even if he is overpowered. Also doesn't shy away from taking on contact when making a catch. Showed that he is mentally tough enough to handle being double teamed frequently in college. Has the competitive mentality to go up and make contested catches at it's highest point regardless of who he is up against or where the ball is placed. He shows the drive to win in any situation. Plays with a high motor and doesn't seem to have any issues with effort.



Has good insticts especially in when to break on his routes and when to turn for the ball whether it be an over the shoulder catch or jump ball situation. Is typically on the same page as far as the play goes on when to break off his route to become a blocker and his general responsibilites whether it be a run or a pass. Is very versatile in the sense that he has played as an in-line tight end with his hand in the dirt, in the slot, out wide, and even as an off the ball H-Back/wing. However, still think he is best line up as a receiver.

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