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The main thing that stands out with Wallace are his tremendous ball skills. He has solid hands, looking the ball in instead of letting it come into his body. Has a very high catch radius with the ability to go up and get passes at their highest point. If it is a jump ball situation in traffic, Wallace will win that battle most of the time. While he isn't the fastest receiver, he is a strong runner after the catch, getting up the field quickly with the ability to break tackles in open face. Shows good timing in his breaks as a route runner. Also shows promise as a blocker as he does a good job of walling off the defender and shows a solid amount of aggression when blocking on the outside on screen passes or in the run game.


Wallace didn't run a huge variety of routes in college due to the scheme he was in. As a route runner, he struggles to create initial separation against press coverage at times due to lack of quickness off the ball. Also doesn't possess elite speed in the deep passing game to create separation on fade/go routes. Is more smooth than quick in his route running. Health is also a concern for Wallace as he has dealt with knee injuries in his college career.

Big Picture

Wallace was one of the key pieces for the Cowboys throughout his collegiate career. His breakout year came as a sophomore in 2018 where he earned himself recognition as a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award and was named a First Team All-American by several publications. He was on his way to another huge year as a junior but unfortunately ended up missing time due to an injury. After deciding to return for his senior year, Wallace put up solid numbers catching 59 passes for 922 yards and six touchdowns. This earned him an invitation to the 2021 Reese's Senior Bowl. At the next level, Wallace would be the perfect WR2 or 3 for a team that has a solidified WR1 but is looking for someone to take some attention away or be an additional weapon. He will likely play as a Z receiver but could be moved around if needed. Wallace will be a good threat in the deep passing game or in the red zone due to his high catch radius and competitiveness when fighting for contested catches. I see Wallace being a very solid pick on Day 2 between the second and third rounds and having a lengthy, successful career if he can stay healthy.

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Golden Tate III

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Wallace has about average athleticisim for a starting caliber wide receiver. Doesn't have off the charts lateral agility but is elusive enough to make defenders miss in the open field to pick up extra yards. Also doesn't have an insane amount of burst as he seems to stay at the same speed and doesn't really explode off the line of scrimmage. Isn't a burner and won't see him create separation in the deep passing game often but also isn't so slow that he is unreliable on deep routes. Shows a nice amount of play strength as he is a strong runner with the ball showing the ability to break tackles and also has enough strength to be a successful blocker.

Route Running:


Big Play Ability

Would like to see more urgency from him at the beginning of his routes. His lack of quickness off the line of scrimmage makes it easier for corners to jam him and get in his hip pocket in man coverage. Also doesn't have the elite speed or quickness to create a ton of separation, forcing him to make a lot of contested catches. Didn't run a huge variety of routes due to their scheme but did show that he has a solid understanding of timing/spacing in his routes to find gaps in the secondary. Shows good fluidity in his routes, being more of a smooth route runner than quick.

Ball Skills:


Has some of the best ball skills in this receiver class. Does a good job of looking the ball in with his hands and plucking it away from his body before bringing it in. Shows a very high catch radius and does a good job of going up and getting the jump ball. Is dangerous in the red zone and on 50/50 deep balls as he is very good at making catches through contact and catching the ball at it's highest point.



Shows solid toughness as he isn't afraid to take on contact when making catches and maitains good balance when bringing in those catches and as a ball carrier. Has the ability to break tackles in open space as a strong runner. Does a great job of getting up the field quickly to pick up extra yards and has good vision as a ball carrier. Shows a great amount of willingness as a blocker in the run game and does a great job of walling off the defender. Is very aggressive as a blocker on the perimeter on screen passes.



Shows great instincts when turning to go up and get jump balls in one on one situations in the deep passing game and in the red zone. Also has good instincts as a ball carrier showing that he understands pursuit angles and knows when to cut or change speed in the open field. Has a solid understanding of different coverages as he can find ways to find the gaps in zones. As far as position versatility goes, he has shown that he can play both outside and in the slot but might be best suited as a true Z receiver at the next level.

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