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2019 - Alabama, Auburn, Clemson

Team Fit





His biggest strength comes after the catch. Chase is a very violent ball carrier with the ability to break tackles in open space. Although he isn't a burner, he also has the ability to get up the field and run away from defenders in space. Is going to win many one on one battles when it comes to contested catches as he can go up and get jump balls and also will win across the middle and in the red zone due to his play strength and contact balance. His overall toughness will keep him on the field at the next level.


Would like to see him have more urgency off the line of scrimmage. Doesn't have slow feet by any means but seems to take too many unnecessary steps at times which helps defenders get their hands on him. Will also need to find more ways to create separation as defenders at the next level won't be bullied by pure strength as easily. His size could also be a concern in some instances but he plays a lot bigger than he is. Small sample size could be an issue to some teams as he only had one true season of dominance and benefited from being in one of the best offense's in college football history.

Big Picture

Even after opting out of the 2020 college football season, Ja'Marr Chase is very much in the picture for WR1 in this year's draft class. His 2019 season was so impressive that there honestly wouldn't have been much room for improvement. Chase was a key contributor to the Tigers' National Championship run, catching 84 passes for 1,780 yards and 20 touchdowns (led the nation in both touchdowns and yards). This performance helped him earn the Biletnikoff Award and unaminous First-Team All American honors as a true sophomore. At the next level, Chase projects as a true WR1. He can be used across the formation with the ability to run routes out of the slot and on the outside. His competitiveness and ball skills will make him a player that his team wants to keep on the field and get the ball in his hands. He could go as high as the top three picks in this year's draft and I would be very surprised if he slipped out of the top ten as he has the potential to be an elite receiver in the league for many years to come.

Player Comp

A.J. Brown

Draft Projection



Is smooth when changing direction and looks natural when moving laterally. Isn't going to have a ton of quick moves in open space to make defenders miss but shows the ability to evade tacklers when they don't run their feet. Shows a solid amount of burst after the catch with the ability to run away from defenders. Has enough deep speed to be reliable in the deep passing game but isn't a burner and doesn't have the elite deep speed to consistently create separation. Play strength is one of his best traits as he runs very hard after the catch with the ability to break tackles.

Route Running:


Big Play Ability

Has a good variety of releases at the beginning of his routes but would still like to see more urgency off the line of scrimmage. Shows that he can run short, intermediate, and deep routes but is most effective on the shorter and intermediate routes. His lack of elite quickness off the ball and speed makes it difficult for him to create separation at times but his strength helps him to beat man coverage. Has good body control when making breaks in his routes and shows a solid understanding of spacing and timing to get open.

Ball Skills:


Shows reliable hands as he does a good job of looking the ball in before bringing it in. Has a high catch radius and does a great job of going up and catching the ball at it's highest point. Is tremendous at making catches in traffic using his strength to wall off defenders to make a play on the ball. Posseses the leaping ability to win in jump ball situations and isn't afraid to make catches across the middle while taking on contact.



Is a very tough, hard nosed player that doesn't shy away from contact whether it be as a ball carrier, blocker, or bringing in a catch. Chase is one of those players who is always a threat to make things happen after the catch. He runs extremely hard with the ability to break tackles and has the speed to get up the field run away from defenders in the open field as well. Has tremendous contact balance as he seems to bounce off defenders with ease and doesn't stop running his feet. As a blocker, he does a good job of walling off the defender and shows good willingness to block.



Shows great insticts when turning to go up for jump balls. Also gets his head turned at the right time to make catches over the shoulder. Displays a good understanding of different coverages which he uses to find openings in coverage. At LSU, he showed that he can play both outside and out of the slot and also came out of the backfield in certain formations.

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