Marlon Williams








Final Grade

Injury History

Games Evaluated

Memphis (2020), Cincinnati (2020), Houston (2020) Geogia Tech (2020)

Team Fit





Tough player that is able to make contested catches and can bounce off hits to continue down the field. Good ability to run short and intermediate routes. Is a WR that excels in the slot and is able to move the chains for his team because of his wiliness to fight for extra yards. His hands are soft and will allow him to excel at the next level. Williams is not a liability in the run game when its comes to blocking. Make good blocks to give his teammates room to run.


The ability to have explosive speed to be a constant deep threat that will stretch the field is not present. Being able to climb the latter against bigger DBs is an issue in his game. He does not have the ability to run away from top speed defenders in open space. Making quick dynamic cuts to lose a defender in space is not the type of ball carrier he is. Having an explosive jump off the LOS is not present as well.

Big Picture

Marlon Williams is a WR out of UCF that has good overall hands to haul in passes anywhere on the football field. This is a WR that excels at working in the slot and moving the chains with forceful/aggressive moves. He is not going to make explosive cuts on defenders in space and prefers to use a violent stiff arm. Williams is not a deep threat WR with explosive speed coming off the LOS. He is not going to constantly stretch the field for his team. He does not have the most amazing flexibility and has trouble climbing the latter against bigger CBs. This is a WR that is able to gain good separation because he run routes with good anticipation. Williams can read defensive coverages and explode them in the middle of the field. He does make good blocks on defenders in the run and pass game as well. Certainly, Williams is not the most explosive WR in this draft, but he can play at any of the X, Y, and Z receiver roles. Williams is a solid selection in the later rounds.

Player Comp

James Washington

Draft Projection



There is a good burst off the LOS when Williams goes to release into his route. However, this is not a WR with incredible burst in the open field. He does not have explosive deep speed, but he can run away from some defenders if he already has separation in the route. Williams is not super elusive which affects his lateral movement ability to make super sharp cuts verus defenders in space. His play strength is a strong possession type of a receiver that wants to move the chains with force.

Route Running:


Big Play Ability

The release off the LOS is at a good level but it is not super explosive. His feet are not super quick, but they do posses enough juice to run some crisp routes to fool defenders. Williams benefits in the slot where he can run slant routes, in & out routes, zig routes and quick bubble screens. This is not a WR that is going to consistently stretch the field. He does not get deep down the field quick enough to be a deep threat. He was able to run some good intermediate routes and is able to excel in hard fought YAC. Williams does have good body control and can gain separation throughout his routes because of his ability to sell the direction he is running at. He gains better separation in shorter route concepts the deeper ones.

Ball Skills:


His hands are a part of his game that will allow him to excel. Williams has soft hands that allow him to make off-target catches but a few balls did get away that were thrown below his knees. Williams does not have a huge catching radius, but he was able to stretch out to haul in passes at his directions. He makes contested catches before he takes huge blows and can bounce off the hits to continue down the field. Williams can high point the ball in front of smaller defenders but CBs with height did give him problems.



Williams did take some huge shots by defenders and was able to absorb the hits with toughness. This is a WR that runs with aggression and will try to run through defenders at the POA. Does not have the best speed and explosiveness after the catch but he did gain a good volume of YAC because he fights for extra yards. Williams does have the ability to run block with efficiency. Best blocks were on bubble screens where he was able to drive CBs backwards.



At times, he was able to recognize the defensive coverage when he was running his routes. This is a WR that can play at any of the X, Y, and Z receiver roles but his best work comes out of the slot. Has good instincts and knows how to exploit defenders in space with stiff arms.

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