AJ Dillon

Running Back

Boston College

6' 0"

247 lbs



Injury History: Ankle Sprain (2018)

Games Evaluated: 2019 Vs: Clemson, Notre Dame, N.C. State, Florida State

Report By: Jacob Patterson

Scouting Report


Q.A.B.: 8.00
Flexibility: 7.50
C.O.D.: 7.50
Explosion: 8.00
Top End Speed: 7.30

Dillon's agility pops off the tape. For a guy his size, he has more quickness and burst than anticipated. Not a guy with "oily hips" but has enough flexibility in his lower half to make swift changes in direction. He shows off his explosiveness often in film. He will burst through a gap before it fills up and is fast enough to get downfield in a hurry and take it the distance. His top gear isn't the fastest but speed isn't an overwhelming issue. He has enough speed to be a threat from anywhere on the field.


Vision: 7.20
Cutting Ability: 7.50
Elusiveness: 7.50
Yards After Contact: 8.00
Ball Security: 9.00

Displays good vision but can at times not be as patient as scouts would like him to be. He has no problem seeing and predicting when gaps are going to open up but usually goes through the first one instead of waiting for a better option. For a guy that weighs as much as he does, he is more elusive than some would imagine. He inserts spin moves, cutbacks, and stiff arms into his game that makes tackling him a tough play. This guy is seen as a bruiser and is known for YAC. Tape shows a player that fights for every single yard and always keeps his strong legs moving forward. Often would-be tacklers are seen bouncing off of his massive frame as they try to make a stop. Turning over the ball is not an issue for Dillon either as he has never fumbled that ball in his career.


Hands: 7.50
Route Running: 6.50
Ability In Space: 7.80
Ability to Separate: 6.50

Dillon shows good hands whenever the ball is thrown his way. Not a guy that is going to line up in the slot at the next level. Dillon's route running is extremely limited and is mainly only a screen pass receiver. He can be dangerous in space again due to his elusiveness and surprising quickness. Although he is not going to create a ton of separation between him and LBs that are covering him in passing situations.


Lead Blocking: 7.20
Blocking In Space: 8.50
Pass Blocking: 8.50
Situational Awareness: 8.30

Dillon is a willing and capable blocker in any situation he is thrown in. His frame makes it incredibly hard to knock him off his base and he usually has the upper and lower body strength to deal with any player he is assigned or put up against. His power gets put on display when blocking in space. This is due to his momentum adding up with his frame and strength. Dillon is not a liability in pass blocking either. He knows his assignments and can diagnose the situation when a play is breaking down. This is where his high IQ shows.


Toughness: 8.30
Production: 8.50
Consistency/Motor: 8.30
Teamwork: 8.40

Toughness isn't hard to miss in Dillon's tape. He's a bruiser first and foremost that will run through a brick wall for his teammates. A guy who has gotten used to carrying the ball 30-35 times a game. Very consistent year to year and game to game. Is able to play the long game due to the competitiveness and stamina he brings to the football field. His production in college is outstanding. In three years as a starter, Dillon totaled over 4,300 rushing yards, 38 TDs, 0 fumbles and averaged over 5.1 yards per carry for his career.


Instincts: 8.60
Learn/Retain: 8.10
Versatility: 6.30

Dillon displays excellent instincts as a runner. He knows what to do in almost any situation you put him in. He has shown the ability year after year to improve areas of his game and has been able to excel for three years. Won't be seen as an overly versatile player at the next level due to only having 21 receptions in his career. Will be seen as more of a bruiser/short-yardage guy in the NFL.


Extremely strong and powerful runner. The epitome of a bruiser as a running back. A RB that has tree trunks for legs. Breaks tackles with ease and is a hard-nosed runner. Short yardage guy that can break loose for big plays. Dillon is used to carrying the load on offense, sometimes seeing up to 30-35 carries a game and more. An excellent blocker that knows his assignments.


Isn't seen as a burner and can get run down by opposing players. Needs to use vision more effectively instead of shooting through the first gap that opens. Has not been used in the passing game much. Will be seen as a player with a lot of wear and tear which could scare NFL GMs off.


AJ Dillon is seen as one of the most talented running backs in the country. He is the engine that kept the Boston College offense moving along. Dillon is one of the bigger backs in this upcoming draft class seeing as he weighs in around 250lbs and stands 6 feet tall. However, to be as big as he is, he moves very well for a guy his size. He has more shake to his game than people probably realize and is able to make defenders miss. A high ankle sprain during his sophomore year made him miss two games and struggle through a couple more, but still, he was able to rush for over 1100 yards, 11 touchdowns and earned a place on the first-team All-ACC list. Dillon displays the physicality and bruising ability to play through contact and run between the tackles without issue but the NFL is becoming a passing league. Dillon is going to have to show he has the ability to be a pass-catcher out of the backfield and show he has the versatility that NFL GMs want in their running backs. With another strong season and a good showing at the combine under his belt, Dillon may have pushed himself up a lot of team's draft boards. PRO COMPARISON: James Connor DRAFT POSITION: Early- Mid 3rd Round

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