Ben Skowronek


Notre Dame






Final Grade

Injury History

Games Evaluated

Syracuse(20), Boston College(20)

Team Fit





Big, strong and very physical receiver. He is a reliable target for his QB, because he a relentless motor and will find a way to get open no matter how long it takes. Has strong hands and great concentration, which very good at contested catches. You can tell he has no problem playing through contact, in fact I would say he sometimes invites the contact. He is good at high pointing passes and being in the right position to make the catch. He is a very clean route runner and when the ball is in his hands, he going to give his all to maximize the play.


Not the swiftest athlete. He isn't going to break many anckles with his agility. Can be a stiff runner at times, which gives a defensive back time to react to him and make the play. Has decent burst and speed, but that is definitely not his game. Had consistent production, but never gained more than 650 yards in a season. Plays very aggressive and can get himself in trouble, by trying to do too much.

Big Picture

Skowronek is an overall well rounded WR, that I believe can become a very reliable target for whatever team gets him. He will be a player who isn't a number one receiver, but I do think can make an instant impact for his team. Similar to Hunter Renfrow's rookie year. He is a fierce competitor and gives maximum effort anytime he touches the field. I think he will be a special teams stud right away, simply because of his competitiveness. He is also the type player who plays much faster than he will test, which is why I think he's very comparable to Cooper Kupp. He will bring toughness to his receiver room and a lot of energy. I see him as an early day 3 draft pick, with the potential of being his team's steal of the draft.

Player Comp

Jordy Nelson & Cooper Kupp

Draft Projection



Route Running:


Big Play Ability

Ball Skills:






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