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Once he's further into his route, he can turn on a dime and spin off defenders. Very physical and aggressive blocker. Plays smart on runs and knows when and from what angle to engage the defender. He consistently puts himself in the best location to catch the ball and has a nice catch radius. He isn't the biggest, so he won't rip the ball away from defenders but he's athletic enough to come down with it more often than not.


Accelerates off the line well enough but starts out with some slow and heavy feet that only get quicker downfield, but he does have nice long strides. Doesn't have a lot of reps in the center of the field, and is mostly a middle to deep or curl threat. Would like to see his abilities with footwork downfield shown on some shorter routes to become more dangerous. Downfield he doesn't get a lot of seperation with speed and can struggle shaking coverage if they are agile enough to stay with him.

Big Picture

Fitzpatrick is a competitive and smart player. He always plays through the entire play, trying to adjust his routes and get the catch until the whistle. He always engages defenders and is very effective in the blocking game. It's one of his better skills and adds to an already impressive game. He improved his footwork from 2019 to 2020 a great deal and is now much more of a mismatch. He has a slim frame and will struggle in the NFL against physical press corners, so he'll need to use his hands more and fight at the line of scrimmage on pass plays more. If he adds muscle, with his size his catch radius should improve as well. His route tree needs a lot of work, as he rarely touches the middle of the field, even on run after catch, so he'd be best suited to go somewhere with a quarterback who can help him with that. He has a lot to work on, but is still an enticing prospect with his natural skills and competitiveness. Due to the work he needs, he may fall to day three, but don't be shocked if his name in the late picks of day two.

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