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Mark Andrews







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Andrews is a great athlete when considering his 6’5” frame. He has quick feet with excellent body control. He is a savvy and crafty route runner capable of adjusting his routes when after reading the defense. He isn’t sudden or overly quick, but he possesses the ability to uncover near the line and in the second level. Surprisingly elusive, Andrews has the footwork and athleticism to make defenders miss in the open field. He is a mismatch for defensive backs, as he utilizes his frame to box them out of the play; his speed and quickness assist him in separating from slower cover linebackers. Andrews plays with a consistent pace through his route breaks in order to pull away from defenders. He is a quarterback’s best friend possessing excellent hands with the talent to drop low and scoop the ball or climb the ladder and complete a tough contested catch. He is a dominant red zone presence.


He is a fluid athlete but he is not the quickest or fastest player on any given field. He is a bulky TE with less athletic ability than he possessed in previous seasons. Andrews doesn’t possess breakaway speed or top gear acceleration; he struggles gaining separation from man coverage and will be an inconsistent option in the third level of the defense. He doesn’t always finish the play giving up on deep throws or slowing down when the ball is in reach. He is a liability in the blocking game. He is slow to his assignment and doesn’t show any enthusiasm when blocking. He has the strength to block someone in front of him, but a quick defender will blow right through him. He is a big-bodied player but is inconsistent and unreliable in the running game.

Big Picture

Andrews is a big-bodied and athletic prospect who plays with a receiver’s mentality. He is a pass catcher with great instinct and a feel for route adjustments. He has the ability to gain separation close to the line and in the second level but struggles with man coverage and can’t find open space in the third level. He is a big and reliable target with strong hands. He is a big red zone threat with a large window to haul in passes and the ability to go low or high to catch a pass. He knows how to box out defenders in close coverage utilizing his size. Despite Andrews’ size, the Oklahoma product is an inconsistent blocker lacking the determination and technique needed as a three down TE. He has potential to be a solid pass catching TE in the league but will act as a liability in the run game.

Player Comp




Andrews has great athleticism when considering his size. He has fairly quick feet and great body control. He looks like a large slot receiver when he runs. Andrews has the ability to bend in his breaks while keeping his knees bent, but he tends to run straight up without hip bend. He runs with high pad level once the ball is in his hands. He has the ability to change direction dropping his hips to run routes and plant his foot to drive up field. He is surprisingly elusive and can avoid defenders in the open field. Andrews is a fluid athlete, but he lacks explosion. He is smooth when running his route and can slide off the line, but he doesn’t explode out of his breaks and struggles gaining separation as a result. Andrews has good build up speed, but he struggles gaining separation in the third levels of the defense. He has the ability to break away from cover linebackers, but he doesn’t possess dangerous deep speed.

Lateral Agility
Play Strength


Receiving Skills:



Big Play Ability

Route Running
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Spacing & Timing

Andrews is a fluid athlete with a smooth release. He needs to work on his first step, as he hesitates with extra motion instead of driving into his route. He isn’t extremely physical and struggles when pressed but his size helps him release against a jam. Andrews is a good route runner with the ability to line up anywhere on the field. He has a good knowledge of the route tree and can gain separation close to the line utilizing his route running. He will make contested catches over the middle of the field and when running the seem as he knows how to shield dfenders form the ball utilizing his size. He doesn’t bend in his route and will need to learn how to drive back to the ball when it is in the air. He can again separation on short and intermediate routes but he struggles to gain distance when working in the third level. He has the speed and route running ability to beat a linebacker but struggles against fast and quicker defenders. Andrews has excellent hands with the ability to make contested catches in traffic. He occasionally fights the ball and will drop it when he turns up field to early rather than looking the ball in. He is a big-bodied player with great contact balance; however, he is better in the open field consistently making defenders miss. Andrews doesn’t fumble often and does an excellent job of holding the ball with two arms when in contact with a defender. He has long and strong arms and won’t have any issues with fumbling at the next level.



Andrews isn’t an effective or efficient blocker. He is a body that attempts to stand in the way of a rusher. He is slow to his assignment and doesn’t show any enthusiasm when blocking. He has the strength to block someone in front of him, but a quick defender will blow right through him. Andrews lacks aggression and gives poor effort. He has poor hand usage and takes bad angles when blocking. He doesn’t know where to look when blocking in space and takes poor angles to his assignment. Andrews is a pure pass catching TE and he won’t contribute in the run game. Andrews wouldn’t succeed in any pass blocking situation. If he was used as an H-back and was blocking in the backfield, he would act as a rag doll in the face of a strong and quick pass rush. Andrews has good instincts, but he struggles with poor angles and shows minimal effort when blocking. He often doesn’t know who to block or what to do in any given situation. He can sustain a block if the defender is right in front of him.

Hand Usage
Run Blocking
Blocking in Space
Pass Blocking
Leg Drive






Field Vision


Andrews has good size and athleticism for the position. He doesn’t have any long term injury concerns, but he has suffered from bumps and bruises throughout his career that has caused him to miss game time. Andrews had a very productive Junior campaign. He was a reliable target for the Heisman winner showed an excellent amount of talent catching balls in traffic and running excellent routes out wide, the slot and tight to the line. Andrews has a very high consistency in the passing game, but he slows down at the top of his route and will give up on balls thrown deep down the field. He also gives poor effort and lacks enthusiasm as a blocker.

Aggression & Toughness
Catch Point Mentality



Andrews has excellent instincts and often knows when to cut his route short and sit in a whole in the defense. He knows how to leverage his size and shield the defender from the ball, but struggles with turning upfield to early. He has trouble finding his blocking assignment and generally take poor angles to defenders often getting their late and missing his opportunity to spring a back. Andrews will not contribute as a blocker, but he has the ability to run routes all over the field. He has the ability to play all over the field, and can produce on short and intermediate routes. He struggles to gain separation from man coverage, but he can be an effective receiver out wide, in the slot or coming off the line.

Play Awareness
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