Damonte Coxie








Final Grade

Injury History

Games Evaluated

SMU (2020), Cincinnati (ACC Champ 2019), Ole Miss (2019), Temple (2019)

Team Fit





A deep threat WR that had good size and a good catching radius. The ability to track the ball deep down the field and catch the ball was his pure hands is his biggest strengths. Coxie has long strides that allows him to pull away from defenders in the open field if he is running at a good rate of speed. This is a physical WR at the LOS in press situations and will fight for extra yards. He will not be a liability when he has to make a block for one of his teammates.


The ability to have top speed and an explosive burst was not always present. There is not an amazing flexibility component in his game. Coxie does not have an amazing lateral movement ability as well. He does not have the ability to make sharp cuts and make COD moves in space. Gaining consistent separation throughout his routes was also nonexistent at times. This is not a versatile WR that can be lined up all over the field. Coxie is a boundary type of WR.

Big Picture

Damonte Coxie out of Memphis is a WR that opted out of the 2020 season after two games. Coxie put up big numbers in 2019 and was able to make huge plays for the Memphis Tigers. This is a WR that leans on his ability to track the ball down the field and out leverage opponents with his pure size. Coxie is not a quick WR that can change directions on a dime and can be played at any of the wide receiver roles. Coxie is simply a boundary type of WR that has good deep speed and can fight of press coverage. Coxie is a physical present that fights for extra yards with his pure strength. He is not going to out juke defenders in space. Coxie does have long strides to outrun some defenders but if he is not running with a good burst of speed then he can be tracked down. Coxie does have good hands to make contested catches but a few balls did get away from his grasp when engaging in huge blows. The ability to run good deep and intermediate routes is present in his game. Short and quicker routes have some room of improvement to get done for Coxie at the next level. Overall, Coxie is a deep threat with a good catching radius that should be a selection on day 2 or 3 of the draft.

Player Comp

Tyrell Williams

Draft Projection



There is not a whole lot of lateral movement ability and elusiveness in his game. He is much stiffer when he moves, and it is evident when Coxie makes a cut or comes out of a break in his route. This is a WR that benefits off his long strides to get moving deep down the field. His long strides allow him to have good speed to outrun defenders in open space. However, there is not an explosive burst to accelerate quickly. Coxie play strength is a power WR that wins by out leveraging his opponent at the POA.

Route Running:


Big Play Ability

His release does not have the most explosive burst off the LOS, but his feet are surprisingly quick for his size. Coxie’s clean footwork allows him run good deep and intermediate routes. However, he does not have the speed to gain huge separation throughout his routes. Coxie does have trouble running quick COD routes. Coxie was able to run slant routes with good speed because he is able to lead receivers with his shoulder before he breaks into the route. Coxie does not get the best spacing in between defenders with his route running ability but he can out leverage opponents with his size.

Ball Skills:


A huge catching radius is present in his game. Coxie can stretch out and catch balls with his pure hands. On film, he made big times catches for first downs. Coxie is able to high point the ball deep down the field and climb the latter to make leaping catches over smaller DBs. At times, he was able to make contested catches, but a few balls did get away from him after engaging contact with the defender. Catching the ball comes natural to Coxie and his hands are the best part of his game.



This is an aggressive WR that is tough after the catch. Coxie fight for extra yards with more physicality than pure speed. After the catch, he is not going to run away from defenders on a consistent basis. In the run game, he makes good blocks and can drive CBs backwards. He does not have the best balance when contact is delivered but he was able to catch his feet on a few plays.



Coxie was able to read certain coverages and was able to weave in & out of certain zones to make plays. He was good at recognize press looks and exposing them when releasing into the breaking point of his routes. This is not a WR that is going to work the middle of the field with quick moves and is best utilized on the outside boundaries.

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