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Final Grade

Injury History

Games Evaluated

vs. ASU ('19), Utah ('19), vs Oregon ('19/'20), vs Notre Dame ('19), vs WSU ('20)

Team Fit





St. Brown has the speed to manufacture some separation in man coverage but a bulk of his bread will come from his route running. Rarely tips his routes and is crisp (with a few exceptions). Has smooth, fluid hips and it makes it difficult for DBs to track his movement. Amon-Ra has a quick get off that's coupled with his breaks on routes which make him very shifty in off man coverage and does a good job at stretching the field. Amon-Ra shows a willingness to block in the run game and doesn't reach too much or get handsy. If the ball hits his hands, it's safe to say he'll catch it. He has great concentration on the ball and rarely lets the ball travel too far and meets the ball with soft hands, has an above average catch radius. With the ball in his hand, he can force missed tackles and navigate the open field a bit like a running back. As a blocker, he at least shows a willingess to block.


Because of his speed and release, St. Brown hasn't had to deal with press coverage. His limited experience against press man is a cause for concern and rarely had hands put on him. When he doesn't get a free release, he doesn't have the same level of separation and can seemed a little rushed. Has some issues with his balance at times where he falls coming out of his break. Against the run, St. Brown is slow mirroring DBs movement because a bit of a late reaction and catches him out of place a little. Needs work with processing after the play breaks down in the scramble drill, can find some holes in zone coverage but needs to work back to the QB more and provide a window for completion.

Big Picture

St. Brown thrives with what he is asked to do. But at the next level, he might start off a little limited due to how USC used him. He is projected to play mostly out of the slot (despite a healthy amount of plays outside in college), he didn't see much of press man which might relegate him early on to the slot at the next level. His route tree wasn't too limited and shows skills and nuances in his route running that will make teams excited. In what could very well be an even better receiving class than last year, Amon-Ra St. Brown finds himself right in the mix of things (top 10) and another after another year of success at USC puts him in position to land inside the top 75. St. Brown's size will give him the ability to play all over the place and USC wasn't afraid to do just that, even playing him at RB. St. Brown is a QB's best friend with his ball skills and athleticism, expect him to step into play at the next level and make meaningful contributions early.

Player Comp

Tyler Boyd

Draft Projection



Route Running:


Big Play Ability

Amon-Ra St. Brown has the full field at his disposal just because of how he not only has great control over his body but also his ability to accelerate and stretch the field. When he has the ball in his hands, he is very shify and ellusive but can also force missed tackles. Quick start and stop ability due to his smooth and nuanced control over his hips.

Ball Skills:






Amon-Ra was asked to do a lot at USC which shows how well his athletic ability and competativeness translates but it was clear that he wasn't the same player when put outside the numbers as opposed to playing from the slot. He reads and finds holes in underneath coverages very well. He is instinctual as a runner, he knows what's around him and rarely finds himself caught off guard or in a bad situation.

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