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Toney is a very explosive athlete with the ball in his hands. Has the quickness and speed to make defenders miss or simply outrun them in the open field after a short pass and take it the distance. Is also a strong runner for his size with the ability to break tackles. Uses his quickness to his advantage in his route running with quick breaks in his routes to create separation. This makes him a problem on short and intermediate routes. In the deep passing game, he uses his quickness off the ball to create initial separation but has the deep speed to maintain it. Has solid versatility in that he can play in the slot, be used on jet sweeps, out of the backfield, special teams, or possibly in the wildcat.


Didn't show a ton of variety in his route tree in college. Was most dangerous on screens and short passes where he relied on his athleticism to turn them into big plays. While he can be used in many different ways in the offense, his size will likely keep him in the slot for the most part as a receiver. Does show some aggression as a blocker but fails at time to stay on blocks or can be overpowered by bigger defenders. His lack of length could hinder him when it comes to contested catches or going up for jump balls.

Big Picture

Kadarius Toney was a very big piece of Florida's offense the past few seasons. This past season, he was one of the most electric players in college football, showing that he can do it all. Toney finished his senior year with 1,439 all-purpose yards including 70 catches for 984 yards and ten touchdowns. He also had a rushing and punt return touchdown. These numbers helped earn him an invitation to the 2021 Reese's Senior Bowl. At the next level, Toney should be a perfect fit as a slot receiver that can be used both as a pass catcher and a ball carrier on jet sweeps and out of the backfield. He is simply the type of player that his team will want to find a way to get the ball in his hands as he is always a threat to take it the distance. Toney also has added value as he will make an immediate impact on special teams as a returner. I see him being selected in the late first round by a team needing an extra playmaker in their offense. If used the right way, Toney could be the next explosive type of weapon that we are starting to see have tremendous success in the league.

Player Comp

Percy Harvin

Draft Projection



One of the most dangerous traits for Toney is his elusiveness. His quickness and ability to change direction makes him a problem in the open field as he has no problem making defenders miss as a ball carrier. Has a solid amount of burst both out of his routes and in the open field as he can hit a second gear to run away from defenders. Posseses the speed to create separation from defenders in the deep passing game. Also shows good play strength as a ball carrier as he can run through lazy tackles and keeps his legs moving on first contact.

Route Running:


Big Play Ability

Shows a nice amount of quickness/suddeness in his release. Also shows good foot quickness when making breaks in his routes. Uses his speed and quickness to his advantage to create separation from defenders. Has good body control in his route running as he looks fluid when changing direction and changing speed. Shows a solid understanding of spacing and timing in his routes for the most part but improve in that area. Didn't run a huge variety of routes as he was most useful in the quick game, screens, and the occasional fade route where he was asked to make plays after the catch.

Ball Skills:


Has solid hands as he does a good job of looking the ball in before he starts to make his next move as a ball carrier. Due to his lack of length, doesn't have a very high catch radius by any means. That lack of length will also hinder him when making contested catches against longer, more athletic defensive backs. However, he does have the athleticism to go up and get jump balls if asked to.



After the catch is where Toney will make the biggest impact. His elusiveness and speed in the open field makes him a threat to take a short pass to the end zone at any given moment. Also showed that he is a hard runner for his size with the ability to break tackles. Keeps good contact balance as a ball carrier and won't shy away from contact in the open field. As a blocker, he shows a solid amount of aggression but gets overpowered at times simply due to a size difference.



Shows good instincts in the open field as he has good judgement of tackling angles so that he knows when to make a cut to make avoid defenders. Also doesn't seem to struggle when turning for the ball at the right moment when being thrown to. Has a solid understanding of different coverages as he can find openings in the secondary when needed. Played many different roles in Florida's offense as an outside receiver, in the slot, and as a ball carrier. Will be most useful in the slot when looked at as a receiver but is an offensive weapon that simply needs the ball in his hands in any type of role.

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