Elias "Whop" Philyor








Final Grade

Concussion (2019), Ankle (2018)

Injury History

Games Evaluated

vs Ohio State (2020), vs Penn State (2019), vs Michigan State (2019), vs Purdue (2019)

Team Fit





Philyor is a gritty and agile slot receiver. He possesses burner type speed paired with water bug type agility. He can change direction on a dime and leave defenders in the dirt. Once he has the ball in space...look out! He has the ability to break plays for large chunks. He explodes off the line and creates great separation between him and the defender. He has a knack for reading and picking apart zone coverages, making him a dangerous threat. Philyor is a great pound for pound player. He throws his body weight around and is as tough as they come in the slot. He plays with a lot of heart and he shows it by throwing blocks and putting his body on the line to pick up extra yards.


Philyor's small frame and stature is a major concern. It results in Philyor struggling to secure catches in traffic and he gets jammed easily off the line. Philyor has a limited catch radius due to his size and struggles to high point the football. He has a tendency to drop open passes and drop passes in the middle of the field. He does his best to block, but his small frame causes him to get easily beat on the perimeter by larger defenders. At Indiana, Philyor only ran screens, drags and jets. It appears his route tree as of right now is limited.

Big Picture

Philyor is a true slot receiver with a lot of upside. He has the ability to create seperation and take the top off defenses. He also is a zone breaker, who is able to find the soft spots in zone coverage and exploit them. Once Philyor has the ball in open space, he is extremely slippery and dangerous. Philyor's small frame raises questions on whether he can take an NFL hit and it limits his ability to catch the ball in traffic. He is a willing blocker, but will need to get stronger in order to hold his own on the perimeter. What Philyor lacks in size, he makes up for in heart and toughness. He is an early day 3 pick, who can have an instant impact in a system that is looking for a deep threat as well as be an effective return man on special teams, but will need time to develop as a prolific route runner and put on a little weight.

Player Comp

Marquise Brown, Sterling Shepard

Draft Projection



Philyor is extremely elusive and agile in the open field. He has the ability to break every play for touchdown. He has a great burst off the line and can burn defenders over the top with his lightning speed. His strength is lacking due to his small frame.

Route Running:


Big Play Ability

Philyor has a great release, but struggles getting a clean release out of press coverage. He was only asked to run screens, outs, drags and jets in college, so his route tree is limited. He utilizes his agility and speed to create great separation from defenders. His spacing against zone coverages is a thing of beauty. His body control is average for his size.

Ball Skills:


Philyor has average hands. At times he tends to drop passes, especially with defenders lurking. His catch radius and ability to high point the football is limited due to his size. He struggles to make contested catches.



Philyor is as tough as they come for a small framed receiver. He has no problem sticking his nose in a defender and picking up what he can. The best part of his skill set is his ability to run after the catch. He is threat to score at anytime with ball in his hands. He struggles to stay on his feet when absorbing a blow from the defender. Philyor is a willing blocker, but his effectiveness as a blocker is scarce.



Philyor has a great ability to recognize different zone coverages and pick them apart. His instincts as a receiver in the slot are decent. His position versatility is limited due to his frame, but could serve as an effective return man.

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