Dyami Brown


North Carolina






Final Grade

Injury History

Games Evaluated

NC State (2020), Virgina (2020), Wake Forest (2020), Clemson (2019)

Team Fit





Brown is a legit vertical threat. He runs a sub 4.5 and has quick feet at the snap. This paired with his ability to track down the football, makes him an intriguing and exciting deep route runner. He is solid in the short passing game, especially running routes such as slants and curls. He is effective on double moves and does a good job of getting defenders out of position. He is a tough and gritty receiver who is not afraid to catch short passess over the middle. For his frame, he has excellent contact balance. He has a great ability to break tackles and pick up chunk yardage plays. He flashed the ability to come down with the ball in traffic. He is a terrific stalk blocker on the perimeter. He relishes at the opportunity to get physical and put defenders in the dirt. This is a testament to his aggression. His athleticism makes him versatile in many schemes.


Brown is undersized for X position in the NFL, due to his slender frame. He does not have burner speed and does not possess a 2nd gear. This causes him to struggle to create seperation against better defenders. It is also a concern if he tries to make the switch to slot in the NFL. He struggles with drops. He has a tendency to drop open passess and a problem finishing catches down the field. His route tree was limited at North Carolina. He often takes false steps at the snap of the ball, which causes him to get jammed in press coverage.

Big Picture

Brown is a vertical route runner, who poses a threat in the deep passing game at the next level. Although Brown is not a burner type receiver. He has a great release and a knack for tracking the football down the field. He has the ability to go to work in the short passing game due to his release and fearless attitude over the middle. He is a major asset as a blocker on the perimeter, which every NFL coach loves to have. Brown will be an outside receiver in the NFL. However, due to his struggles in press coverage and struggles creating separation. He may be most effective in a system that deploys him according to down and distance. If Brown can eliminate the drops, he could be a solid WR 3 with potential to be WR 2 for any team that drafts him. He will be an immediate help in the deep passing game.

Player Comp

Nelson Agholor

Draft Projection



Brown is a decent athlete. He shows good, not burner type speed down the field. He has good lateral agility, that allows him to be smooth in and out of breaks. He flashes good burst at the snap. He plays very strong for his frame.

Route Running:


Big Play Ability

Brown has an excellent release paired with his lightning foot quickness. His route tree was limited in college, but shows promise that he can expand his route tree at the next level. He struggles to create seperation against faster and more physical defenders. He has great body control down the field. He does a nice job of spacing himself underneath in zone coverage.

Ball Skills:


Brown battled drops over the course of his collegiate career. He has a decent catch radius for his frame. He flashed the ability to high point the football and come down with it in traffic. However, he will need to continue to work on this if he wants to play on the outside at the next level.



Brown's aggression and toughness is exciting to watch. He is a very willing and able blocker on the perimeter, who loves to drive defenders and put them in the turf. His ability to absorb hits and stay on his feet makes him a solid receiver after the catch. He has the ability to break tackles and pick up first downs with ease.



Brown showed good instincts in zone coverage. He has the ability to see soft spots in zone coverage and exploit them for big plays. Brown is versatile in regards to his ability to play both inside and outside. However, Brown is more suited to line up outside.

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